Monday, February 26, 2007

Under the Car Tire

This past Friday I got a wild hair, and in the middle of working on the demons, I went into the bathroom and decided I'd seen enough of the rusty old tile. So you know what I did? I took a scraper, and I ripped it all out. Yep. Every scrap of tile in about 30 minutes. It's down to a bare cement flooring in there. And you know something? I've seen tiles that look like my cement floor at Home Depot. People pay good money to make their tiles look like that bare floor these days. Why in the hell did the people who build the house cover it with crap tiles? Really, it's not that bad!

I grabbed a cpk box and piled all the tile in it, and started marking a path off to Mini's room. What a beautiful sight! Hubby got home and looked at the floor all scraped down to the slab. He kinda had this dull, worried look. "Yeah, honey, I see. And you did this because...?"

Well, because for one thing, I've been bitching about the tile for the ten years we've lived here, and I've come to the conclusion that the only way I'm going to get a pretty floor like what we had in the old place is to do it myself. So there you have it. Bare floors ready to be painted. What better way to avoid writing?

Hubby just nodded in dubious agreement. I'm sure he was fine with the tile being ripped out - as long as I didn't make him do any work on it. At least that was my impression. *lol*

Over the weekend, hubby and Oldest went to see Ghostrider, and I had them stop by Home Depot for my floor paint. Before he left, hubby asked what color I wanted. "A brown," I told him. "Not white. But not dark brown. Sort of a sand, or a wheat color." Okay, yeah, I can see how he'd be confused after rereading that. Shown above is the actual cell phone picture of Oldest holding up the strip of floor paint colors. Hubby emailed this to me, and waited patiently. I looked over the colors, and saw a few on there that were close, but not quite what I'd had in mind. Finally I emailed hubby and told him I wanted the color they show under the car tire. So there you have it. My floor color: car tire brown. Or maybe that should be Spring Mud. Or something like that. You know those flaky color names they put on things.

So today I have to treat the floors with this scrubby stuff. I don't mind. The floor needs mopping anyway. Once that dries, and the temp warms up, I'll be painting my floors. Martha Stewart, I am.

Now for writing... I wrote a whopping four chapters onto those ornery demons, salvaged another few that were already there, and pieced together what amounts to about half a manuscript. It blows my mind that I accomplished that in one busy weekend. I'm going to add more in today, and see where it's going. I woke up in the middle of the night, and had to take notes. The demons were talking again. I've learned when they talk, I better listen.

I have a goal of 2 chapters today, and I'm pretty sure I can slog through this. If you read this far, and can spare a square - uh, I mean, spare a few seconds to answer! - please do. Here's the burning question: Do you have a daily word count goal? How do you motivate yourself to reach it?

That's it for me. The demons are calling. Happy Monday!


  1. Isn't wild how a little irritant can make you go crazy and totally redo a room? I went two weeks ago and bought pink paint for my girls' room, but still haven't painted. The room is tore apart and waiting though.

  2. LOL. Wow. You're a go getter aren't you? You do what you have to do, Cora. Cause I know what you mean. Sometimes, you just gotta do it yourself. I'm still trying to decide on a color for my bathroom. Although, Spring Mud does sound good. ;)

    As for word count... *sigh* I really should have a daily wordcount. But I go through spurts. Like I'll go a few weeks and write like 15-20k. And then I'll have a dry spell and barely write. I'm kind of manic that way. I'm working on being more regular with my writing, on trying the daily approach. I think I'd get more done that way. Good job though, with your demons story. Sounds like it's really coming along nicely!

  3. yeah, I have a daily word count. Depends on the project and my deadline. Right now, for instance, I'm rolling on 2800+ a day, minimum. Project will be done on Wednesday if I stay on schedule.

    I keep myself on task by not allowing myself to do asscrack else until I finish. No food, no bath, nothing til those words are written. (That's a stanky picture I know, but it's hella motivating.) "When I finish I get to shower and eat!"

    My husband is the same way. I can wait til the cows come home for him to do something he's aiming to get around to, so I usually just wade in. If I break it too bad, he hires somebody to finish the job. Sometimes he feels guilty enough to help.

  4. I used to have a daily word count goal of 3k, but the past few months during my nervous breakdown ;) I haven't written a thing. Today however I cranked out a lot (I won't say cause people will hate me) but I'm happy. :)

    And as for the floor, I did that once. I love to paint anything that doesn't move and even then, sometimes I'll paint that too. lol

  5. Scooper: I have 4 gallons of paint ready to go over the dining room walls (again), and haven't gotten to it yet. I really need to finish some of this stuff I've started!

    Isabelle: I fluctuate between go-getter and complete slackass. Hehe! ^_^ Oh, but the colors!! Spring Mud is actually prettier than it sounds. ROFL!

  6. Annie: That's dedication. I usually write in short bursts throughout the day. I'm not sure why. I'll hit it hard for an hour, then wandering and pace for 15. Then write for another 30 minutes. I'm usually a nervous wreck by the end of the day. Self imposed stress will be the death of me, I'm sure. ^_^

    Samantha: I'm like that with paint. I've painted the dining room,but the color isn't quite right so it must be repainted. All this in a matter of months. I can't leave the stuff alone!


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