Friday, March 30, 2007

You Are Here

Tomorrow is lil sis' wedding day. I got up this morning and hubby had already balanced the check book and signed all the paychecks. I set about sorting bills and getting things ready to mail. Oldest is out of school today, so I'm going to take both lugs *cough* kids with me on my weekly expedition.

I'm going to take them out to eat, and spend a little extra time with them before I have to leave them with their Gram tomorrow. Oldest will be fine, but this will be a completely new experience for Mini. He's never spent the day over at his Grams before without me there. I hope he doesn't cry the entire time we're gone. Aside from the toddler trauma, I know if he does it will be another two years before my mom would watch him. LOL!

Today once I get back home, I plan to cram as much wip time in as I can since I won't be able to do any writing Saturday. I have set aside a small stack of pages I want to have completed by next week. Hopefully then I'll be over that halfway mark with rewrites. *rejoicing*

If you're looking for a movie to watch this weekend, I highly recommend Children of Men. I finally had a chance to watch it this past week. *dance, dance*

It stars Clive Owen, Julianne Moore, and Michael Caine. I thought Michael Caine was brilliant in this movie - perfect for the retired professional hippie role. However, for some reason one of the main characters - Kee, the woman who all the fuss is about in the movie, did not get any kind of top billing. It's my opinion her name should've been at least somewhere on the freaking cover of the box.

Anyway, the movie takes place in the near future, when an unknown biological factor causes women to stop having children. The only nation still in existence with some form of government is Britain, and they are stringently rounding up refugees and deporting them from the country. Clive Owen's character is visited by Julianne Moore, who asks him to get her a set of false transit papers, although she won't say why. When Clive gets the papers, he can only manage to get a double transit - for a man and a woman, which sort of elects him to guide this mystery woman past security and across the borders. He meets the woman he is helping, a young black refugee woman, and only after all hell breaks loose does he find out why so many people are out to take her - She is 8 months pregant.

There is one part in the movie where one of the escorts says to Clive's character something along the lines of "the world lost hope once the playgrounds fell silent" -and it really paints a haunting picture. Whether you like kids or not, it is hard to imagine the world without children. Children of Men is a truly great movie. It's my recommendation of the week.

That's all for me today. I need to hop in the shower so I can run amok in town. (Hairy legs are so NOT cool in public, you know.)

Whatever you do, I hope you have a fun-filled Friday! ^_^

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Blogging Tragedy

I wrote a really long post this morning about some amusing something that happened yesterday, but then Blogger decided to be a complete BE-OTCH and ate my post. Blah. I'm too lazy to even begin retyping. So this post will just have to do.

I stayed up super late and did a lot of tweaking on a lurrrrve scene. It reads much better now, and is not so sleezy anymore. ROFL! Don't you just love it when your hero and heroine come across as a poor unfortunate and her...ahm, pimp? Case corrected. ^_^

That scene marks half of a chapter, and I hope to finish the second half today. When I do, and that whole shebang goes to the FINALS file, that will almost put me at the halfway point in the manuscript. In the famous words of Cartman from South Park: Kick ass!

*and I high five myself*

Moving right along now...

Jackie Kesslar has an interview up at the Midnight Moon Cafe today. She has a new book called Hell's Belles coming out with Kensington, and will be giving away a copy on the blog today. Be sure to drop by and check her out!

That's about it for me today. I need to be able to show for something by the time hubby gets here for lunch, and I am way behind schedule. *grumble, grumble* Effing blogger! Anyway, today's pic is from Sunday, when I went dress shopping. While waiting on me and Oldest, Hubby set Mini loose on the rides, and in the process managed to snap a few cute pics of him in the 'Gator Car. ^_^

Have a snazzy Thursday, everyone!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It Comes At You Quickly

Yesterday nothing went according to plans. Hubby's rain out turned into a very sunny day. However, when hubby came home for lunch, it was quite pleasant. Mini was sleeping and we actually had a few minutes to speak to one another without a toddler nipping at our heels. I'd almost forgotten what that was like!

When hubby made it home from work that evening, I took Oldest with me, and went to the store for a few essentials: coffee, diapers, and a new flat iron. We got back, and everyone was in an upbeat mood, then there was a knock at the door. It was one of our neighbors. She was dropping by to tell us that one of our elderly neighbors, a really nice man who owns one of the cow pastures next to us, passed away in his sleep sometime Sunday night. Hubby and I were quite shocked. I mean, I just waved at the man while he was driving by less than a week ago. He seemed as vibrant as ever.

The funeral is today, and we found out on such short notice, I couldn't find a sitter for Mini. So hubby is going for both of us. As he was getting dressed in his suit this morning to go up to the funeral home, I could barely wrap my mind around it - a funeral and a wedding all in one week. It all seems very surreal at this point.

Today I have a few chapters to read for a friend, and also I'm going to finish up that wip chapter I started on the other day. I added a steamier lead in to it, and I like it much better. I have to watch it while writing smut scenes, because it's easy to lose the emotion behind it, and what you're left with is a tacky scientific observation of sex. Yuck. I've read a few scenes like that and I groaned like a housewife trying to fake a headache. Who wants sex like that? Get it over with already. Know what I mean? So I'm going to tweak that chapter a bit more before it heads off to the FINAL folder.

Now for reading... I'm still slogging my way through Demon Within - the novel I started a few days ago. I love the author's voice, and the idea behind the story is good, but it's simply taking too long to develope. I'm over page 100, and the demon specialist is just coming into the story, and the love interest couple hasn't even gotten together yet. We'll see... there's still time for the book to pull together.

It's the end of an era. Somewhere along the line, Mini has started to occassionally calling me Mommy, rather than Mimi. He has been calling me Mimi since he was only a few months old - Mimi developed from him call me Mim. It's kind of sad to hear "Mimi" go by the wayside, but it's nice to hear Mommy too. Eh gads, do they really have to grow up?

Also, Mini woke up last week and just started talking. Seriously. He's been saying all kinds of new stuff on a daily basis: single nouns, gobbledy gook, and simple sentences. Just this morning he was trying to show Hubby something while he was putting on his tie and Mini said, "Daddy, look!" Clear as a bell. He also knows a few colors: green and blue; counts to ten out of sync, and knows a few letters (K and Z) on sight from watching Sesame Street, and playing with magnets on the fridge.

A woman heard him gabbing in the store a few days ago, and she stopped to ask me how old he is - 22 months. She acted surprised, and mentioned she thought Mini was much younger because he's quite small. Then she went on to ask about how much he's talking compared to her grandson (who was with her) only says "Daddy". I told her kids pick it up differently. As long as he's trying to talk, or saying a few things by the time he's three I wouldn't worry about it. With Zane, he didn't start really talking until he was 5 - and we had to have him checked to find out what was up. Turns out he has a learning disorder, and we caught it just in time. Apparently if a child doesn't develope their basic verbal skills by that age, they will struggle with it their whole lives. But I digress...

