Monday, April 02, 2007

Monday and Raining

Our yard is a bit of a jungle right now; it needs mowing and weedeating in the worst way. Our old riding mower isn't reliable anymore, so Hubby took Mini yesterday to buy a push mower. While he was in town, he decided to buy Mini a Happy Meal for the road. As you can see, the Happy Meal coincided with Nap Time. That is a chicken nugget sticking out of Mini's mouth.** ^_^

Hubby got the lawnmower, but then it rained, so the yard is still a jungle. Its days are definitely numbered though. Oldest starts Spring Break on the 6th, and Hubby is supposed to get a mini-Spring Break as well - so no excuses around that time. At least for Hubby. Oldest will be undergoing toe surgery (again!) during the holidays; but I have told Hubby that one way or another, the grass will be done. 'Cause you know... It would be a shame if I have to hire a man with gorgeous abs and huge pecs to come mow the lawn. *cough, cough*

Today I'm on track for more rewrites. Ho hum. I'll get through this. I tell myself that every morning. I'll get there. The chapters are slowly accumulating, along with the word count. I need to actually tack on another few thousand words, so no sense rushing.

On a good note, I've received two new awesome reviews. One is for Crossing Borders, and the other is for Bonding Experience. They are up over at Ecataromance Sensual. Not too shabby. Also, a friend pointed out to me over the weekend that Crossing Borders is now up over at Woohoo! And when I searched it out, I also found it up over at too. So I'm getting around out there. *thumbs up*

There you have it - everything that's going on with me at the moment.

Bizarre News Bulletin...

One interesting thing I found online - I read on AOL news this weekend that the USA hasn't been the land of the tallest people in something like 50 years. We've been beat out by Holland, and that the people there are getting progressively taller. So much so, they now have new height requirements on all new doorways set at 7ft. 8in., and they are having a re-engineer public transit to have more leg room for taller passengers. The average man there is 6'1, and people as tall as 6'10 are not unheard of. WOW! Scientists believe this increase in height is due to diet high in protein and rich in foods like milk and cheese, early on in the developmental stages of life - prenatal, and early childhood. So much for the government food pyramid, huh?

Actually, my mom used to babysit for two little girls, and their mother was from Holland. I was about 9 at the time, and Ingeborg was the tallest woman I have ever seen - still is! She towered over my dad several inches, and at 6'2/6'3 he is no shrimp. Of course, at that age, I thought no one could possibly be taller than my dad. ;) Yeah, I'm a bit of a daddy's girl. I guess with all that height in Holland, it makes it easier to spot the tourists. lol I'll remember that whenever I go to visit. ^_^

**No children or nuggets were harmed in the taking of that picture.


  1. How cute is that picture?! Ha, ha. Poor Mini, trying to eat but overtaken by his sleepiness. I know the feeling, I've had moments like that. ;)

    And yay for your books making their rounds online. That's so exciting. The demons seem to be going well too. Keep it up!

  2. Wow, so if a woman is looking for a long tall drink of water, she should go shopping in Holland!

  3. Men in England are generally short, I can say. So for women like me who are into tall, England isn't really worth your time, despite the delightful accents. (My husband is one of the only tall Englishmen I know, and he's half American.)

  4. I can't believe he fell asleep w/ a nugget in his mouth! My daughter saw the picture, she liked it. ;)

  5. OMG that's adorable! :)

  6. Isabelle, Karen, and Samantha: I can picture Mini coming to me one of these days, "Oh, crap, mom! Why did you post that?" ^_^ Ah, the power of motherhood...

    Annie: ROFL! That's one way to put it. :D

    December: I had no idea about men in England being mostly short. I always wondered though. My hubby is a mix of a bunch of stuff, but he's only about average 5'9 or 5'10 - even so, he towers over me at that height. I have to stand on tip toes to give him a smooch. I guess it's a fringe benefit of being short - all the guys are tall. LOL! ^_^


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