Thursday, March 29, 2007

Blogging Tragedy

I wrote a really long post this morning about some amusing something that happened yesterday, but then Blogger decided to be a complete BE-OTCH and ate my post. Blah. I'm too lazy to even begin retyping. So this post will just have to do.

I stayed up super late and did a lot of tweaking on a lurrrrve scene. It reads much better now, and is not so sleezy anymore. ROFL! Don't you just love it when your hero and heroine come across as a poor unfortunate and her...ahm, pimp? Case corrected. ^_^

That scene marks half of a chapter, and I hope to finish the second half today. When I do, and that whole shebang goes to the FINALS file, that will almost put me at the halfway point in the manuscript. In the famous words of Cartman from South Park: Kick ass!

*and I high five myself*

Moving right along now...

Jackie Kesslar has an interview up at the Midnight Moon Cafe today. She has a new book called Hell's Belles coming out with Kensington, and will be giving away a copy on the blog today. Be sure to drop by and check her out!

That's about it for me today. I need to be able to show for something by the time hubby gets here for lunch, and I am way behind schedule. *grumble, grumble* Effing blogger! Anyway, today's pic is from Sunday, when I went dress shopping. While waiting on me and Oldest, Hubby set Mini loose on the rides, and in the process managed to snap a few cute pics of him in the 'Gator Car. ^_^

Have a snazzy Thursday, everyone!


  1. Oh... a hero who's a pimp! Hehehe! Funny!

  2. Yeah, I had to go change that. It wasn't anything precise, just... it through off that vibe when I reread it. ROFL! ^_^


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