Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hey, what color is my tongue?

Remember when you were a kid, you'd eat candy and stick your tongue out at your friend, "Hey, is my tongue blue?" Walking around with a blue tongue was pretty cool when you were a kid. But would you want to do it when you're over 30?

Since getting sick, I've been drinking lots of mix-it-yourself (sugar free) juice. It's a bit like kool-aide, only in flavors like cranberry and peach. Well, last night, I'd been drinking "said juice" to take a few sinus pills.

I tried to go back to working on my manuscript once I took the pills, but after a full day of mouth breathing and weathering a growing sinus headache, I looked over at hubby and said, "That's it. If I'm gonna get any sleep tonight, I've got to have a vaporizer."

I got up to call my mom and borrow hers, but Hubby hopped up out of the recliner. "Let's go buy one instead." That should have been circumspect. Okay. Not really. But it is out of character for hubby to want to go anywhere after work. However, he was dangling promise of a vaporizer in front of me, so, hey, that sounds good to me, man!

I found my shoes, grabbed the keys, and corralled Mini into his car seat. Off we went. However, once we got to the store I decided not to go in. My eyes were watering too much. Driving had elevated my headache to full blown status. I suppose on some level fate, or providence, or whatever, was watching out for me.

While Hubby and Mini went in for the vaporizor, I got bored and began fiddling with the gadgets in the Jeep - the radio, the glove compartment, the console lights, etc. At one point, I turned on the drivers side dome light, and flipped down the visor. Do you know what I saw in the mirror when I did?

Can you guess?

After 16 years of marriage, you'd think your hubby would know to tell you that you have something on your face. Right?

Apparently not! I looked in the mirror to discover I had a JUICE MUSTACHE. A cranberry red one, for crying out loud. Two horn shaped tips on either side of my mouth. Oh, for the love of Pete! You can't tell me hubby didn't see that! All I can say is you can count him lucky man that I didn't go into that store....

That's it for me today, folks. My wip awaits.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Hey Joker! Hope you're feeling better. Did you choke that husband of yours?

  2. LOL, I came very close!

    Hubby swears he didn't notice it, and I can't tell for sure one way or another. Sort of like, "No, honey, I didn't notice you got your hair color changed today. *grumble, grumble*


  3. ROFL. *coughs* Ahem, sorry. That is just mean. You should get some eyeliner and draw on a mustache. Bet he'd notice that. Hmpf. Man, what a field trip. Then again, in his defense, he really may not have noticed if you've been trucking a kool-aid-stache for a few days due to being sick. He probably just thought you looked the same as you have and was just used to it.

    But, I'm not taking sides. lol Strangle as you must. ;)


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