Nothing much else for today. Just meanderings. When hubby gets home, we're going out to have our taxes done. I better get on with it if I hope to accomplish anything. The best to you all, and happy hump day!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tales from the Salon (and other stuff)

How about that title, huh? Yesterday, I didn't have quite the time to tell everything that went on at the salon, but there was this little incident while I was getting highlighted...

A new girl was there training at the salon the day I went. She looked almost college age: bleached blonded with lots of dark roots, too tight hip huggers, these big white plastic hoop earrings. Oh, and bubble gum pink lipstick. I mean it, she looked hardly old enough to be training there. She wore a name tag, but no smock, so I know she wasn't able yet to work on anyone. Everyone would call on her to get things for them, and bless her, the girl was soooo good natured about it. Even when a few of the women got kind of catty with her. Very sweet personality, that girl. Well, the salon was so busy, they didn't have enough people to work on the "quick jobs" - like the ladies coming in just to get a wash and roll. And there was this one particular elderly lady, the main staff was really jumping to get to. Apparently she's one of those customers that has been coming to the salon since it first opened some forty or fifty years ago.

Anyway, the head stylist told the blonde girl that she was about to roll that lady's hair. The girl quickly told the stylist she didn't have enough hours in to do that, but they were so strapped for help, the head stylist said that she would have the woman who was working on my hair, and another lady on stand-by to watch her, and offer help if needed.

First thing, the blonde girl dropped her kit - which happened to be a suitcase full of combs, brushes, spraybottles, and hair rollers. OMG, dozens of hair rollers. It was like a confetti explosion of hair curlers, as bizarre as that sounds. Next, she washed the elderly lady's hair but forgot to add conditioner. Poor thing must've been skating the thin edge toward a nervous breakdown to forget the conditioner, know what I mean? Oh, but here's where the fun really begins...

Now, the salon is quite large, but it's still fairly cramped. I was seated at the carosel, which is in the center of the salon. It looks just like the name describes it - it looks like a carosel/merry-go-round at the fair. It's even complete with scalloped overhang and the pillar with mirrors in the center of it. They put the young girl rolling this woman's hair at the carosel, right beside the stylist who was working on me. As it turns out, despite the earlier hair curler confetti explosion, the blonde does NOT have the smallest size rollers which she needs for the elderly lady's hair. So, the woman working on me says, "Come over here, and get all the tiny blue rollers out of this box." This box she's speaking of, is at my feet in this little cramped niche.

The girl comes over, and is probably a foot from my face when she bends down to get the rollers. Remember when I said she had hip hugger jeans on? Well, this is when I noticed them. This is also when I noticed she was wearing a VIOLET colored thong. The girl full-on flashed me and the stylist working on me when she bent to get those rollers. The stylist and I both froze. I think I may have actually jumped. Because the "flash" didn't just show a thong, I mean, there was nothing left to the imagination.

Coming from someone who has had some really bonehead embarrassing accidental flasher moments of her own(which I won't even get into), I was prepared to let it go, and nary a hair out of place. The stylist seemed to be of the same mein as me, so we kept going - until the girl came back for more rollers. I averted my eyes a scant second before the girl flashed us, YET AGAIN!

The flashing continued for a solid thirty-minutes, and I think after about the third or fourth flash, the stylist whispered something to the blonde girl. She began trying to do these really complex, and awkward bends to try and get the rollers. I was simply trying to avoid her knocking her head on one of my sandals - which she seemed very want to do.

I know, I know... Men all over the place would likely have done some pretty stupid stunts to be in my chair that day, but I have to admit, seeing purple butt-floss really isn't my thing. I mean, I'm all for fashion, but unless you can keep your freaking pants on, you shouldn't be wearing hip-huggers anywhere - much less at work. If the girl hadn't really been so nice and down to earth, I probably would have mentioned something about it to the owner. But being the boring old fossil that I am, I chose to turn the other cheek *cough, cough* and pretend nothing happened.


Hubby called me a little while ago, and said he may rain-out. I didn't even know it was raining til he called, to be perfectly honest. Anyway, if he does, we're going to get the taxes done, and I imagine we'll go take care of the insurance on the red Jeep. If we go to do that, I want to drop by the used book store. Since I've bought a ton of books lately, and have been gradually whittling down the TBR stack, I am officially going on a book hunt. So, if anyone has any book recommendations (new or old), I'd love to hear 'em!

Sometime during all this high adventure I'm facing today, I plan to back track on that chapter I started on yesterday. I did a run through of it, but I'm not satisfied with it yet. It feels a bit stunted. I imagine this will be another one I have to zip off to the greater powers that be - my crit partners. (Oh, Tempest...)

Well, time's up. Gotta jet. Hope Tuesday is snazzy for you!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Hair, a new dress, and demons...

Mission accomplished! I now have everything I need for lil sis' wedding, plus a sore neck to boot.

Hubby managed to get off work early Friday, so he took Mini with him to buy a new suit. While they were gone, I called and got the hours information for the salon I prefer to go to. On Saturdays, they run 8-4, and the lady told me they are packed that day of week. Since the salon is first come, first served (no appointments) you have to come early if you want to be seen.

We had everything planned out, hubby and I. I was going to zip over to the salon, which is in another town; get the hair chopped and reblocked, then zip back home and we'd get back in the car and run to yet another town so I could go dress shopping - and he and the kids could do whatever. Sound plan, right? Well, Friday night Mini ended up with a tummy ache. I stayed up all night while he flipped and flopped. I rocked him in the den until around 6 AM. I couldn't stay awake any longer, and went and fell across the bed. An hour later hubby comes in with Mini on his hip and says, "Uh, hon. I know you're tired, but aren't you going to the salon today?" I mumble and moan and bit, but do eventually crawl out of bed, slip on a t-shirt and shoes, and off I go - not even a cup of coffee in my system.

I get to the salon about 8:15, which is great, because I got the choice parking. However, I got inside and there were a ton of folks already there. Ho hum. It was an hour and a half to two hours before I got seated. Luckily I got one of the ladies who had worked on me before - the one who'd been there when I got my hair chopped off for Locks of Love - so I felt pretty confident. Well, let me tell you...

I spent 5 hours in the chair. Longest salon visit of my life. I wanted my hair cut and lightened, and the first color they put on, didn't take. My hair was red to start, but this color took it down to only a light ginger. Think Gillian Anderson in early X-Files. We looked at it, and it wasn't what I originally asked for, which was a honey blonde. So, they decide to correct the goof by adding tons of highlights. What am I gonna do, you know? So they do a wash and dry - and then we do a cap. By this time, I'm starving, so I eat a bag of trail mix I've been carrying around in my bag.

