Friday, March 16, 2007

Late Day Post

It's Friday - woot! *booty wiggle* I woke up this morning, downed two cups of coffee - and I am happy to announce my local store is finally carrying a sugar free hazelnut creamer. I wrote for about two hours before I situated the bills and went out to take care of errands.

Mini fell asleep in the shopping cart while I was buying groceries, and of course everyone thought that was so darling. "Oh, he's just give out isn't he." "It must be naptime." I was very worried he would wake up at any given moment and prove just how powerful his lungs really are. ^_^ Luckily, we got out of there with him napping, and I made it over to the outlet to pay the electric bill before they shut down for their after lunch drawer countdown. *triumphant fist*

It was a busy day, but I mananged to get it all taken care of before 2 o'clock. I even snuck in some online shopping. I *heart* cheesy old horror movies, and decided I'd look up some old favorites. I need to replace much of my old vhs collection with DVD. I found FEAR NO EVIL at Amazon on DVD, and in the process, learned that Troma videos has bought the rights to many late 70s and early 80s horror movies and a releasing them in DVD format. Woot! So, I updated my shopping list for a rainy day.

I also ordered a copy of Dana Reed's Demon Within. She is one of my favorite horror author's ever, but I'm not sure if she's writing anymore. Most of Dana's print books are OOP, but I do believe some of them are finally making their way to ebook. (Yet another reason to love ebooks!)

As for my own literary demons - I am pleased to announce I have conquered the chapter from hell and am slowly moving forward. Now if I can just stay on the fast track. Wish me luck!

Happy weekend, folks! :-)


  1. Woohoo, congrats! I finished my WIP on Thursday, so we're both celebrating.

  2. Way to go on finshing! I know you've been working really hard to finish that one. Hopefully now you can relax and enjoy the weekend. :)


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