Saturday, February 17, 2007

Year of the Fire Pig

I'm still alive, but I sure do feel loopy. Friday morning around 5:30, I woke up with the sudden realization I was about to be sick. I hopped out of bed heaving, drooling like a pit bull, my eyes watering... Lovely visuals, no?

Mini never stirred, Oldest was in his room across the house so he never heard anything, but hubby heard the inevitable and he came running. Then he got sick because I was sick. Nevertheless, he was a complete trooper. He even brought me a bucket. I am soooo glad he stayed home, too, because there's no way I could've managed Mini without him. Not with fever, chills, and occasionally reaching for the yuck bucket.

Mini is doing much better, but he's still not 100%, and that makes him super clingy. He and I spent most of yesterday curled up snoozing together while hubby opened up the house, let light in, and stripped the sheets off all the beds. Today I feel a lot better, so I'll be finishing the job by mopping the house with lysol, and scrubbing the bathroom and kitchen, etc. Gotta get these sick germs out!

Oldest usually fairs the worst during ick-fest around our house, but he was the one that surprised us all. He had one day of downtime, and the next morning he's up, fever free, ready to go to school. (He's got girlfriends up there, after all.) When he came home, he got his favorite controller, a cup of cola, and asked his dad if he could flop across my and hubby's bed so he could play some games he'd borrowed from school friends on the PS2 - which is a restricted access item and in the master bedroom. Basically he was back to his old routine.

This morning hubby went on in to work. I crawled out of bed around the time he was leaving, and skulked off to the dining room where he was drinking his coffee. I sat with him a minute, and that's when I felt my hair sticking up in back - a curious phenomenon I never really had happen before I cut my hair short. Anyway, I run my hands through it, and grumble, "Now, this is a bad hair day." Hubby just looked at it, shook his head and said, "It's just disheveled looking. Kinda sexy, babe." After being sick and feeling like crap, having to tote a yuck bucket, and... well, now I have sexy hair? Oh, yeah, baby. It's official. Hubby's definitely a keeper.

By the way, tomorrow is the Aquarian New Moon, and that means... Happy Chinese New Year! Oy, I wish the International News First channel was still on, I'd love the see the festivities! Anyway, it's the year of the fire pig. This configuration happens only once every 600 years, and it's the kind of year that brings greater opportunities for growth, expansion, and prosperity. Woohoo! So for those that need an extra push of inspiration, or just need a happy bit of news, tomorrow is a time for starting a'fresh!

The hazing incident at Oldest's school made the reginal headlines again. I'm wondering if the incident is really settled as they say. I know if it was my kid this happened to, I'd be securing a really good lawyer and suing the shit out of the school board and the school itself. The two freshmen involved basically held down a third student - a jr. high student - in the locker room and rubbed their privates in the kid's face.

Okay. I'm a simple person, and I'm not sure what this is technically from a law perspective, but isn't this a kind of sexual assaul? Surely people have been arrested for less. These two kids ended up with an in school suspension. That's it. Nothing. No expulsion from the basketball team, no forced apology, nothing. I'm sure this partly has to do with the fact that these two kids have prominent parents in the community, and in the school district.

Oldest has had run ins with both of these kids in the past. One of them, after slamming Oldest in the head with a basketball, told my son that he'd never get in trouble because his dad is one of the coaches. You know what, the kid was right. Now this, and these kids get in school suspension? Oldest has gotten that before for various lesser reasons - too many tardies, play ground squabbles. You don't even miss class credits for in school suspension! I have to say I'm a bit disgusted in the whole mess. Hubby and I bought a house in this area because they said the schools were great. Now we're stuck here, and while I know staff and the school board can't prevent kids from doing stupid things in a lot of cases, I just can't see myself sending Mini to a school that allows this sort of thing go on. Once Oldest graduates (which is closer than I even dare to think about) it may be time to start looking for a new place to live.

Today's picture seems a bit unrelated to everything I've posted, I know. It really isn't. While sick, and between bouts of sleeping, I rifled through the February 2007 issue of Vogue. I don't usually read Vogue, which is a bit too fashion hardcore for me. I'm far too lazy to worry that much about fashion. But a few months ago I bought a hugely discounted subscription, and well, what better thing to look at while sick?

When I was about 15, I lived for fashion magazines, and really wished to be one of those slinky, Amazon blonde types. Well, being half German, the blonde Amazon thing does actually run in my family, however it typically runs that way for the males - like Oldest. I took back after the Irish/Native American mixed mutt end of the family. Which mean I'm short, with freckles, and wavy hair I try to turn anything but the color it actually is. There you have it - Cora, the fashionista. The low-rent Gap devotee. Although I do like a good pair of boots.

Anyway, while sick and reading Vogue, I realized that fashion people are smart and witty for the most part; however, it is the things they are smart and witty about that doesn't move me. That doesn't mean I ignore fashion, or thumb my nose at the beautiful and the fashion conscious. Hell, it's not like I read Time or Newsweek - bring on the fluff. It does mean that after everything I've read in the one issue, I couldn't quite justify the subscription. The only article I found interesting was the interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali - she absolutely fascinates me. Is this a sign I'm getting old? Or too wrapped up in daily living I can't enjoy a pictorial, or perfume ads by the dozen? I think maybe it's that Vogue is so far off from my world of everyday living it escapes me. And I'm not talking about body image, either. The jet setting model/fashion editor lifestyle just doesn't stand up to middle class Louisiana living.

So goes my long winded thoughts for the day. See what happens when I miss a blog day? If you read this far, you get a gold star! As time permits, I'll try to catch up with you all. Happy weekend, folks! ^_^


  1. I really hope you feel better! Being sick like that is the worst. Try and get some more rest if you can, to avoid relapses.

    And great picture. I think I've seen it before, but everytime I do, I'm glad that message gets out there, with all the anorexia going around in Hollywood and such.

  2. Wow! You had tons to write about, my life is never that interesting. lol

    We did actually run the flu thing a couple weeks ago, but I was at a hotel the entire time, so I missed it. :)

    I home school, so never had to deal with the hazing but I completely agree with you that it sounded like sexual assault to me.

    And that is a great pic. I have struggled with my weight all my life, most of the time not being over weight but I was a model as a teen, bleck :P and now I collect BBW pics, just cause I really do think women can be beautiful and sexy in any size.

    Wow, I ranted on on your blog, sorry about that. :s

  3. Hope you're feeling better, Cora. I've managed to dodge all the viruses my kids are kind enough to bring home.

  4. Thanks for all the well wishes - I feel tons better. Sometimes just a little tired, or achy. I know then I've been doing too much and need to slow down.

    Glad ya'll liked the picture of Ruby. I really like that pic. ^_^


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