I didn't get to see the final color result right away, so I knew it was going to be hit or miss. The woman working on me, also had to roll two other ladies hair while I was in the chair. When we did a wash this time, we left my hair wet, and the minute I was back in the chair, she started hacking in layers. This took about an hour on its own. She'd cut layers in and while a great big fluffy nest of hair grew on the floor from my clippings, she'd rant at me about how thick my hair is. Next, she dried, waxed (yes, it's true) and flat ironed my hair into this:

The pics are kinda bad - they were taken with a cell phone cam in the backyard. And yes, that is me sans makeup - a rare site anywhere. Anyway, the hair is a bit flippier than I would have done it myself, but you get the gist of it. I added the box of color so you could get an idea of what shade it is since the pics turned out dark, and washed out looking. The color is actually a light coppery red with golden blonde/apricot highlights. Surprisingly natural looking. One unique thing about this cut... it's the first time in 17 years I have had bangs.

I got up this morning, and my neck is really sore from all the hair washing and the poking and proding, but it was worth it. Hubby loves the new cut, too, and that's a big plus. On Saturday, we went to the mall and I bought a purple dress, and shoes for the wedding. Very Easter-ish. I'm not a fan of purple, but the cut worked really well for me, and it fit great. It's a dark lavender fitted shift dress with a built-on longish jacket with sheer sleeves. After trying on 13 dresses - no kidding - I was flushed by the time I got out of there, I settled on what fit, was semi-comfy, and didn't make me look sicky. (Light yellow is apparently not my color.)

*takes a deep breath*

So there was my weekend. I spent it with hubby, the kids, and my parents - when the popped over to see us. During all this, somehow I managed to start reading Dana Reed's Demon Within. It's a horror novel from the early 90's. I'd hoped to have all day Sunday for writing, and since that didn't happen, I plan to make up for it today. My goal is to have one chapter completely polished, scrubbed, chopped, rewritten... whatever. Just completed. At the end of the day, I want to see it in the FINAL stack. How about the rest of you? Any word count/ writing goals today?

Happy Monday! Now onward, I march...

Friday, March 23, 2007

Pickin' Wildflowers

Mini and I slept in very late this morning. Normally I'd feel really guilty about that, but yesterday when Jay came in for lunch, he had his paycheck with him. I took care of all our bill paying yesterday, even bought a few groceries. Knowing I wouldn't have to do the usual rounds today, I stayed super late last night - til somewhere around midnight tweaking a chapter.

I wasn't going down til it was finished, and I am jumping-joy happy today because I got through it! My crit partner sent back that chapter I emailed and I can't even begin to say how helpful that was. *tackle hug* Once she pointed out a few things to me, the magic came back. I was rockin' the wip again. Today I'll be working on a lurrrve scene. ^_^

One thing I noticed yesterday, I don't have to worry about is the word count with this current manuscript - which is a total relief. Am I the only author that frets over that sort of thing? You get to chapter 4 and realize that your book might fall short, so you start dividing the current count by the remaining chapters? Once you do, you start freaking out because it looks like you'll need a bazillion more chapters to meet the required length? That's me. I sucked at math in school, but I can come up with some bizarre equations to drive myself nuts with when it comes to a manuscript. It's an illness, I tell you.

Anyway, I better get crackin'. I woke up late to start, but then Hubby called me a little while ago and said if he and his helper can finish a run of conduit early, the crew will take off the rest of the day. Woot! He didn't tell me how many feet they were expected to run, but that would be awesome if he could make it home even a little early.

It's Friday, folks! *dance, dance* Hope yours is a good one!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Spring cleaning, demons, and sleepless nights

I took this pic of our azaleas yesterday. I was tinkering with my digicam since my dad told me about changing up the exposure to get brighter/darker pics. This cam has been terribly difficult to master, but now I can take pics in the house that don't get whited out by the flash. What a pain that is!

Today is fridge culling day. Hubby and I "the talk" last night, and it's been decided that all the flour, sugar, rice, bread, potatoes, and other things I'm not supposed to have must go. See, I'm a naughty girl, and if the food is there I'll cook it and eat it whether it makes me sick or not. I'm not talking weight issues. I'm talking diabetes. Since Mini was born, we've fallen by the wayside about keeping those high carb things out of the house. We'd buy them for Oldest and Mini - pretzels, cookies, etc. and I'd end up snacking on them. By then, it's too late. I'm on the couch dizzy and ill, my blood sugar on the rampage. So, today it all must go. Hubby says if I don't do it, he will. Egads, that's like having your parent threaten to clean your room. If someone else does it, they'll throw out everything. Hubby is a meat eating kind of guy, and if he does the culling, nothing but eggs, cheese, milk, and cow will be left. So, I'm taking it on myself to save the baby spinach, cucumbers, and anything else that appears remotely edible.

Yesterday, I was ready to scrap the entire demons manuscript and run screaming into the wilderness. Instead, I stopped myself and emailed the hellish chapter taunting my sanity to a crit partner. *I'm not worthy!* She sent it promptly back red penned for me, so today I feel like I can actually break the chains and trudge further forward. The funny thing: reading the book, it flows pretty fast. But while trying to write and repair it? It's like walking under water with a freaking millstone strapped around your neck. By the end of the day, I feel completely frazzled - which isn't good on the hours I keep.

Speaking of hours... Sleep. Mini is like that little girl from The Ring. He never sleeps. At first, he loved the Go Diego Go bed, and I was getting great sleep. Now, he wakes up, starts crying, and we both end up in the den sleeping on the couch. It's miserably cramped when we sleep like that, and my shoulder is usually killing me by morning. Last night I was in bed for only an hour before he was up and running. I tried to do the couch thing, but Mini just didn't want to sleep. Around 3 am, Hubby finally came out of the bedroom and took charge. I was ready to drop. I piled off in bed and you know what. Hubby had that kid snoozing in 30 minutes. 30! *faint* At least I got a few hours in before Mini woke around 9. Ah, motherhood... the twenty-four hour job.

Well I'm off to slay demons. Don't forget to drop the Midnight Moon Cafe today - . Amanda Ashley's up for this week's Midnight Brew!

Have a snazzy Thursday!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Plotting the Future

I started working on a new chapter this morning, so there's one more in the bag. Whew! I am the tortoise slowly moving toward the finish line. I plan to have two more finished by the weekend - which I anticipate will be super busy since hubby and I must prepare for lil sis' upcoming wedding. It's a formal affair, and I gotta admit - I do not own a dress. Not even a pair of heels. :S So this weekend's shopping spree should be very interesting. I also have to make some kind of arrangements and get myself to a salon ASAP!

