Monday, March 19, 2007

Back to the Grind

It was a quiet weekend here. I straightened the house, did a spot of laundry, and worked on my wip. Right now I have it divided into about eight huge sections. It not only needs cleaning up, but I'm going to cut some of it today and tighten the writing.

Just to make sure all was flowing as it should, I started reading the chapters I've finaled out - ones that are ready to go. I know there's this often talked about rule that the main characters need to get together as soon as possible, and with erotic romance that often puts them in the bedroom early on as well. Hm. My manuscript seems to challenge both of those rules. My heroine doesn't come into the picture until Chapter two, and I get well into Chapter three before any hanky panky starts. That kind of worries me a bit. After I complete the entire run through of the manuscript, I might have to tweak the beginning yet again. I hate stories that are slow off the mark. Of course, this all remains to be seen, whether I'll need to or not.

The thing is, my hero and heroine aren't meeting for the first time; they're already in love and living together. It's more or less about keeping the characters together, and alive, through the story. So I'm not sure if I should even be worried about those rules I mentioned. I suppose really it's too late to do anything about it either way, since the story is already written. It's just taking so long because I'm going over it with a fine too comb, closing the loose ends I intend to close.

This is pretty much what I'll be dealing with today, and for most of this week other than a few things here and there. I'm a bit scattered these days. Oldest has testing all week. Hubby is quitting smoking - I'm really proud of him, it's been over a week and no cigarette. Go hubby! And I'm on the road to conspiring a new design for my website with my favorite html goddess. Somewhere during all this I also have to get myself to a salon, and buy a dress and hubby a suit for lil sis' wedding on the 31st. Everything is coming at me so fast, and then I look at the calendar and - Whoa! March is almost gone!

That's pretty much my thoughts for the day. Today's pic came from Wikipedia about Rainbows. It's it gorgeous? It's a double rainbow, if you look at it closely.

That's all for me today. Hopefully your Monday will be full of rainbows. If it isn't, here's hoping you can grin and fake it. *wink*


  1. Hey Cora! Lovely double rainbow picture. It's lovely... sounds like you're doing very well with the story too.


  2. To heck with rules.

    I broke most of them in Your Alibi and I just sold it to Liquid Silver. :D


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