Sunday, February 11, 2007

Out of the Blue

Hubby worked yesterday, and I had both boys home with me. They clamoured around the house like free range chickens, pecking at one another now and again while I worked on my freebie. I'm still tweaking it here and there, and at one point, I even scrapped the whole first chapter and rewrote it from scratch. It reads a lot better now that I've chopped that whole block of blah, blah, blah backstory from the beginning.

Around six this morning - I don't even think I was dreaming - I woke suddenly out of a hard sleep, and realized there was a problem with part of the luuuurve scene, and out of the blue I suddenly knew how to fix it. I got up and came to sit at the freezer (my fave place in the house to write - in a dining room chair with my laptop sitting on the deep freezer, ha!) and made a heap of notes, and so today I'll be taking my story back to the chopping block. I've already cut it down from around five thousand to three. Not that I'm worried about the length of the story - I simply want the writing to be tight.

On a completely different note: WARNING, if animal stuff gets to you, please don't read. Skip down to the next RED section.

I noticed yesterday our neighbor's dog is looking a bit better. Hubby and I have been buying an extra 15 pound sack of feed a week just for her, and giving her all our table scraps to try and fatten her up. As it stands, she's a sack of bones - with mange, of all things. I'd take her to the vet and get her dipped if I thought it wouldn't get me sued.

Don't get me wrong, our neighbors seem like nice enough people; however, they are very young and keep bringing animals into the neighborhood that they don't take care of. We're actually feeding two of their dogs - a small black and tan mongrel that has already birthed a litter, and the other I mentioned just above (which happens to be a gigantic Great Dane/Catahoula Cur mix).

The Cur dog can easily knock my husband to the ground she's so large, but she's very gentle, sweet natured, and a bit skittish. The poor girl is in really sad shape too, but the neighbors just pass her by daily - bones poking out all over her, and mange and all. I don't want to start any shit with my neighbors, this is a very small neighborhood and 99.9 percent of the people here are related in some way. (NO, I'm not kidding.) Want to drop a shit bomb in your general vicinity? Call the cops on a neighbor. You'll find out they have relates you've never even dreamed of.

Anyway I've called the Humane Society and Animal Control - picking up the Cur for the pound would be a much kinder fate than what she's going through now. At least there she'd have her skin treated. However, because of where we live, and restrictions, they won't come out and pick her up. They say they can't just come out and pick up someone's animal, even if she is collarless and wandering the neighborhood. HUH?

They asked if I can bring her to them. In a Jeep Wranger? A 150+ pound dog? If she stood on her hind legs, she'd be at least 5 ft 8. How would I even get her in there? The dog weighs more than I do! I'm seriously considering what all this means, since I've been donating to the ASPCA for the last 10 years or so. At this point, I can only keep feeding the poor girl - maybe try to sneak her around back when the neighbors are away and 7s Dust her; see if it helps any. I really don't know what else to do about her beyond that.
Safety Zone - Animal story end.***

Despite the fruitless phone calls, it's been a pretty snazzy weekend. I found out my cousin and his wife are having another dumplin' (my instincts tell me its gonna be a girl), and my best friend's baby sister is getting married. (Wedding cake!) I received the wedding invite in the mail yesterday. The invite is absolutely gorgeous! Lavender satin-lined envelopes... *sigh* Makes me remember my own wedding... I chose burgundy and emerald as my colors. We married at Halloween. Go figure. ^_^

With baby items for cousin, I'm all set. Now to just find the happy couple the perfect wedding gift. I'm think gift cards from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Maybe Walmart or Target too. Cards for practical places, in case they need extra groceries, or laundry detergent, cat food, etc. Yeah, yeah... I know I'm boring, but they've been living together for a few years now, so I doubt they need a toaster or a glass punch bowl set. And as for those that swear by giving lingerie to the bride... *shakes head* Sorry, lil sis, you'll have to buy your own. I have enough trouble picking out my own bras!

That's it for me today. Sunday is the sleepiest day of the week, so I better start working early!


  1. Wow Cora, I have no idea what I'd do in that situation. I've always been the stray animal woman, taking them all in trying to get them to the vet and what not, but the last couple years money's been real tight and I haven't been able to do as much. Breaks my heart to see animals suffering.

    I hope you can find a way to help without getting yourself in trouble.

  2. Man, I hate people who don't look after their animals. We have two kittens and a dog, and they're definitely family.

  3. That's the same here, Samantha. All our dogs we have now were picked up from the garbage bin. People around here drop them off like so much litter. All but one of the dogs that have lived with us in the past 16 have been strays. And that's not counting the stray cats that wander up, stay for a few months, then wander away again.

    Our dogs are like family, too, Annie. Even our fish - who I talk to while cooking supper since his water plant/fish vase sits on the end of the counter - is family as well.


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