Today is kind of quite around the house. It's like this every year during Oldest's test time, almost like the entire family, house and all, is holding its breath. Only two more days and we can all put it behind us. Oldest seems to think he's doing fairly well on his tests. He told me they wrote an essay yesterday as part of the new requirements. I'll be curious to see his scores on that one.

Well, that's it for me today. I have to get on these chapters if I hope to finish them. Hope all your projects are going by with flying colors. Happy hump day!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Series of Suburban Events

It's been a crazy kind of day. I woke up to the phone ringing this morning, and it hasn't stopped since. I've had visitors in and out the door, and basically all my well laid plans went out the window. Not that it's been a bad day, just... chaotic. With too much going on, and not enough getting done. Ever have days like that?

I've come across another part of my manuscript that needs to be reworked from the ground up. I printed it and plan to give the red pen treatment before I try to do anything with it on the computer. It's one of those parts where I wrote alternate scenes - cripes, never again! Mananging one scene is tough enough.

I picked up a copy of Trudy Thompson's Prisoner of Passion, and I've started reading it. I'm finding that after reading a lot of more modern paranormals like Emma Holly, Christine Feehan, and Ronda Thompson, it's fun to slip off into something vintage. It gives you a completely fresh take on the genre. Those earlier books are especially fun, because there were fewer expectations back then. When the genre was new and blossoming, publishers tended to cram everything together into the same fore: true paranormals, futuristsics, fairy tales. Sometimes you'd get a book with a historical looking cover and you find out later the entire story is on another planet. That's kind of what you get with the writing too. It's nice for a change of pace.

While I'm on the subject of writing and authors and stuff... the one and only Amanda Ashley is going to have an interview up at the Midnight Moon Cafe this Thursday. You definitely don't want to miss it.

That's it for me today. Before I go, check out the pic of the Japanese rock garden. Ah... peaceful isn't it? I've been scouting garden photos. Hubby and I plan to landscape the back yard this summer. We're going to add a patio and so I've been looking at all kinds of ideas. I doubt I'd end up going with this theme - my neighbors cats would probably view it as a fancy litter box and a war would ensue. But it's nice to look at and daydream. ;-)

Monday, March 19, 2007

Back to the Grind

It was a quiet weekend here. I straightened the house, did a spot of laundry, and worked on my wip. Right now I have it divided into about eight huge sections. It not only needs cleaning up, but I'm going to cut some of it today and tighten the writing.

Just to make sure all was flowing as it should, I started reading the chapters I've finaled out - ones that are ready to go. I know there's this often talked about rule that the main characters need to get together as soon as possible, and with erotic romance that often puts them in the bedroom early on as well. Hm. My manuscript seems to challenge both of those rules. My heroine doesn't come into the picture until Chapter two, and I get well into Chapter three before any hanky panky starts. That kind of worries me a bit. After I complete the entire run through of the manuscript, I might have to tweak the beginning yet again. I hate stories that are slow off the mark. Of course, this all remains to be seen, whether I'll need to or not.

The thing is, my hero and heroine aren't meeting for the first time; they're already in love and living together. It's more or less about keeping the characters together, and alive, through the story. So I'm not sure if I should even be worried about those rules I mentioned. I suppose really it's too late to do anything about it either way, since the story is already written. It's just taking so long because I'm going over it with a fine too comb, closing the loose ends I intend to close.

This is pretty much what I'll be dealing with today, and for most of this week other than a few things here and there. I'm a bit scattered these days. Oldest has testing all week. Hubby is quitting smoking - I'm really proud of him, it's been over a week and no cigarette. Go hubby! And I'm on the road to conspiring a new design for my website with my favorite html goddess. Somewhere during all this I also have to get myself to a salon, and buy a dress and hubby a suit for lil sis' wedding on the 31st. Everything is coming at me so fast, and then I look at the calendar and - Whoa! March is almost gone!

That's pretty much my thoughts for the day. Today's pic came from Wikipedia about Rainbows. It's it gorgeous? It's a double rainbow, if you look at it closely.

That's all for me today. Hopefully your Monday will be full of rainbows. If it isn't, here's hoping you can grin and fake it. *wink*

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I've been working on my demon manuscript most of the morning, but knew I had to blog today and post my colors. (see clovers)

*pinch, pinch*

I didn't bother with corned beef and cabbage or an Irish stew and biscuits this year. I guess I could've, but I figured we'd be going out. Instead hubby surprised me and we stayed home. Oh, bother! I guess I'll just munch on beef jerky and work instead. ;) Maybe it's not too late... I'm sure I can whip up something. I never really think about it until days like this. Gotta keep with some tradition, at least the larger ones. Stuff to pass on to the boys, so they pass it on. The older I get, the more I think about things like that.

Anyone else out there celebrating today? If you are, how do you do it? By wearing green? Sampling the food? Going to the parades?

However you celebrate, I wish you lot's o luck and a happy weekend!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Late Day Post

It's Friday - woot! *booty wiggle* I woke up this morning, downed two cups of coffee - and I am happy to announce my local store is finally carrying a sugar free hazelnut creamer. I wrote for about two hours before I situated the bills and went out to take care of errands.

Mini fell asleep in the shopping cart while I was buying groceries, and of course everyone thought that was so darling. "Oh, he's just give out isn't he." "It must be naptime." I was very worried he would wake up at any given moment and prove just how powerful his lungs really are. ^_^ Luckily, we got out of there with him napping, and I made it over to the outlet to pay the electric bill before they shut down for their after lunch drawer countdown. *triumphant fist*

It was a busy day, but I mananged to get it all taken care of before 2 o'clock. I even snuck in some online shopping. I *heart* cheesy old horror movies, and decided I'd look up some old favorites. I need to replace much of my old vhs collection with DVD. I found FEAR NO EVIL at Amazon on DVD, and in the process, learned that Troma videos has bought the rights to many late 70s and early 80s horror movies and a releasing them in DVD format. Woot! So, I updated my shopping list for a rainy day.

I also ordered a copy of Dana Reed's Demon Within. She is one of my favorite horror author's ever, but I'm not sure if she's writing anymore. Most of Dana's print books are OOP, but I do believe some of them are finally making their way to ebook. (Yet another reason to love ebooks!)

As for my own literary demons - I am pleased to announce I have conquered the chapter from hell and am slowly moving forward. Now if I can just stay on the fast track. Wish me luck!

Happy weekend, folks! :-)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hey, what color is my tongue?

Remember when you were a kid, you'd eat candy and stick your tongue out at your friend, "Hey, is my tongue blue?" Walking around with a blue tongue was pretty cool when you were a kid. But would you want to do it when you're over 30?

Since getting sick, I've been drinking lots of mix-it-yourself (sugar free) juice. It's a bit like kool-aide, only in flavors like cranberry and peach. Well, last night, I'd been drinking "said juice" to take a few sinus pills.

