Thursday, April 19, 2007

Lunch Break!

What a day...

I've been working on my wip all morning while waiting for hubby to call. He did, and told me he's been offered a job... in Maine. *_*

Hm, for some reason I think that one's just not gonna happen. *lol* As it is, hubby's ready to come home, and Mini keeps going to the front door and shouting, "Daaaaddy!" - which makes hubby want to come home all the more.

Heh. I can't picture those two staying away from each other for weeks at a time.

Since there isn't really much going on with me this week, I thought I'd test out the whole Thursday 13 thing. Here goes...

Thirteen Places I've Either Lost or Recovered My Shoes
(I blame the shoe gnomes!)

1. Draped across the back fence. - Found 'em!
2. In the trunk of the Jeep. - Found 'em!
3. At the laundromat. - Lost 'em!
4. At the beach. - Lost/Found 'em!
5. In the clothes dryer. - Found 'em!
6. Under the couch. - Lost/Found 'em!
7. At the park/bike trails. - Lost 'em!
8. At an RHS pep rally -1989. - Lost/Found 'em!
9. Somewhere along I-20 East. - Lost em!
10. East Kings Hwy Park, Shreveport. - Lost em!
11. At a David Lee Roth Concert - a bazillion years ago. - Lost em!
12. In South Carolina. - Lost 'em! (And I want them back!)
13. In Texas. - Lost 'em!

That's it for me. Happy Thursday, folks! ^_^

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  1. That's too funny, Cora.

    Welcome to the TT madness! :)

  2. There's are song lyrics in your TT...


  3. You're funny! I can honestly say I've never lost shoes along a highway before. :)

  4. Creative post!!! Made me smile

    Amys Random THoughts is having a blogging Scavenger Hunt starting May 1st. Details were announced today. Don't you want to participate?

  5. Funny list!!!! Hey,take it from The Rock Chick, a concert is no good if you don't take your shoes off to do a little dancing!! :)

    Really enjoyed your list! Very creative! Happy TT!

    Jessica The Rock Chick

  6. Thanks Samantha! I hope the TT isn't too addicting, lol...

  7. Hi Imp! Are there really? Which ones are song lyrics?

  8. ha ha! that's really funny! it's amazing how you remember all those moments! incredible!!!

  9. Hi Amy ^_^ Well, you see, the family and I stopped at a rest area on the way to Vicksburg and when I got out of the car I decided to change into some flip-flops since we were going to be stuck in the car a while. I left my sneakers on the roof of the car and didn't realize I'd forgotten them until we heard them tumbling off the trunk. :P *lol*

  10. Hi Amy, I'll drop by and check out the scavenger hunt and see what it's about. ^_^

  11. LOL! Words of wisdom, Jessica! ^_^ Thanks for dropping by!

  12. Funny! I don't think I've lost MY shoes, but one time we went on a trip to visit family and we went through 4 pairs of shoes on ONE kid!

  13. Anonymous4:18 PM

    LOL, shoes on the highway. Hope things go well for you and hubby gets back soon!

  14. I'd be willing to buy you a pair of shoestrings - that might help the situation... =)
    My TT13 is up at

  15. What a fun list! Happy 1st TT!

  16. Hi Ingrid! Those are a few of the more notorious shoe loss incidents - some of those I still get teased for.

    For more shoe/sock loss/misplacement incidents you can do a "gnome" search here on my blog. None of those incidents made the TT, lol! ^_^

  17. LOL, qt! That kid has my record beat. Hehe! Thanks for visiting! ^_^

  18. Hi Mia! Yep, that would be me... LOL! One of my finer moments certainly. ^_^ How's the writing going?

  19. Hi Frigga! I'm on the way to pay you a visit. Hopefully no shoes are required? ~_^

    BTW - I LOVE your icon pic!

  20. Thank you for the welcome, Nancy! :)

  21. Bought time you joined the fun! How do you lose your shoes in such weird places?

  22. That's too funny, Cora. I don't remember ever losing shoes--although, come to think of it, my sandals did fall off when I was at the top of a parachute ride at an amusement park when I was a teenager. My heart went right along with them when it fell out of my mouth! LOL

    Welcome to TT! Today’s my 2nd one. It’s fun but my eyes are starting to cross from reading so many blogs all day. ;-)

  23. Yay, Scooper! *waves* ^_^ Yes, it's about time I joined the madness.

    Actually, I misplace my shoes 90% of the time. I'm always asking my kids to help me find them... at least 3 or 4 times a week. The thing is, I'll go around barefoot most of the day, need my shoes for some such thing, then come in and kick them off somewhere and forget where I did it.

    The weird places, like the DLR concert... Someone actually stood on the back of one shoe while we were all sandwiched around the stage - in the shuffle I lifted my foot and lost a shoe. :S

    Other places, sometimes I'll take my shoes off, or change into flip flops or sandals and lose the other pair. It's a curse, I tell you!

    And the highway thing... I've actually left more than my shoes on top the car before. I've left a baby bottle up there (more than once), my purse (learned my lesson with that!), and more than one cup of cola...

    Probably the weirdest thing I've ever left on top a car, etc. has been a sack of potatoes. But, I guess stranger things have happened. LOL!

  24. Daisy!!! ^_^ Yes, I see what you mean. I've been blog browsing all day, and my eyes are a bit tired now hehe. But it is a great way to find new blogs to read... I've book marked several new ones I plan to go back to.


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