Monday, April 09, 2007

PreCoffee Monday

Just got out of bed, came through the house, and barely had a chance to say Good Morning to Hubby when the phone rings. It's an Inspector from out at work and he needs hubby to come in today - which is supposed to be a holiday for us. Grr... Hubby had to take his coffee on the run because I hadn't even made any yet. One of these days he'll learn to turn that freaking cell phone off when he gets home.

I finally broke down and got a printer for my laptop over the weekend. Before doing this, I'd been burning down my files on disk, taking them to the old desktop comp (which is slowly dying from a virus Norton can't seem to clear out) and printing them in there. A LOT of hassel. And I do like my print correction copy. Probably part of the reason the damn demons are taking so long - it's all on the comp and I'm not able to print and check when I make corrections. So anyway, I got the printer, set it up, and realized they don't include the USB cable. *sigh* Why won't they just add a checklist on the outside of the box if it doesn't have everything you need? Is it manufacturer's guilt? Do they leave that little tidbit off because they fear you might go up a price notch just to keep from having to hunt down a @#$%^*&! cable?

So now, it's back to the store today for a USB cable. I thought I had one - heck two or three, really. Where? Only the gnomes know. I dug around through two boxes of CPK clothes until I found the cable I remembered I had. And guess what - it doesn't fit. Typical! *voodoo doll*

On a lighter note...
... the house looks great. I worked my tail off all weekend and managed to get the curio cabinet in the den, all the glass treasures dusted and put away, the top of the TV cleaned off, and even hung the new picture above the couch. All that along with the usual Easter stuff for the kids. Speaking of which, Mini had his first egg hunt this year! We waited until Oldest was home so he could be the one to hide the eggs, so it was around 1 pm when we did the hunt. It was adorable! Mini had watched Dora the Explorer hunt Easter eggs on TV that morning, so he knew just what to do.

His dad handed him the basket, and he was a bit confused. But then we took him out on the front patio, and Hubby said, "Can you find an egg?" Oh, man... it was on then! Mini hunted eggs like... like... a veteran toddler egg hunter! ^_^

Oh, yeah. Mommy is proud. Son, you have passed this ritual of manhood with flying colors.

That's all the tale I have for the telling this morning. Now I must go and consume coffee before my mutant bitch factor spikes. I have both boys home today, and they like to annoy one another on and off throughout the day. Ha! Brothers...

Happy Monday, folks!


  1. I love those kitties. They're so cute!

    And Mini looks like he had a great time. :)

    Hope you solve your printer issues. I hate that sometimes things get way more complicated than they have to be. Technology can be great, like 98% of the time. The other 2 percent, it's freaking out and ruining my plans.

  2. What adorable kitties, and what an adorable little guy!

    I need to buy a new desktop computer. The one I have is on its last leg.

  3. I remember writing with small children in the house...yow...I've been trying to talk my new husband into a baby...but he's children are all grown-ups so it would be a huge change writing with small ones in the house...good luck to you

  4. I managed to get the printer running, Isabelle. Ahhh... print copies at last! ^_^

  5. Hi Zinnia! Our desktop kept getting viruses despite the $80 worth of antivirus and firewall software we dropped in it every year. I finally gave up and got a laptop - told hubby and oldest (the download kings) they are the rats left with the sinking ship. Hubby followed my lead with a laptop of his own, but the desktop is still sitting there. I keep having to go back to it for this and that, but any day now I expect it to tank on me. *_*

  6. Nice to meet you, Roxy! It's not easy writing with little ones, but those early years go by super fast. Before you know it, they're hopping off to preschool and kindergarten and you have the house again for writing during the day.

    I admit it is a bit frustrating when I need to finish something quickly, but mostly hubby is accomodating when he's able. I have my own schedule work-arounds to get things done. ^_^

    PS. I'd like one more baby as well. Someone to grow up close in age with Mini. Maybe in the next year or so. ^_~

  7. Love the kitties! Awww... Mini looks like he had an awesome time collecting Easter eggs. hehehe!

  8. He did, Tempest. Hehe... He acted like he'd been hunting eggs for years. It was too funny. ^_^


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