I tried to go back to working on my manuscript once I took the pills, but after a full day of mouth breathing and weathering a growing sinus headache, I looked over at hubby and said, "That's it. If I'm gonna get any sleep tonight, I've got to have a vaporizer."

I got up to call my mom and borrow hers, but Hubby hopped up out of the recliner. "Let's go buy one instead." That should have been circumspect. Okay. Not really. But it is out of character for hubby to want to go anywhere after work. However, he was dangling promise of a vaporizer in front of me, so, hey, that sounds good to me, man!

I found my shoes, grabbed the keys, and corralled Mini into his car seat. Off we went. However, once we got to the store I decided not to go in. My eyes were watering too much. Driving had elevated my headache to full blown status. I suppose on some level fate, or providence, or whatever, was watching out for me.

While Hubby and Mini went in for the vaporizor, I got bored and began fiddling with the gadgets in the Jeep - the radio, the glove compartment, the console lights, etc. At one point, I turned on the drivers side dome light, and flipped down the visor. Do you know what I saw in the mirror when I did?

Can you guess?

After 16 years of marriage, you'd think your hubby would know to tell you that you have something on your face. Right?

Apparently not! I looked in the mirror to discover I had a JUICE MUSTACHE. A cranberry red one, for crying out loud. Two horn shaped tips on either side of my mouth. Oh, for the love of Pete! You can't tell me hubby didn't see that! All I can say is you can count him lucky man that I didn't go into that store....

That's it for me today, folks. My wip awaits.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

When the Dust Settles

I took a much needed sick day yesterday. Mini has progressed to the fussy stage, so I know he's getting better. He's not sleeping all day now, and is back up and getting into things. It's taking me a bit longer to get over the junk, however. This stuff is stubborn, and I have to watch these bad fits of congestion - I'm prone to pneumonia. The last thing I want or need is a hospital stay. I'm feeling better today, though. Just a little tired.

Instead of writing yesterday, I picked up S.L. Viehl's Plague of Memory from my TBR shelf and started reading it. It's been a while since I've chanced any science fiction, so it reads very fresh. I haven't read any of Ms. Viehl's other StarDoc novels, so I'm going to have to go back and pick up a few of her earlier works.

The main character in Plague of Memory is Dr. Cherijo Torin, an onboard doctor who sees to the health of many different species. She was nearly killed in a previous novel, and has had a personality change along with her memory loss. She has no desire to remember her past, but then she gets called in to find a cure for a strange plague affecting a reptilian race called the Hsktskt. She goes to help them, and things from her past start cropping up.

When I read sci-fi (yes, I actually call it sci-fi) I tend to pick novels that have a lot to do with alien culture, and breaking down cultural barriers between races, and Plague of Memory fits the bill. Once Cherijo meets up with the Hsktskt, the book becomes quite involving and hard to put down. I could read a dozen novels like this and never get tired of it. There's something different and new to learn about an alien species every time you pick up a new book. I like that.

As for my own writing, I am going to take a break for a few days. On top of being sick, I'm pushing a serious case of burn out. I came across a cool website yesterday called Rose Colored Glasses - heck, I'm probably the only person on the planet that hadn't heard of it until now - anyway, there was actually an article about doing things to get your writing groove back. I could totally relate, and decided I need to cool it for a while.

I don't know why sometimes I feel like I need to push myself to the limits to get stories out. It's not that I need the money from my writing, or that anyone at home is cracking the whip on me.
I take chances with my stories because it really is all in fun. I've been writing for a very long time, always because it was something I enjoyed rather than something I looked at as a career. However, once I got published my writing sort of went from hobby status to "Oh, cool! I'm getting somewhere with this!" Nevermind until that point, I never realized I was actually trying to go anywhere with my writing.

For the last few months it's been push, push, push... And with that effort my love of writing gone flat. Not because I can't write, but because the writing from the heart part is missing. I'm doing it because I feel I have to - which is ridiculous when I think about it. I'm not under contract anywhere, and aside from that - what's the rush?

When I finally gripped things by the horns last year and told hubby I wanted to pursue writing as a career, I had a 6 year plan in mind. Anyone else have a goal like that? To give yourself six years (or however long) to putter around in the markets, take your lumps, feel yourself out, try a few genres and learn your niche; basically to figure out how the wheels of the publishing world turn? Well, that was my goal. I wanted to time things accordingly, so I could have the first six years home free with Mini before he's off to kindergarten. Anyone who's a parent knows that times goes by much too quickly. Then suddenly, I don't know exactly how it happened, things sort of spiralled out of control, and I started pushing for more, more, more: I'll do a story here, and a story there. Oh! I'll submit one there, too.

When I got sick this time around, it hit me - I'm taking on too much. I'm wearing myself down. And then the facts sank in - I've been in this game less than a year. *_* How am I going to make it in print, if I can't swing book by book contracting. In short, I realized I've got to get a reign on burning the candle at both ends. I suppose I was making an unconscious attempt to reach a long term goal in a short amount of time, and it's just not going to happen. That's when I decided I needed to scale back.

Yesterday, between other chores, I sorted through my various wips. A lot off them were short stories I had slated for here and there. I shelved them. Put them right back into the "STORY IDEAS" file to sift through later. Months ago, I told myself after I wrote Wicked Temptation, that I wanted to try longer fiction. And here I am with a dozen more short stories?

I have only the demons on the desktop now. No more worrying about writing this story for publication - I honestly believe that's why it's dragging out so long. I didn't start the story worrying if it would get accepted, and it's time I got over that. My writing buddies are so wise... I really should listen to them more often. If one publisher won't accept my demons, there is always another, and another, and another who just might.

That's it for me today. I'm off to hit the Alkaseltzer Cold Plus. Happy hump day, folks!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday Pondering

I don't often blog about industry related things. Sure I listen to what's abound in the industry when gossip arises, and I read all the what's hot, what's not lists and such... Some of it is helpful, some you have to take with a grain of salt and keep on writing.

Yesterday while the house was quiet, I logged on and went bookshopping. One of my favorite sites had a survey up, and you could take it to get a discount coupon for your purchase. Hey, hey, hey... I'm just the kinda girl they're looking for! I took the really short survey, but before I ever started, I was anticipating the questions about ebooks. Sure enough, they were on there. I answered them. If there were ebooks available by my favorite (print) authors, would I likely buy the ebooks. Truthfully, I probably wouldn't. I prefer my Christine Feehan, Sephira Giron, Stephen King, and JK Rowling in print.

A lot of people have claimed over the past few years, that ebooks have not hurt NY sales at all, and that it's a fad that will die out. If you've ever blog hopped authors, or editors, or industry pros, etc. you've probably come across this debate from time to time. However, yesterday, while doing this survey, I got to really thinking about it, and my last book purchases have all been online.

