Thursday, April 05, 2007

Let the Hunt Begin

Today Mom, Mini, and I plan to make a quickie mall trip. When hubby and I were driving home from the wedding, we stopped by the Factory Outlet for a restroom break and to stretch our legs. Well, of course, I went browsing through the clothes, and in this one store I found the perfect bag for summer - it's a beautiful soft blue Hawaiian print bag with a reed bottom. Too, it's big, which is a must for me, since I'm always carrying excess junk in my purse: Gameboys, diapers, sippy cups, and books. All that along with the standard makeup, keys and wallet.

At the time, I thought the bag was a bit pricy for the outlet, and so I left it there thinking I could get one on ebay. Uh, well, I couldn't find one on ebay, so I called Mom and asked if she wanted to make a road trip. My Mom, being the woman of adventure that she is said, "Sure thing, hon!"

*thumbs up*

So, after I finish here, I'm going to shower and change, get Mini ready, and toss the stroller in the Jeep. As soon as Mom arrives, off we go on a purse hunting expedition. Oldest thinks I'm completely nuts to drive all that way for a purse. Pfft. Men! They'll never understand! ^_^

About the wip...
I worked on bridging two scenes yesterday. It was a bit more difficult than I anticipated, but I managed to finish one of them. It tacked on about 2500 words - Woot! - and filled in the scene seamlessly. Only thing I have to do with it now is go back and smooth it over, check it for errors. I also worked on a gap in another scene, and really like the direction that took off. It was a necessary fix, but the rewrite adds a whole new dimension to the book. I'll be working on these two sections again this afternoon.

Tomorrow Hubby is taking Oldest to the hospital so they can start the preps for toe surgery (yet again). This time they're going to take the entire toenails on both big toes. Lovely no? Oldest has had the partial surgery on both toes twice. I hate it that he has to keep going through this frickin' pain, but both former surgeries have done nothing. His toes are progressively worse. I will have to stay home with Mini - there's no way we can keep him still for an entire fun filled day of sitting in waiting room after waiting room.

While they are gone for that, I am going to clean Oldest's room thoroughly, mop the floors and scrub the half bath, then I'll get the couch in the den ready for him when he gets back. I also plan to finish painting the house my new aqua color. It shouldn't take more than a few hours, since I managed to paint half of it yesterday. Maybe if I have time this afternoon... Whatever the case, I plan to have the house ready for him when he gets back.

It's almost 8, and I need another cup of joe before I hop in the shower. Just a quick reminder before I go: Kerrelyn Sparks has an interview up today at the Midnight Moon Cafe. Vampire lovers everywhere, rejoice! You won't want to miss it. ^_~

Happy Thursday!


  1. I totally get the road trip. I am complete purse junkie!

  2. Me too. With me it's handbags, not shoes.

  3. What an adventure. I've had my "have to run out before it's gone" moments too. It's a total rush. ;)

    I hope everything works out ok with Oldest and that the surgery goes well. Try not to drive yourself too crazy with all that painting, ok?

  4. Handbags are my thing too. ^_^ As far as shoes go, I'm pretty much boots or barefoot. LOL!

  5. The painting is almost finished, Isabelle. *thumbs up* The walls were pre-primed, so it's a lot faster to paint than the cabinets were--thankfully! LOL ^_^


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