Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Late Day Blogging

I stayed up late last night working on the wip. It rained, which was kinda nice - the quiet of the house. I don't know what it is about nights like that, but I tend to get more done. Maybe I need to buy one of those thunderstorm nature CDs. Hm...

Mini slept through the night, no wake-ups, even though his daddy wasn't there. Around 7 pm he had realized something was a bit off and started to toddle around the house and whine. I put him in the bath and dumped some of his toys in there to take his mind off it. Just shortly after he went on to bed, hubby made it to his hotel and called home. He was absolutely thrilled to learn he'd be sharing a room with a complete stranger - NOT. If he'd known that in advance, he could've taken a bit more money out of the bank to pay for a private room. Too late now.

Anyway, there will be more of that tonight - staying up writing late. Oh, and rain. Ugh. I love the rain, don't get me wrong. But not days and days of it. To save myself some steps, I went to the store earlier today and bought Oldest some microwave goodies, and some fixin's for hotdogs and cowboy stew. Simple stuff to fix quickly.

From my bookshelf... A Recommended Read...

Since it is hump day, I thought I'd recommend a book from my naughty bookshelf. I actually just re-read this book last week: Primal Heat. It wasn't the first time I've re-read it either...

There are four extremely naughty short stories in this book, and all of them are pertaining to werewolves. The cool thing about this book - and the reason I'm recommending it - is because every story in the book is good. Not just one or two - which is kind of unusual, in my experience.

Moon Lust by Sherri L. King is the first story, and it takes place in the Russian wilderness. The heroine treks out into the woods alone, falls down a ravine, and sexy backwoods werewolf rescues her. I absolutely loved the characters in this story. There are only two characters in this story, no love triangle, no extra guy on the side vying for the heroine's affection, which is a fresh change. It's one of those, "do you accept me?" stories. A great blend of romance and naughty bits. The most romantic out of the four shorts.

Lunewolf: Pack Law by Lorie O'Clare, is just what you would expect. Super HOT. Sophie is bound by pack law when it comes to mating, and she's determined to follow all the naughty rules. She takes three mates, and Ms. O'Clare goes all out with the sexy details. I bought the book for this story in particular, and I wasn't disappointed in the least. By far, my favorite story in the book.

Running Mate by Jaci Burton is about a Senator with a secret - he's a werewolf. He meets up with a reporter and mistakes her for a woman who generously dispenses her *cough* favors. I typically run from books that have cops, detectives, or politicians, but this is a very well written story... and oh, so naughty. If backdoor action is a turn off for you - skip this one. However, I'd say from a writing standpoint, this is probably the best story in the book.

Wolfe's Hope by Lora Leigh. Genetically created werewolves, with a cruel scientist mother/lab rat daughter relationship involved. The hero is hot, the werewolf theme is fresh, and the story is interesting; however be warned! : This story is not for the meek. It contains backdoor action that kind of skates into dangerous territory when Wolfe "tortures" his mate for information... even if he immediately has a change of heart and tries to make up for his actions. Toward the end of the book, there is an short exchange between the hero and heroine, and the heroine makes an awkward statement that is meant to smooth over the torture scene. Not every reader is going to buy into that, but it rounds out the story well enough, and thus you get your HEA. Overall, this story is the most imaginative, and fun to read out of the lot. Wolfe gets top billing as top Alpha out of the entire book. He's definitely no cream puff.

Primal Heat is one sexy werewolf anthology - so much so, it's on my keeper shelf. Basically, if you like werewolves and erotic romance, you can't go wrong with this book. Primal Heat is available through and .

And there you have it: my post for the day. Off now to do my domestic diva duties, or in other words - the dishes are waiting. Happy Wednesday, folks!


  1. Stupid blogger ate my post!

    I know what you mean about rainy days. They definitely get my muse going. And I adore music with rain effects or ocean effects, but it's so hard for me to find good ones! Let me know if you find anything good!

    Hope Mini doesn't miss dad too much.

  2. It really is hard to find the good ones, isn't it? I like the ones that simply sound like the thunder and rain. Most aren't the best quality though. I even considered a desktop rain machine, but I'm not sure if that would be worth it. Have you heard of those?


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