Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It Comes At You Quickly

Yesterday nothing went according to plans. Hubby's rain out turned into a very sunny day. However, when hubby came home for lunch, it was quite pleasant. Mini was sleeping and we actually had a few minutes to speak to one another without a toddler nipping at our heels. I'd almost forgotten what that was like!

When hubby made it home from work that evening, I took Oldest with me, and went to the store for a few essentials: coffee, diapers, and a new flat iron. We got back, and everyone was in an upbeat mood, then there was a knock at the door. It was one of our neighbors. She was dropping by to tell us that one of our elderly neighbors, a really nice man who owns one of the cow pastures next to us, passed away in his sleep sometime Sunday night. Hubby and I were quite shocked. I mean, I just waved at the man while he was driving by less than a week ago. He seemed as vibrant as ever.

The funeral is today, and we found out on such short notice, I couldn't find a sitter for Mini. So hubby is going for both of us. As he was getting dressed in his suit this morning to go up to the funeral home, I could barely wrap my mind around it - a funeral and a wedding all in one week. It all seems very surreal at this point.

Today I have a few chapters to read for a friend, and also I'm going to finish up that wip chapter I started on the other day. I added a steamier lead in to it, and I like it much better. I have to watch it while writing smut scenes, because it's easy to lose the emotion behind it, and what you're left with is a tacky scientific observation of sex. Yuck. I've read a few scenes like that and I groaned like a housewife trying to fake a headache. Who wants sex like that? Get it over with already. Know what I mean? So I'm going to tweak that chapter a bit more before it heads off to the FINAL folder.

Now for reading... I'm still slogging my way through Demon Within - the novel I started a few days ago. I love the author's voice, and the idea behind the story is good, but it's simply taking too long to develope. I'm over page 100, and the demon specialist is just coming into the story, and the love interest couple hasn't even gotten together yet. We'll see... there's still time for the book to pull together.

It's the end of an era. Somewhere along the line, Mini has started to occassionally calling me Mommy, rather than Mimi. He has been calling me Mimi since he was only a few months old - Mimi developed from him call me Mim. It's kind of sad to hear "Mimi" go by the wayside, but it's nice to hear Mommy too. Eh gads, do they really have to grow up?

Also, Mini woke up last week and just started talking. Seriously. He's been saying all kinds of new stuff on a daily basis: single nouns, gobbledy gook, and simple sentences. Just this morning he was trying to show Hubby something while he was putting on his tie and Mini said, "Daddy, look!" Clear as a bell. He also knows a few colors: green and blue; counts to ten out of sync, and knows a few letters (K and Z) on sight from watching Sesame Street, and playing with magnets on the fridge.

A woman heard him gabbing in the store a few days ago, and she stopped to ask me how old he is - 22 months. She acted surprised, and mentioned she thought Mini was much younger because he's quite small. Then she went on to ask about how much he's talking compared to her grandson (who was with her) only says "Daddy". I told her kids pick it up differently. As long as he's trying to talk, or saying a few things by the time he's three I wouldn't worry about it. With Zane, he didn't start really talking until he was 5 - and we had to have him checked to find out what was up. Turns out he has a learning disorder, and we caught it just in time. Apparently if a child doesn't develope their basic verbal skills by that age, they will struggle with it their whole lives. But I digress...

Nothing much else for today. Just meanderings. When hubby gets home, we're going out to have our taxes done. I better get on with it if I hope to accomplish anything. The best to you all, and happy hump day!

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