Thursday, March 22, 2007

Spring cleaning, demons, and sleepless nights

I took this pic of our azaleas yesterday. I was tinkering with my digicam since my dad told me about changing up the exposure to get brighter/darker pics. This cam has been terribly difficult to master, but now I can take pics in the house that don't get whited out by the flash. What a pain that is!

Today is fridge culling day. Hubby and I "the talk" last night, and it's been decided that all the flour, sugar, rice, bread, potatoes, and other things I'm not supposed to have must go. See, I'm a naughty girl, and if the food is there I'll cook it and eat it whether it makes me sick or not. I'm not talking weight issues. I'm talking diabetes. Since Mini was born, we've fallen by the wayside about keeping those high carb things out of the house. We'd buy them for Oldest and Mini - pretzels, cookies, etc. and I'd end up snacking on them. By then, it's too late. I'm on the couch dizzy and ill, my blood sugar on the rampage. So, today it all must go. Hubby says if I don't do it, he will. Egads, that's like having your parent threaten to clean your room. If someone else does it, they'll throw out everything. Hubby is a meat eating kind of guy, and if he does the culling, nothing but eggs, cheese, milk, and cow will be left. So, I'm taking it on myself to save the baby spinach, cucumbers, and anything else that appears remotely edible.

Yesterday, I was ready to scrap the entire demons manuscript and run screaming into the wilderness. Instead, I stopped myself and emailed the hellish chapter taunting my sanity to a crit partner. *I'm not worthy!* She sent it promptly back red penned for me, so today I feel like I can actually break the chains and trudge further forward. The funny thing: reading the book, it flows pretty fast. But while trying to write and repair it? It's like walking under water with a freaking millstone strapped around your neck. By the end of the day, I feel completely frazzled - which isn't good on the hours I keep.

Speaking of hours... Sleep. Mini is like that little girl from The Ring. He never sleeps. At first, he loved the Go Diego Go bed, and I was getting great sleep. Now, he wakes up, starts crying, and we both end up in the den sleeping on the couch. It's miserably cramped when we sleep like that, and my shoulder is usually killing me by morning. Last night I was in bed for only an hour before he was up and running. I tried to do the couch thing, but Mini just didn't want to sleep. Around 3 am, Hubby finally came out of the bedroom and took charge. I was ready to drop. I piled off in bed and you know what. Hubby had that kid snoozing in 30 minutes. 30! *faint* At least I got a few hours in before Mini woke around 9. Ah, motherhood... the twenty-four hour job.

Well I'm off to slay demons. Don't forget to drop the Midnight Moon Cafe today - . Amanda Ashley's up for this week's Midnight Brew!

Have a snazzy Thursday!


  1. Sorry to hear those naughty demons are still giving you hell. Just remember to take deep breaths.

    As for the diabetes, I had my blood tested today after a very loooong lecture from the doc. Too many dizzy spells lately. I want to see how haywire is my hypoglycemia. *sighs*

  2. Oh gosh, CC gave me the greatest demon slaying advice today. I whipped that bad boy chapter into total submission. *a sigh and a cigarette* (Just kidding!) ^_^ I did beat that chapter thought, and I'm still trucking on.

    I hope your dr. visit went well. Email me and let me know what they said. I can only imagine what a doctor would say to me right now - I ditched my insulin years ago. After I had Mini they told me to get back on it pronto. Did I do it? Why nooooo... *sigh* I know, I know. I bring it all on myself.

    BTW, I saw your HOT new freebie cover over at RD! *swoons*


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