Sunday, March 11, 2007

I Want Candy

Half the household is suffering with hayfever and allergies. Mini is miserable with it, poor thing. Hubby and I tried to share rocking chair duty last night, but anytime his dad would take him, he'd cry for Mimi.

I finally gave up trying to get any rest and sat with him in the recliner until we both fell asleep. I woke up around 5 am. Thomas and Friends was on, and Mini was sacked across my lap like a sack of potatoes. I FEEL like I slept in a recliner last night. :P When I woke up, I had my head back and my mouth open. (Tres sexy, no?) I can't say how long I slept like that, but my neck was so stiff I almost couldn't lift my head!

I attempted to work a bit on my wip yesterday, but didn't get very much accomplished. Serves me right, trying to work when the kids aren't feeling well. I'm over the mega-pain-in-the-ass chapter, at least, and now I'm ready to start another one.

I have everything marked what needs to be done, but I may want to add a bit more to it. We'll have to see once I start working on it. There is a major scene change from one chapter to the next, and when I did the first read through, this section was very choppy. Kind of jarring. Like maybe there should have been a bridge between the two chapters, or I should've rounded one out more than I did. I plan to sneak a few minutes today and read through it again to see if it's still like that.

I better go for now. I need to go and rearrange the living room. Hubby and I picked out a new curio cabinet yesterday. Now we have to move everything around to fit it in. It seems like a major chore at the moment, but I know it the long run I'll be glad we did it. The curio will keep Mini out of all the breakables!

Happy Sunday, folks!

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