Friday, April 27, 2007

Carpe Cupcakes

It's around midnight. Mini woke up briefly wanting some juice, and after I put him back to bed I couldn't sleep. I'm working (or not) on my wip and making notes. I managed to reach my 7-8k goal yesterday - somewhere in the middle of that. Today I won't stop until I've hit the 9k mark. That should lead me well into the weekend - and I should be scratching my way through a print copy by that point. *fingers crossed*

I got in a copy of the South Beach Diet yesterday. When I got pregnant with Mini, the doctors really crawled my case about eating like a trash can, particularly while having diabetes. My weight was on track, no problems with that, but a small tater tots with cheese from Sonic was and is enough to send my blood glucose soaring into the 300s. Anyway, they sent me to a nutritionist and internologist because they didn't think I was to the point of needing injections to handle the bg, just a drastic (and quickly implemented) change in diet. They ended up putting me on a modified version of the South Beach Diet - which I totally rocked while pregnant - and was told I should stick with it once I had the baby, as well. Did I do that? Stick with it, I mean. Mm.... well... *blush*

What can I say. I'm a bad girl and I like sweets. I know, super irresponsible of me, and I deserve a spank and all that. *lol* You'd think a rickety blood glucose level would sort of deliver the spank for you, but that wasn't the case with me. A week or so back, I was going through my armoire looking for a pair of jeans and came across a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans. *enter dramatic oogly boogly music here* There is no way I could fit my chubby buns in those jeans now. Which is SAD because I could wear them right after I delivered! There are pictures of me holding up Mini, just a newborn little nibblet swaddled in a blanket and there I am, proud new mama in size 7 glory...

Arg! What the heck happened?! Since delivery, I've gone up at least 3 jean sizes. How the heck did this happen? *eyes drift guiltily over to the cupcakes*

Yeah, yeah, I know... Those cupcake/muffin tops have left the stumps and landed somewhere else. And it's all my fault now that I have the muffin top. :P

After my unpleasant discovery, I finally decided I must do something about it. I hung the jeans of doom on the armoire door and ordered the book through Amazon. It came in yesterday, and whining all the way, I read through the beginning, and through Phase 1, and have since made a shopping list sans sugary, yummy, cupcakey things. Ho hum. None of that, heck, no hardcore carbs for two solid weeks. Is it even possible to survive that? Can't I just go back to being... oh, say, 9 or 10, and being able to eat anything without gaining a pound, please? Please?

So now I need to lose about 20 pounds. Just enough to take off the muffin top. (And hopefully be able to squeeze my rump into the jeans of doom, once again.) My perky internologist would be so proud. Then again, I see a long road ahead. Wish me luck!

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Ooooh... those cupcakes look so delicious!!! Now I want one!!!

    Congrats on your writing progress! 9K today? You go girl! You can do it!

  2. Oh my goodness, I was just thinking those cupcakes look amazing, and now I'm thinking, huh... yea, dont need anymore of a muffin top. *sigh*

    Can I do this diet thing with you? Maybe I should invest in a book. I've slacked when it comes to the gym. Haven't gone in two months and I was going faithfully for nearly 6 months before that. 3-5 times a week, for a few hours. I was able to walk/jog 2 miles! *sigh* Now, I doubt I can even walk a mile. My resistance falls ridiculously fast.

    I think now that the weather is clearing up I'm going to start jogging again. Helps me think. :)

    Good luck on your endeavors sweetie! Keep it up, you'll see how worth it it is when you fit into those jeans again!

  3. Hi Tempest! Take all the cupcakes you like. ^_^ Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. Thank you, Annie! :)

  5. Email me, Isabelle, we can be diet buddies. I'm not very dedicated to the gym either... so I've started buying dvds to do at home.

    Erp, I'd write more but I have a little bear whining at me. Like I said... email me. CoraZane @ aol . com

  6. I totally understand about the love of sweets. Bummer on the diabetes. That's gotta be hard.

  7. Good luck, Cora! I'm on Weight Watchers right now and it's so hard! One thing I love on SB is the mashed cauliflower. Did I mention I also have the SB diet book? Heck, I think I have every diet book!

  8. Nancy, I am a sweets junkie. *lol* Some day I think shaving my head would be easier than giving up sugar.

  9. Bebe, I haven't tried Weight Watchers yet, but only because there isn't one nearby. *lol* My aunt recently lost about 35 pounds on WW. Oh, so very tempting to try it... But I went with SB because that's what my internologist recommended. We'll see how it goes. I bought the book, now just to sit down and read all the way through it. :)


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