Come on, folks. If I bought 12 ebooks, that's 12 print books I didn't buy. Despite the sunny projections, some print publisher somewhere has got to be feeling the pinch in the wallet! And if not, why the hell would more and more mainstream publishers be considering launching ebooks? Don't tell me it's about keeping up with the times either, because ebooks have been around for 10 years or more now. If it was purely for the sake of being modern, I'm sure lots of companies would have jumped in on it years ago.

The thing is, it's not really about a print vs. ebook thing with me. I love books, and I love to read, so being a true reader - I like both. If I happen to come across a story I want to read and it's only in one format - okay. What am I gonna do? Not read the story?

Format has never played much of a role in my book choices. There are some books by my favorite authors, that I have waited for them to run to print before buying them, because I am notorious for going through computers - at least one every two years. It kills me when I lose downloads, whether they are music, pictures, whatever. These print purchased ebooks are stories I want to keep. Some of them I bought first in ebook format, and when they came out in print, I bought that too so I could put it on my keeper shelf.

I have to admit, 90% of books I buy come from companies that primarily epublish. There is a small section on my bedroom shelf that is dedicated to my favorite print paranormals - ones that have come out through NY based publishers alone. Beside that, there is a still smaller section for print horror novels. In the curio are my son's Harry Potter books. None of these books were chosen due to their format, and that's certainly not why they made it to my keeper shelf.

It's about the story elements. What am I looking for in a story, and where can I get that in a book? I prefer my books fast paced, a bit on the smutty side, and with either enough dark atmosphere to draw me in, or enough kick ass action to keep me glued. For a long time I only read futuristics, and the only place to get them was online. The genre is still primarily an ebook thing, and I admit not all of the ones I've purchased have the same quality as a mass market book, but the truth is I'm okay with that. As long as the grammar isn't too far out of whack, and the book isn't filled with typos, I feel I can get what I paid for out of that book.

I guess what I'm really leading up to is this: Enough about format. And surveys about format. Print publishers are clearly missing the point. Those surveys never have the questions that really should be on there: Why have you stopped reading our books? Is it because the stories are dry, recycled, and boring? Is it because you prefer something we don't publish? Do you not buy because our books are only available in print? If so, should we start selling ebooks of the same dry, recycled, boring stories that you don't want to buy in print?

A publisher can't sell me on format. Someone needs to add that to a survey, because clearly the marketing interest isn't about the books themselves, or about variety found among books these days - it's about how they're packaged. Someone needs to tell the higher ups that we readers consume the meat of the story, not what they're wrapped in!

If only they'd had a section on that survey where I could've jotted that down!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

I Want Candy

Half the household is suffering with hayfever and allergies. Mini is miserable with it, poor thing. Hubby and I tried to share rocking chair duty last night, but anytime his dad would take him, he'd cry for Mimi.

I finally gave up trying to get any rest and sat with him in the recliner until we both fell asleep. I woke up around 5 am. Thomas and Friends was on, and Mini was sacked across my lap like a sack of potatoes. I FEEL like I slept in a recliner last night. :P When I woke up, I had my head back and my mouth open. (Tres sexy, no?) I can't say how long I slept like that, but my neck was so stiff I almost couldn't lift my head!

I attempted to work a bit on my wip yesterday, but didn't get very much accomplished. Serves me right, trying to work when the kids aren't feeling well. I'm over the mega-pain-in-the-ass chapter, at least, and now I'm ready to start another one.

I have everything marked what needs to be done, but I may want to add a bit more to it. We'll have to see once I start working on it. There is a major scene change from one chapter to the next, and when I did the first read through, this section was very choppy. Kind of jarring. Like maybe there should have been a bridge between the two chapters, or I should've rounded one out more than I did. I plan to sneak a few minutes today and read through it again to see if it's still like that.

I better go for now. I need to go and rearrange the living room. Hubby and I picked out a new curio cabinet yesterday. Now we have to move everything around to fit it in. It seems like a major chore at the moment, but I know it the long run I'll be glad we did it. The curio will keep Mini out of all the breakables!

Happy Sunday, folks!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Fantastical Friday

I'm so glad it's Friday... I'm not even going to pretend this week didn't steamroll me. I finished the kitchen cabinets (finally!), and late last night, I fixed the problem spot I was having with the demon story. Now that's over, I feel kind of beat down. I need a rest.

Mini woke up early this morning with a fever. He was cranky and wandering the house behind his daddy, who was getting ready for work. Hubby somehow managed to get dressed and drink a cup of coffee with Mini on his hip. For most of the day I've rocked him, poked Tylenol in him, and kept an eye on his fever.

Tonight - IF I'm able to keep my eyes open for longer than five minutes once the house is quiet - I'm going to finish the whole of that troublesome chapter. I got the heroine through the main part of the scene - remember when I said there was something about the whole thing that didn't set right with me? Well, I reread it and rewrote it at least a dozen times. The flow of the whole thing was knocked off balance by one phrase related to the setting. About lurking shadows blah, blah, blah...

The shadows HAD to be in there, but it was simply a case of cinematic overkill. I had to balance that out. Easier said than done. Somehow, while in a half-brain dead, pre-sleep zone out, I hit upon the right combination. I quietly climbed out of bed and turned on the lap top. I feel like a hundred bucks, finishing off that intro. Now I'm back in the game.

That's all for me today. Have a snazzy weekend folks!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

At a Snail's Pace...

Ok. I know today's pic** is not a snail, but Mr. Catepillar is more colorful and he moves just as slowly.

(Just for the record, Mini crawled up on my lap just now, saw the pic and said, "Ewwwww....") LOL!

I have another busy day slated. I stayed up super late last night working on the demons. There is a chapter throwing me for a loop. Something about it just doesn't mesh. And really it shouldn't be taking me that long on that page - it's just a simple scene. *bangs head on keyboard*

For that reason, I'm putting it aside and moving on today, I can't afford to obsess over it. I still have other chapters to do, and then there are the cabinets to finish - I should be able to cross that off my list today.

Speaking of cabinets... Mom came over yesterday and she loves what I've done with the kitchen. I told her next on the agenda is to rip out the splash board behind the stove. I want a stainless steel one back there. I thought she'd turn her nose to that idea, mom's a bit old fashioned in her tastes, but she actually thought it would be a good idea. After that, I'm repainting the ceilings. All of them. I did the kitchen ceiling, and it looks so fresh against the old, that the rest of the house is now bugging the bejeezers out of me. It won't take me longer than a few hours to put a coat of refresher paint up throughout most of the house.

Today at the Midnight Moon Cafe, there is an awesome interview up featuring author Richelle Mead. She talks about her book Succubus Blues, as well as some of her writing habits. Be sure to check it out! Also, she is giving away a copy of her book. Drop in and enter for your chance to win a copy of Succubus Blues!

