Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Renovations Continue

By tomorrow, all my kitchen cabinets will be painted pale khaki, and the bathroom floor will be ready for painting. I took a break from the demons this morning and scrubbed the kitchen top to bottom - we had the same sink pipe break on us (the day before yesterday? Funny how it all blends.) and I was left mopping and scrubbing things down again.

It still didn't feel quite clean enough on my bare feet this morning, so I broke out the orange cleaner the Clorox with bleach spray and went to town on it. I washed everything top to bottom, and scrubbed out the cabinets where I keep the pans. I noticed I need new contact paper in there! But that will have to wait. Right now, I gots to get my paint freak on before our house is over run by the metal cans...

Demon frenzy! Today is also demon slaying day. Hubby had to work, but that didn't stop me. I broke out the manuscript and have been red penning everything as best I can. There is one dilemma I've come across so far - I wrote two versions for one chapter, and now I'm having trouble choosing which route to take since both technically fit and make sense in the story. I may let (force) hubby to sit through that one, and tell me which one he likes best... but then I'd probably use the opposite, because strangely enough, our tastes run that way. LOL!

Last night while demon slaying, I suddenly came up with a story idea for an upcoming anthology I'm doing with a few writer friends. I did a fifteen minute breeze through and a took notes. I'm sure the other ladies will be glad to know I'm finally in the game. ^_^

Today's picture is another Jeope Wolf. It's bright and sunny here in N. La. Oh, hey... A perfect day to set my stones in the back garden. *makes mental note* Oh! One last bit of news before I go...

A Mini-Bear Milestone:
Mini's new favorite word is Ewwwww.... :P (Three guesses who he learned that one from.)

Have a fabulous Saturday, everyone! ^_^


  1. Ah... the big brother taught him one of the most important words in the English language, eh? Hehehe!

    I hope you can solve your demon dilemma, but if you need an extra pair of eyes, just let me know. *g*

  2. I've got a few chapters I'll be sending your way soon, Tempest. They're off toward the middle of the story. I think they may need dividing into shorter chapters. I'll be in touch!


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