Sunday, April 29, 2007

Feed the Tree

I didn't sleep well last night. Late yesterday my parents dropped by to see the kids and that's when they told me they're being forced to move.

They've rented the house they're currently living in for 16 years, but the owners want to sell it by the end of the year. That wouldn't necessarily be bad news to me, I hate that house, it's in a bad location - away from hospitals, and it's a bit off the beaten path. My parents are getting on up in age, and in my opinion, it really isn't so good to live in such an isolated place. How the hell would an ambulance reach them, you know?

However, they have no savings and no land of their own, and now faced with having to move, we're all wondering what we're going to do.

Hubby and I talked about it last night, and we're going to see what it will take to either buy a second house, or find one we can move into and give this one we're living in to my parents. The latter is probably going to be our best bet, but that makes me a bit nervy, having to leave. We've talked about moving on and off for the past few years, but I had hoped Oldest could finish high school where he is now - where he's always gone to school - before doing anything like that. There are just so many things to consider... it's quite a mess at the moment.

On to writing things...I printed up my manuscript this morning. Let the arduous task of red penning begin! I actually intended to start this yesterday, but darn it - no print cartridge! And it took me forever to actually get to town. I had to call my dad over to help me get the casing off the tail light of my Jeep. The darn bolts were in so tight I couldn't even budge them, and I had to replace the blinker - oops! Louisiana-ism - turn signal light bulb. Once that was fixed, I was good to go. Now to get the Jeep inspected... Heh. I noticed yesterday I'm about to have an expired inspection sticker. It never ends, I tell you...

Anyway, the manuscript is about six or seven chapters long. I'm going to take it a chapter at a time, and I will be saving chapter 2 for last. It has the "connector" scenes that makes the entire story happen, so I know I'll be spending the most time on it, and I don't want to get bogged down - something I tend to do. (I hear that's a Virgo thing, but I'm not really sure that's true.)

That's it for me today. It's 8 a.m. and I need to get crackin'! I hope you all have a relaxing Sunday!

**BTW, today's painting is by Gustav Klimt, my favorite artist of all time. (Aside from my dad, of course!) ^_^


  1. Wow, I hope everything works out for you, Cora.

  2. Having to suddenly move without any funds or anywhere to go is a nightmare. I've had to do it more than once in my lifetime and pray I'll never have to do it again. I wish them the very best, Cora, and will say a little prayer for them tonight.

  3. Sorry to hear about your parents' situation. It's a lovely thing you and your husband are doing to help them.

    I hope it all works out well for all of you. :)


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