Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Lots O' Birds

Today is going to be very busy for me. I managed to get half of the upper kitchen cabinets painted yesterday. The cabinetry itself is from the seventies and made of this hard, natural finish wood and - oh boy - does it soak up the paint!

I put three coats on the half that's finished before the wood stopped showing through. Whew! That's half a can of paint. Still, it looks so much fresher in there. It's worth all the hard work and repainting. Too, I'm looking forward to picking out new hardware for them this weekend. I'm leaning toward blue, French Rose handles. We'll see what they have when I get to that.

Once it warms up today and I can open the front door to air out the house, I need to get on to the rest of the painting. First, I'll have to scrub down the other cabinets. They are near the stove, and I'm sure there is residue on them that may clot up the paint, especially since they are turning out to be quite porous. Just to save myself the trouble, I'm going to use a degreaser on them before breaking out the brushes again. Too, I need to run uptown and buy another can of paint. I know there's not enough to do to the lower cabinets. I imagine the rest of the upper ones will kill the one can that I have.

Now, on to the latest in Demon Drama...
Before I pick up a single paintbrush today, I'm going to work on putting a chapter or two in the FINAL file on my desktop. Get myself one step further to completion. I need to catch up on that really. I have six chapters corrected on paper; I merely need to do it on computer and push them off into the final bin.

I was reading through some of the ending chapters late last night, and realized about half way through one of the final fight scenes, that I was biting my fingernails. *_* I don't normally bite my fingernails! I'm taking that as a good sign. Lots more suspence in this book than any others I've worked on, and that caught up to me yesterday. My demons have more suspence than my other books. I'm just hoping the twist ending doesn't kick it out of the realm of romance.

Tempest, one of my best writing buddies, told me I have nothing to worry about. She said that Lilith Saintcrow has lovely, crunchy demon romances that still fall into the romance category. I have the books, (I bought them when she recommended them) but with everything going on, I haven't had a chance to sit down and read them yet. I'm going to have to make a point to do so, and soon! However, just knowing that someone else has tough demons that still make it in the romance realm gives me an extra boost.

Speaking of demons... and other paranormal creatures, Richelle Mead, author of the book Succubus Blues is doing an interview and giving away a free copy of her book over at the Midnight Moon Cafe this Thursday. Be sure to drop by and check that out.

That's all for me today. Oh! One last thing... the picture today is of a pic hubby caught with his camera phone. It's a flock of roosting Oriels in a tree by our house. Not too shabby...

Happy Tuesday, folks!


  1. Hey Cora! You sound very busy. Lilith Saintcrow's novels are great. You'll have to read them.

    Anyway, I hope you have a GREAT day!

    Did you watch DRESDEN?

  2. See? See? Told ya Ms. Saintcrow's demon romance novels were awesome. *wg* Stop putting them off and read 'em! Hehehe!


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