That's it for me today, folks. Hell Yeah it's Thursday! ^_^
*doing the Friday dance a day early*

**catepillar photo taken by D. Wilson and K. Lasater

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Lost in Dreams

Right before I woke up this morning, I dreamed one of my best girlfriends and I were driving through an outdoor street/antique faire and looking for a place to park. The area started out very similar to Ruston, and I knew we were going to have to go way further out than Trenton Street to find somewhere to pull in. However, after a few streets, we pulled in next to Dr. Kirby's office (vet supply), and when we got out of the car, the entire area changed.

The buildings and streets took on a look that was a haphazard mix somewhere between Texas Avenue in downtown Shreveport (pic with the white truck), and Decatur Street in New Orleans (below).

Both my friend and I grew up in and around Shreveport, and so we are both fairly familiar with the streets. We turn and start walking back down to the faire, and that's when things get kooky on us. First thing, we can't seem to get to the heart of the faire, only the fringes of it. We see people walking around with funnel cake, and having antiques hauled to their vehicles, but we can't find any of the actual booths.

We stop in front of one of those signs that tell you where you are (like in the mall). We take one of the little tourist maps, and for whatever mad reason, we decide we are going to go back to this cozy little German restaurant that is probably 20 blocks away. One we passed on our way to the faire.

On our way back, the area starts looking a lot more like New Orleans than Shreveport. No sweat. Again, I am fairly familiar with the territory. However, the further we walk, the more streets the map seems to have. We can't find the restaurant again. And forget where ever it is we parked the car!

We stop on this street corner to search the map, and we find the restaurant on it, but there is no way we can reach it from where we are standing. It's like the road to it doesn't even exist. It's on the map, but the actual layout of the streets has no sign marking it. But it has to exist, right? We passed the darn thing on the way to the faire!

We turn to go back the way we've come, to see if maybe we passed it up (again), and that's when I notice this little cottage looking building off to the side. It's the restaurant, only it doesn't look the same as when we first saw it. It looks more like one of those pre-fab churches with the vinyl siding and those V shaped columns that hold up a metal awning over a slab patio. My friend and I look at each other, suddenly very skeptical of this restaurant.

We've walked so long, though, I don't care if the place turns out to be a funeral home - I want a place to sit down. So we go up to the place, and the closer we get, the more it looks like a restaurant. There are people inside, and a white haired lady about 60ish comes out to greet us.

I woke up around that time, feeling incredibly homesick for my old hometown. The thing is, hubby and I have been talking about moving for quite some time. We've put it off not only because we'd like to wait until Oldest graduates, which is only three years down the road, but because we're a bit iffy about the area we talked about moving to. It's changed so much since we last lived there. With all that taken into consideration, I can't shake the feeling maybe this is my subconscious telling me "home is where the dreams are".

Demon update...

I painted all day yesterday, so I didn't have much time for demons. But now I'm out of paint (gotta do something about that!) and right now it's too cold for the paint to dry if I had it, so I'm going to spend the morning playing catch-up. I want to get a few chapters corrected and shoved off to the FINAL file if I possibly can.

Just a little note to self (and anyone interested in that sort of thing): Mercury went direct yesterday. And if you're a Virgo, mark your calendar for the 18th. According to some forecasts, that will be a special day for us. It says we should "wish big". It just might come true. *wink*

That's all for now. I better get to work! Happy Hump day!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Lots O' Birds

Today is going to be very busy for me. I managed to get half of the upper kitchen cabinets painted yesterday. The cabinetry itself is from the seventies and made of this hard, natural finish wood and - oh boy - does it soak up the paint!

I put three coats on the half that's finished before the wood stopped showing through. Whew! That's half a can of paint. Still, it looks so much fresher in there. It's worth all the hard work and repainting. Too, I'm looking forward to picking out new hardware for them this weekend. I'm leaning toward blue, French Rose handles. We'll see what they have when I get to that.

Once it warms up today and I can open the front door to air out the house, I need to get on to the rest of the painting. First, I'll have to scrub down the other cabinets. They are near the stove, and I'm sure there is residue on them that may clot up the paint, especially since they are turning out to be quite porous. Just to save myself the trouble, I'm going to use a degreaser on them before breaking out the brushes again. Too, I need to run uptown and buy another can of paint. I know there's not enough to do to the lower cabinets. I imagine the rest of the upper ones will kill the one can that I have.

Now, on to the latest in Demon Drama...
Before I pick up a single paintbrush today, I'm going to work on putting a chapter or two in the FINAL file on my desktop. Get myself one step further to completion. I need to catch up on that really. I have six chapters corrected on paper; I merely need to do it on computer and push them off into the final bin.

I was reading through some of the ending chapters late last night, and realized about half way through one of the final fight scenes, that I was biting my fingernails. *_* I don't normally bite my fingernails! I'm taking that as a good sign. Lots more suspence in this book than any others I've worked on, and that caught up to me yesterday. My demons have more suspence than my other books. I'm just hoping the twist ending doesn't kick it out of the realm of romance.

Tempest, one of my best writing buddies, told me I have nothing to worry about. She said that Lilith Saintcrow has lovely, crunchy demon romances that still fall into the romance category. I have the books, (I bought them when she recommended them) but with everything going on, I haven't had a chance to sit down and read them yet. I'm going to have to make a point to do so, and soon! However, just knowing that someone else has tough demons that still make it in the romance realm gives me an extra boost.

Speaking of demons... and other paranormal creatures, Richelle Mead, author of the book Succubus Blues is doing an interview and giving away a free copy of her book over at the Midnight Moon Cafe this Thursday. Be sure to drop by and check that out.

That's all for me today. Oh! One last thing... the picture today is of a pic hubby caught with his camera phone. It's a flock of roosting Oriels in a tree by our house. Not too shabby...

Happy Tuesday, folks!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Is it Monday already?

Arg, someone do a rewind! I'm too tired for it to be Monday already. :P Hubby was up sneezing and coughing half the night. I blame all these shifts in weather... Something blooms for a few days, and then we have a hard frost that kills it off, only to have it re-emerge a few days later stronger than before. I couldn't rest for trying last night. If it wasn't hubby, it was Mini. I gave up trying to put him in his own bed last night, and when he finally zonked from being rocked, I laid him on the couch and turned the TV on Sprout in case he woke up.

Everything is pretty much on track this morning, but geez... I am so tired, I've been spacing out. Ever done that? One minute you're talking and the next - huh? What was I saying? Oh, yeah. That's been the story of my morning thus far. I've had two cups of strong coffee, and it hasn't helped a bit. When Mini goes down for a nap, I think I better catch a few Z's as well.

