Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Love Rollercoaster

It's down to business here at my house. I managed 3k on my quickie wip yesterday, and hopefully I can get in another 2k today. I've got a list of things I hope to jot into the draft before shutting off the laptop today, and if I can get it all in there, it will close out the beginning 1/3 of this new story. I didn't intend it when I started writing the story, but it looks like this book will loosely tie in with Under A Midnight Moon. We'll see how that works out.

As for the demons, I think maybe this quickie story came in just at the right time. I'm in a bit over my head with that wip, I think. I needed to put it aside for a while, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I've rewritten the book so many times it's not even funny, and yet there is still something wrong with the story. It's just not meshing.

While writing on the quickie, it came to me out of the blue, a glaring problem with the demons that I'll have to fix for the story to stand. I took a deep breath of frustration over that one and jotted down notes off to the side. I think the whole plot may need an overhaul. Someone kick me, please. That will mean another rewrite, and if I have to rewrite that beginning one more time.... *faint*

Onto other things...
Before hubby left to go work south of Lafayette, we agreed that when he returned we'd go out and eat crawfish. I've been fiending for crawfish lately, and it's a bit of an undertaking to go out and eat them. Oldest likes them, but Mini is too young. So we can't just hit up any old crawfish boil to go. It has to be a restaurant... one where they sell them as an all you can eat deal, otherwise you're going to run into mega bucks.

On his way home, Hubby called me before passing through Lake Charles and asked me if I wanted him to pick up a few pounds of them and bring them home. Boy, I could kick myself now. I told him no because a.) I don't like cold crawfish and b.) I don't like cold crawfish that've been traveling via car for 3 hours. Call me picky. Heh. I told all this to hubby, who upon thinking about it, agreed it would be better to buy them fresh. So, he returned home sans l'ecrevisse.

Whenever will I learn?

Since Hubby's been home, we've called every restaurant we can think of without luck, which leaves me to wonder: Where the hell are all the crawfish this year? There used to be an awesome riverside restaurant in Monroe where you could buy them by the bag, but they aren't in business anymore - that side of town is notorious for "revolving" restaurants. Stuff open one year, closed the next. A local lady who runs a soul food hut has them, but at an exorbant amount per pound. I find it odd, we live in Louisiana and can't find any freaking crawfish. People raise them in ponds around here. Is there something going on I don't know about?

Ah well, I'll just console myself with coffee and pralines until we can find a crawfish hotspot. It's coming up on the festival season, so who knows? Maybe waiting will bring crawfish boils a plenty. ^_^

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I've never eaten a crawfish. What do they taste like?

  2. It's sort of like compact lobster tail...only unique and kind of smoky tasting. Most are boiled with loads of spices added in. Yum-my! ^_^

  3. I don't eat things that have their spines intact :-)

  4. Ohh lobster taste sounds yummy. I may have to try crawfish. I've never had it either.

    Glad to hear you're making progress on your WIP. Sometimes you gotta take a step back from a project to understand what it needs. Speaking of rewrites, I am the QUEEN of rewrites. So much so, that I barely get to finish anything I do, because I'm always rewriting it. *sigh* Keep chugging Cora, you'll get there. I'll be your personal cheerleader, ok?

  5. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Oh, crawfish?? Don't know if I could eat one or not. I have had frog legs though. They taste kind of like chicken. But that was years ago. Thanks for adding me on Myspace!

  6. Hehe! Lacey, they only have a spine until you pinch 'em and peel 'em. ^_^

  7. I hear you, Isabelle. I have a stack of manuscripts I never finished due to rewrites. *_* I have them filed away for "maybe someday". Hehe! Maybe we can cheerlead each other toward a few finished ones. :)

  8. Ooh, frog legs are good too, Mia. ^_^ If you liked those you should try alligator! It's kind expensive, but really good.


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