Monday, February 05, 2007

Where Babies Come From

Monday's here! *runs amok* I have so much to do it's not even funny. I have two stories I'm juggling right now, and today I have to break out and finish one of them.

What have I been doing so far this morning? Slackassing, of course! Gah!

I finished another review last night, and sent it off. I have a few more to go to clear out my review stack, but I have to tackle a few projects first.

Here's a pic of Mini from this past weekend. The bad lighting is curtesy of hubby's cellphone cam. Ah, well, at least you can't see any doggie hair tumbleweeds rolling in the background or anything - HA!

Mini found one of my CPK shipping boxes and thought it would make a snazzy car. Hubby gave it the go-cart treatment, pushing Mini around the dining room in it until he said, "Oy, my hip!" (Just kidding, hubby!) Actually he pushed Mini around til he got tired, and somehow managed to get the nipper interested in something else. Notice the red thing in the background. That's a little tykes cozy coupe. Of course the kid prefers a box. It's the way of the universe.

That's it for me, I'm off to work! ^_^


  1. So true about the box preference. Boxes are so much more fun...


  2. Good luck with the stories Cora!!!

    Mini's sooooo cute! And yeah, know exactly what you mean about the boxes. Kids can have a thousand toys and they still prefer to play with something like a box, or paper. :/

    Have a good Monday! I'm already on Tuesday here in Sydney...

  3. Mine are past the box stage. The girl just got a cell phone.

  4. *lol* Parents are so silly for buying kids expensive toys. Give 'em a box, and it'll open their imagination to a world of possibilities and fun. So screw toys! Empty boxes rules!

    How's the stories coming along, sista? :)

  5. Thanks for dropping in ladies!

    You'd think with the frequency boxes come to this house(courtesy of ebay as bad as I hate it), Mini would be completely "ho hum" about it. :/

    Annie @ the cell phone thing... My oldest, who's 15, just asked us last night for a cell phone. He is kidding, right?


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