I did manage to place a few of my demon chapters in to the FINAL file on my desktop this morning. Woot! Coming right along now. I think of the tortoise and the hare. Slow but steady wins the race. I'll get there. Yep, I will. In the meantime, I'll continue pushing forward.

Question for the day: Anyone else finishing out a manuscript/project?

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sunny but Cold

It's been a busy day! Hubby took Mini out this morning and I managed to get the demon story straightened out up to Chapter Six. I have been taking notes, and have a few scenes I will have to add in after the fact, but it's progressing very rapidly now. I'm trying to fit in as many hours a day as possible on that story, without neglecting other projects.

March is going to be a busy month for me. I have the anthology I must get started on, plus I have a wedding to attend at the end of the month. Mom and I are also possibly considering a trip to Texas. My cousin miscarried recently, and we wanted to take a drive down to check on her and the rest of the family.

So much is happening in such a short amount of time, it's a bit dizzying. Work, kids, writing, renovations... Wow! I was going to do the cabinet painting this morning, but it's just too darn cold. It would take forever for the paint to dry, even with the inside heating. We'll need to have the doors and windows open while I paint, so I'm hoping one day this coming week it will warm up enough to air out the house. Funny it does this on the weekend when I plan to paint. All last week it was so warm I had to run the air conditioner! Now I'm breaking out sweatpants and have all the heaters on. Is a wonder everyone keeps coming down with the sniffles?

That's all for me today. Happy Sunday!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Renovations Continue

By tomorrow, all my kitchen cabinets will be painted pale khaki, and the bathroom floor will be ready for painting. I took a break from the demons this morning and scrubbed the kitchen top to bottom - we had the same sink pipe break on us (the day before yesterday? Funny how it all blends.) and I was left mopping and scrubbing things down again.

It still didn't feel quite clean enough on my bare feet this morning, so I broke out the orange cleaner the Clorox with bleach spray and went to town on it. I washed everything top to bottom, and scrubbed out the cabinets where I keep the pans. I noticed I need new contact paper in there! But that will have to wait. Right now, I gots to get my paint freak on before our house is over run by the metal cans...

Demon frenzy! Today is also demon slaying day. Hubby had to work, but that didn't stop me. I broke out the manuscript and have been red penning everything as best I can. There is one dilemma I've come across so far - I wrote two versions for one chapter, and now I'm having trouble choosing which route to take since both technically fit and make sense in the story. I may let (force) hubby to sit through that one, and tell me which one he likes best... but then I'd probably use the opposite, because strangely enough, our tastes run that way. LOL!

Last night while demon slaying, I suddenly came up with a story idea for an upcoming anthology I'm doing with a few writer friends. I did a fifteen minute breeze through and a took notes. I'm sure the other ladies will be glad to know I'm finally in the game. ^_^

Today's picture is another Jeope Wolf. It's bright and sunny here in N. La. Oh, hey... A perfect day to set my stones in the back garden. *makes mental note* Oh! One last bit of news before I go...

A Mini-Bear Milestone:
Mini's new favorite word is Ewwwww.... :P (Three guesses who he learned that one from.)

Have a fabulous Saturday, everyone! ^_^

Friday, March 02, 2007

Mini's Dilemma

Yesterday as I was filling out the bills to be mailed, Mini started calling to me. "Mimi... Oh, Miiiimiii..." I told him to wait just a second, because he didn't sound in any trouble and I was in the middle of writing out a check. Oldest came in around that time and went to his room, and I guess Mini could hear everything going on, because he suddenly became impatient. "Mimi! Mimi! Mimi!"

Okay, so there's my cue. I put down my pen and went to see what he's gotten himself into.

See the picture? Yep. That is Mini inside his toy box. How he climbed in there with all the junk he has, I have no idea. But there he was, rooted in to the mix of toys - and stuck there. It doesn't show in the pic, but all around him there is a labyrinth of toys he's tossed out of the box. Toys I had to wade through to get to him. Ha!

I got the camera before I agreed to fish him out. After all, gotta have those blackmail photos for later.

I've been gone from the house most of today, but now that I'm in and the house is settled, I'm going to pull out the demons and work on them a bit. I also did a bit of brainstorming late last night about a fae story I may attempt as a "change of pace" once I finish this book. We will see... we will see...

Since it's Friday, be sure to drop by the MMC. The fantabulous, super talented, and all around fun gal, Cassandra Curtis has a free flash fiction posted for all the world to see! It's called Stray, and it's one fun frisky read!

Have a great weekend, folks!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Mystify Me

It's the first day of March! *_* (Just wanted to make note of that, because it sorta slipped up on me.)

I finished arranging all the 3 demon manuscripts into one main manuscript last night, and I've started cleaning up the story. There are a lot of little nit picky things to do - like at the beginning of the book, one of the character's names changes. And someone's eye color changes. Too, there are the consistency issues. I wrote two scenes to go in one place, so it seems like I've got a scene missing. I've got to choose between them or write another scene. Whatever comes of that, I'm relieved to finally have everything in one stack.

Now, just as a measure of documenting my own thoughts after reading through the first three chapters of the demons last night... I'm sure when this story is finished, what with all the violence, manipulation and SEX, if it even gets published, the critics are going to have an absolute field day with this one. If they thought Dominic from Wicked Temptation was too harsh, they're really going to go red in the face when the meet my new hero. What's even worse, I have a terrible, minx-y, guilty confession to make: I'm looking forward to it. Oh, yeah. Despite the ups and downs, and the uber dark theme, I love this story! You're not going to find some bent-knee, soft hearted, groveling hero in this book. No ma'am. My man, Kane, is an anti-hero from the floor up. And I like it that way! ^_^

On to other things...

Yesterday the snazzi-rific Isabelle mentioned something in the comments about printing up a manuscript to give it a read through. I admit, I have to do that. I can sometimes go through a 500 sheet block of paper for one story. I can only do so much on computer, and then I have to hold the print in my hands and read it aloud. When I red pen that way, I catch more errors than I would using every feature known to man on MS Word.

After giving this some thought, I've come up with a questionaire for today: When you self edit, do you do it all on the computer? Do you print it up and red pen everything? Do you have a special self editing trick you like to use?

About the Jeope Wolfe lemon pictures. Aren't they yummy? I had a few questions about them. I thought they were sunny and bright, and with all the cold weather and rain, I decided they were good mood inducing. At least they are for me. ^_^ I love the colors. Yeah, I admit they are kinda odd, but that's all part of the charm.

Hm. I just went back through my posts, and thought I'd put up a link on the first post using these photos, but apparently I didn't. Oops! Here it is. Lemon pictures are from Jeope Wolfe .

It's payday for us, folks! So I better get off my duff and find where the shoe gnomes have hidden my Docs. It's a rainy day, and I've got errands to run.

Happy Thursday!