Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Plotting the Future

I started working on a new chapter this morning, so there's one more in the bag. Whew! I am the tortoise slowly moving toward the finish line. I plan to have two more finished by the weekend - which I anticipate will be super busy since hubby and I must prepare for lil sis' upcoming wedding. It's a formal affair, and I gotta admit - I do not own a dress. Not even a pair of heels. :S So this weekend's shopping spree should be very interesting. I also have to make some kind of arrangements and get myself to a salon ASAP!

Today is kind of quite around the house. It's like this every year during Oldest's test time, almost like the entire family, house and all, is holding its breath. Only two more days and we can all put it behind us. Oldest seems to think he's doing fairly well on his tests. He told me they wrote an essay yesterday as part of the new requirements. I'll be curious to see his scores on that one.

Well, that's it for me today. I have to get on these chapters if I hope to finish them. Hope all your projects are going by with flying colors. Happy hump day!


  1. Is that an Ouija board? ;) Nice.

    I'm with you on the no-dress-or-heels department. :/ I'm just not the kinda girl that wears dresses, or even skirts, on a day-to-day basis. So I'd be in the same position as you, running out to buy something. Lol. I hope you find something you're comfy in.

    Well, good luck with the chapters and I hope you can all breathe easy soon enough. ;)

  2. Wow! I've never see a Ouija board like that. Totally cool!

    I'm happy to hear the demon story is progressing. :)

    Congrats to your little sis on her upcoming wedding! Yeah, I hear you about the whole dress and heels thingy. Good thing I've been labeled as an eccentric by my dear family so I can go in jeans and snickers and they don't even bat their eyelashes. *rofl*

  3. Never seen a real Ouija board. Cool. Good luck with finding wedding gear and congrats to you sis. I am beginning the next book in my series, so hopefully that will not take forever.

  4. I'm glad to hear I am not the only no-dress and heels person. I have about 8 pairs of boots, a pair of sandals and sneakers, but nothing dressy. It kinda says something about me, I guess. LOL I am definitely a jeans and T-shirt kinda gal. ^_^

    Tempest, that would be so awesome if could wear sneakers and jeans to that wedding. Ahh... that would be so great. But I know lil sis would go all Bridezilla and not speak to me for 2 years if I did that. ROFL! She spent a small fortune on her wedding, and every tiny detail has been planned down to the wire. So for one day at least, she's managed to collar me, send me off to the salon and stuff me in a dress. Hahahaha!

    Yolanda and Demon Hunter: About that ouija board, that's from a website I've been haunting, looking for a birthday present for a friend with unusual tastes. I have a standard old Ouija up in the closet, but I never use it. I saw that one in the pic while browsing and thought it would a great gift, then I realized all the prices were in British pounds, so I'm not sure how I'd buy it. It is pretty nifty looking though, isn't it?

    Good luck with your series book, Demon Hunter. I always love it, starting a new book. :)


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