Friday, March 09, 2007

Fantastical Friday

I'm so glad it's Friday... I'm not even going to pretend this week didn't steamroll me. I finished the kitchen cabinets (finally!), and late last night, I fixed the problem spot I was having with the demon story. Now that's over, I feel kind of beat down. I need a rest.

Mini woke up early this morning with a fever. He was cranky and wandering the house behind his daddy, who was getting ready for work. Hubby somehow managed to get dressed and drink a cup of coffee with Mini on his hip. For most of the day I've rocked him, poked Tylenol in him, and kept an eye on his fever.

Tonight - IF I'm able to keep my eyes open for longer than five minutes once the house is quiet - I'm going to finish the whole of that troublesome chapter. I got the heroine through the main part of the scene - remember when I said there was something about the whole thing that didn't set right with me? Well, I reread it and rewrote it at least a dozen times. The flow of the whole thing was knocked off balance by one phrase related to the setting. About lurking shadows blah, blah, blah...

The shadows HAD to be in there, but it was simply a case of cinematic overkill. I had to balance that out. Easier said than done. Somehow, while in a half-brain dead, pre-sleep zone out, I hit upon the right combination. I quietly climbed out of bed and turned on the lap top. I feel like a hundred bucks, finishing off that intro. Now I'm back in the game.

That's all for me today. Have a snazzy weekend folks!


  1. I'm soo glad you got it done! I knew you could. It was only a matter of time. ;) Awesome!!!

    And I really hope Mini feels better. There's something seriously going aroudn this time of year.

  2. Oh I've done that. Where you just have to get up and write it. That's the best. :)

  3. That's great, Cora. Lately I've also had that urge and spark of energy to repair something I was writing. Good feeling to get it done right!


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