Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Lost in Dreams

Right before I woke up this morning, I dreamed one of my best girlfriends and I were driving through an outdoor street/antique faire and looking for a place to park. The area started out very similar to Ruston, and I knew we were going to have to go way further out than Trenton Street to find somewhere to pull in. However, after a few streets, we pulled in next to Dr. Kirby's office (vet supply), and when we got out of the car, the entire area changed.

The buildings and streets took on a look that was a haphazard mix somewhere between Texas Avenue in downtown Shreveport (pic with the white truck), and Decatur Street in New Orleans (below).

Both my friend and I grew up in and around Shreveport, and so we are both fairly familiar with the streets. We turn and start walking back down to the faire, and that's when things get kooky on us. First thing, we can't seem to get to the heart of the faire, only the fringes of it. We see people walking around with funnel cake, and having antiques hauled to their vehicles, but we can't find any of the actual booths.

We stop in front of one of those signs that tell you where you are (like in the mall). We take one of the little tourist maps, and for whatever mad reason, we decide we are going to go back to this cozy little German restaurant that is probably 20 blocks away. One we passed on our way to the faire.

On our way back, the area starts looking a lot more like New Orleans than Shreveport. No sweat. Again, I am fairly familiar with the territory. However, the further we walk, the more streets the map seems to have. We can't find the restaurant again. And forget where ever it is we parked the car!

We stop on this street corner to search the map, and we find the restaurant on it, but there is no way we can reach it from where we are standing. It's like the road to it doesn't even exist. It's on the map, but the actual layout of the streets has no sign marking it. But it has to exist, right? We passed the darn thing on the way to the faire!

We turn to go back the way we've come, to see if maybe we passed it up (again), and that's when I notice this little cottage looking building off to the side. It's the restaurant, only it doesn't look the same as when we first saw it. It looks more like one of those pre-fab churches with the vinyl siding and those V shaped columns that hold up a metal awning over a slab patio. My friend and I look at each other, suddenly very skeptical of this restaurant.

We've walked so long, though, I don't care if the place turns out to be a funeral home - I want a place to sit down. So we go up to the place, and the closer we get, the more it looks like a restaurant. There are people inside, and a white haired lady about 60ish comes out to greet us.

I woke up around that time, feeling incredibly homesick for my old hometown. The thing is, hubby and I have been talking about moving for quite some time. We've put it off not only because we'd like to wait until Oldest graduates, which is only three years down the road, but because we're a bit iffy about the area we talked about moving to. It's changed so much since we last lived there. With all that taken into consideration, I can't shake the feeling maybe this is my subconscious telling me "home is where the dreams are".

Demon update...

I painted all day yesterday, so I didn't have much time for demons. But now I'm out of paint (gotta do something about that!) and right now it's too cold for the paint to dry if I had it, so I'm going to spend the morning playing catch-up. I want to get a few chapters corrected and shoved off to the FINAL file if I possibly can.

Just a little note to self (and anyone interested in that sort of thing): Mercury went direct yesterday. And if you're a Virgo, mark your calendar for the 18th. According to some forecasts, that will be a special day for us. It says we should "wish big". It just might come true. *wink*

That's all for now. I better get to work! Happy Hump day!


  1. Oooh, ooh! I'm a Virgo. *wishes big*

  2. Oh, I hope you can get a lot of chapters done today! I'm keeping that magenta candle burning for you. :)

    Will that work for those whose moon sign is in Virgo?

  3. For this month I will be a Virgo. :) I fall on the cusp and I swear I see some charts where I'm a Libra and some where I'm a Virgo. Although my Libra son is more than happy to push me to Virgo so he doesn't have to share. lol

  4. I'm a'wishin' big too, Annie! ^_^

    Tempest, thanks for that candle. Hey, I'll look up your sign for this month and email you what yours reads. *thumbs up*

    Samantha, I'm squarely rooted in Virgo territory, but my aunt, she is like that. She's right cusp of Aquarius/Pisces. It really shows up in her personality too. She has strong attributes from both signs.


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