Friday, February 02, 2007

Wrapped Up in Yarn

Yeah, yeah... it seems I have a cat theme going on this week. LOL But that's how I feel right now. Tangled in yarn. ^_^

It's been a truly great day. Instead of lugging Mini around in the Jeep, I made it a shopping day with my mom. We don't see eye to eye on what I write, but we are close. Same with my dad. Our family here is very tightly knit.

Mom asked me last week to make a new scarf for her, and a few throw pillows for her den, which meant that I was due to go yarn shopping for the colors she wanted. I called her this morning, and told her to come and pick me up. She has more leg room in her truck, so we all piled up and went the Friday rounds.

We stopped by all our bill paying outlets, then headed out to eat Chinese (Mini in tow, of course). Finally, toward the end, we went on to buy yarn. She chose black and white worsted weight, and wants a white and black stripe jobber like the green and white one I made for her a few years ago. I was looking at it, and think I could make her a fancy, large checkerboard style just as easily, and it would be just as pretty. Once I finish a string of projects: 2 more reviews, my latest werewolf novella, and the Feb Freebie, I will begin on her scarf.

After that, I will work on the pillows. I also picked up a bit of yarn for myself. A new Bernat boa called Emu. It has a faded brown, med. purple, and rose in it. That's what it looks like to me, like antique roses. I hope to make yet another pillow for my couch with it. (I'll have twins! ^_^)

Anyway, we just got back, and I pulled Mini out of the truck carseat and all. Oof, that's some heavy cargo! While bringing him in, hubby called to tell me the new job is going smooth as silk - no stress from bad ties out there. I'm glad for that. I hope it stays that way.

As for my own work/writing things, I've had friends poking me with a stick, saying I'm too shy and slow about mentioning it, so here it goes... Bonding Experience, my super sexy Werekind story, made it as a 2006 PEARL finalist. Yay! How exciting is that? Finding out my name is up there is one of the coolest things ever. ^_^

That's it for now. I need to get off my rump and put the non-perishables away. After that, hopefully I can caught up on written things a bit. Happy Friday everyone! *dance, dance* Oh, and Happy Groundhog Day!


  1. Congrats on finaling!!!! Yeah!!!

  2. That is so damned cool! The finaling thing! Congrats to the max, girl!


  3. yay! Sis, this so cool! Congrats! I was so excited when I saw your name on the list! Your werewolves kick butts!


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