Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tales from the Salon (and other stuff)

How about that title, huh? Yesterday, I didn't have quite the time to tell everything that went on at the salon, but there was this little incident while I was getting highlighted...

A new girl was there training at the salon the day I went. She looked almost college age: bleached blonded with lots of dark roots, too tight hip huggers, these big white plastic hoop earrings. Oh, and bubble gum pink lipstick. I mean it, she looked hardly old enough to be training there. She wore a name tag, but no smock, so I know she wasn't able yet to work on anyone. Everyone would call on her to get things for them, and bless her, the girl was soooo good natured about it. Even when a few of the women got kind of catty with her. Very sweet personality, that girl. Well, the salon was so busy, they didn't have enough people to work on the "quick jobs" - like the ladies coming in just to get a wash and roll. And there was this one particular elderly lady, the main staff was really jumping to get to. Apparently she's one of those customers that has been coming to the salon since it first opened some forty or fifty years ago.

Anyway, the head stylist told the blonde girl that she was about to roll that lady's hair. The girl quickly told the stylist she didn't have enough hours in to do that, but they were so strapped for help, the head stylist said that she would have the woman who was working on my hair, and another lady on stand-by to watch her, and offer help if needed.

First thing, the blonde girl dropped her kit - which happened to be a suitcase full of combs, brushes, spraybottles, and hair rollers. OMG, dozens of hair rollers. It was like a confetti explosion of hair curlers, as bizarre as that sounds. Next, she washed the elderly lady's hair but forgot to add conditioner. Poor thing must've been skating the thin edge toward a nervous breakdown to forget the conditioner, know what I mean? Oh, but here's where the fun really begins...

Now, the salon is quite large, but it's still fairly cramped. I was seated at the carosel, which is in the center of the salon. It looks just like the name describes it - it looks like a carosel/merry-go-round at the fair. It's even complete with scalloped overhang and the pillar with mirrors in the center of it. They put the young girl rolling this woman's hair at the carosel, right beside the stylist who was working on me. As it turns out, despite the earlier hair curler confetti explosion, the blonde does NOT have the smallest size rollers which she needs for the elderly lady's hair. So, the woman working on me says, "Come over here, and get all the tiny blue rollers out of this box." This box she's speaking of, is at my feet in this little cramped niche.

The girl comes over, and is probably a foot from my face when she bends down to get the rollers. Remember when I said she had hip hugger jeans on? Well, this is when I noticed them. This is also when I noticed she was wearing a VIOLET colored thong. The girl full-on flashed me and the stylist working on me when she bent to get those rollers. The stylist and I both froze. I think I may have actually jumped. Because the "flash" didn't just show a thong, I mean, there was nothing left to the imagination.

Coming from someone who has had some really bonehead embarrassing accidental flasher moments of her own(which I won't even get into), I was prepared to let it go, and nary a hair out of place. The stylist seemed to be of the same mein as me, so we kept going - until the girl came back for more rollers. I averted my eyes a scant second before the girl flashed us, YET AGAIN!

The flashing continued for a solid thirty-minutes, and I think after about the third or fourth flash, the stylist whispered something to the blonde girl. She began trying to do these really complex, and awkward bends to try and get the rollers. I was simply trying to avoid her knocking her head on one of my sandals - which she seemed very want to do.

I know, I know... Men all over the place would likely have done some pretty stupid stunts to be in my chair that day, but I have to admit, seeing purple butt-floss really isn't my thing. I mean, I'm all for fashion, but unless you can keep your freaking pants on, you shouldn't be wearing hip-huggers anywhere - much less at work. If the girl hadn't really been so nice and down to earth, I probably would have mentioned something about it to the owner. But being the boring old fossil that I am, I chose to turn the other cheek *cough, cough* and pretend nothing happened.


Hubby called me a little while ago, and said he may rain-out. I didn't even know it was raining til he called, to be perfectly honest. Anyway, if he does, we're going to get the taxes done, and I imagine we'll go take care of the insurance on the red Jeep. If we go to do that, I want to drop by the used book store. Since I've bought a ton of books lately, and have been gradually whittling down the TBR stack, I am officially going on a book hunt. So, if anyone has any book recommendations (new or old), I'd love to hear 'em!

Sometime during all this high adventure I'm facing today, I plan to back track on that chapter I started on yesterday. I did a run through of it, but I'm not satisfied with it yet. It feels a bit stunted. I imagine this will be another one I have to zip off to the greater powers that be - my crit partners. (Oh, Tempest...)

Well, time's up. Gotta jet. Hope Tuesday is snazzy for you!


  1. OMG, shouldn't that be TAILS from the Salon, since she kept showing you hers? I'm turning into a cranky old lady, I admit it, and I'm not even forty. When I see girls bend over and show their thongs, I just roll my eyes. I want to say, "Damn, honey, you'd be better off going commando."

    That's what I do when I'm determined not to have panty lines. I don't think showing your undies is better than going without.

  2. You and me both, Annie. Cripes, I can only imagine the fits of Irish temper once I hit menopause. Poor hubby. He'll probably have to take up camping to survive it.

    What's so bad about the salon, the girl wasn't only showing the thong! There wasn't much of a scrap to show, and she had kind of a big butt. After the initial freak out, I figured out to turn my head, but it was just such a surprise. LOL! Here I am watching a girl get a weave one minute, and the next there's the grand canyon staring me in the face. *_*

    I'm sure it won't be long until one of those elderly ladies that frequent the place says something about it.

  3. Hehehe! Love the title! Great for a chick-lit anthology! As for the girl flashing the thong, better that than a big tittier flashing the yellow bras. The girls complain when guys cat-call them.

    I'm working on my taxes too, so good luck with them! :)

  4. I agree, cool title. Lol.

    Good to see you made it out okay from your Salon ordeal. :D

    Hope you have a great day!

  5. Sounds like a blast. You'd think the blast of cold air on her ass would alert her to the situation. I've noticed that the younger girls don't even blink at showing skin. My mama would have throw a fit if I'd ever worn something that showed my draws.

  6. Ha ha ha Tails from the Salon. Ha ha ha...

    That was a good one.

    Yeah many a man would've liked to be in your place. But purple butt floss is something that doesn't interest me. :)

  7. I agree, ladies. My momma would'a laid the smackdown on me if she'd caught me flashing my draws in public - even if it was only the accidental thong "whale tail" creeping up over the rise of my jeans.


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