Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Observations Made Along The Path

Oldest is back at school today, so its just Mini and me today. Oldest was soooo happy to have Presidents day off, and after having that extended weekend he looked super bummed this morning about having to go back. I told him to look at it this way: You had a week without a Monday, and Friday is only a hop, skip, and jump away. He grinned about that and went out to wait for the bus.

Last night, hubby unloaded the path stones from the back of the Jeep. We bought them for steps to go between the dog fence and the side of the house. We have HUGE shoots of elephant ears that grow up there in spring and summer, and it's a really neat niche in the backyard.

I'm wanting to put stones there to try and keep the area clear, and to help keep those elephant ears in check. Once that is finished, I hope we can get on to fixing up the pet cemetery in the backyard. I know that sounds a bit creepy - a pet cemetery -but I want to put whiterock out there and a stone bench. We buried our little old ladies Daisy Dotes and Miss Bits side by side in the prettiest part of the yard when they passed away (not at the same time, just to clarify) , and we will continue to develop that area of the yard as the boy dogs get older. We only have two doggies left - and they are both over 13 years old. I figure if we have a bench out there, we can have a place to sit and watch the sunset.

I spent most of yesterday writing, and after posting here, I'll likely be doing the same. I started reworking the demons last night, and there are a few parts of chapter two that must be reworked or at least noted in the margins before I go on. The chapter has to be spot changed to allow for the new direction of the story. In fact I may just post a reminder at the end and rewrite chapter two completely after the fact. I suppose I'll have to decide that today.

BTW, today's picture is from Margy, a good friend I have beaucoup respect for on myspace. She left the pic in my comments and I knew I had to save it and repost it. Anything that wise bears repeating.

Now for a little observation:

This is my final thought for the posting day. It's very unrelated to everything else posted above, but its been on my mind for a few days now, and I wanted to write this to sort out my thoughts about the whole thing. It's nothing that has actually happened to me, but something rather I noticed going on around me in another forum. It's very hard sometimes not to get swept into all the internet drama that goes on in online communities, and there are times after the initial drama bowl-over, you stand back and say, "Whoa! What the heck was that, anyway?"

In the doll collecting community, although you could likely apply this to any other kind of forum out there, there are people who just can't seem to stand it if there hasn't been enough drama going on in the groups - particularly if that non-existent drama does not revolve around said "ring leader". (Did you know that? Doll groups are divided into opposing factions lead by rival ring leaders. Bizarre, but true!)

I'm a bit like Switzerland in this case, because I don't really care who likes who, or who is buying from Jolly Doll Mom X. If I like a doll, and I want it... you get the picture. Hoever, in the past few days I have witnessed a RL go out of their way to be rude and create drama that didn't otherwise exist. Or if it did exist, it was so understated to begin with, it was imperceptible to the average Jane browsing the boards; and, at any rate, likely stemmed from the drama queen being a complete and open bitch within a public forum to someone in order to get the whole mess started in the first place.

How can the average lurker not stop and stare? When it blossoms out of no where with there being no history of flame war posts, etc. you find yourself flipping through this thread and that thread wondering: Did it start here? Or here? Hey, where's the fire!

It's kind of like the Jerry Springer show, only it's happening to people you feel you half way know - and it's utterly, completely fascinating. I'm not going to lie about that!

However, petty squabbling and jealousies over bits of stuffed cloth seems just about as ridiculous to me as squabbling over a bargain bin shirt at a One Day Sale. My view: Keep it and I hope some one before you wiped their ass on it. Whatever happened to just being your old bouncy self, and if someone doesn't like you or what you said, you smile, give them the finger and keep on truckin' without a backward glance?

I've sat on the sidelines and watched a few folks be purposely rude with unexpecting group members time and time again. Messages that are unnecessarily cold and snarky and harsh. And when the person they said it to goes on and says to someone else, "Hey, I had a bad experience with that person" the drama queen gets so offended.

Hey, babe. That's Karma! You get what you give!

This goes on to another observation I've made recently in the same venue, and I gotta say: An email/message/board post speaks for itself. If you sound like a harsh, snarky, nose in the air bitch, that's because you were trying to be. Especially if that post is longer than two sentences.

Come on, now, be honest with yourself... *angel wings* Sounding snappish on the phone or in person is one thing. Sometimes our voices give off the wrong vibe. On the computer, however, when leaving forum messages there is an edit button. Your final message is that way because you MADE it and left it that way. So why be so shocked when the person you attacked flies back at you? Drama, drama, drama...

The whole situation is like a sinkhole. Whether you have anything to do with it at all, if you stand on the edge and peer in, sooner or later the ground gives beneath you and you tumble in. And of course once you're down there, you're gonna start sifting through the rubble.

That's kinda what I'm doing now. Sifting the rubble. Looking over the wasteland and exploring the past evidence. Why? Curiosity. I know none of this stuff effects me, and likely never will. But it's the thrill of the find that keeps you digging - and in this case reading. In those kinds of situations, I'm one to go on a rather simple set of ethics, and here they are:

1)If you don't like it: don't buy it.
2)If you don't want your enemy to have it: give it away to a friend
3)If you're worried someone won't like yours: don't show it off
4)Got pictures? Shut up and show us the money shot - that's what we're all there for anyway
5) Don't brag about your spoils of war. There's a reason your momma told you not to, and it's namely because some people will hate you for your good fortune.

*dusts hands* There, I'm done now. The artifacts are discovered and tagged. At any rate, it's almost 10 and I need to start working. But before I go I just want to say... Yes, for the record I probably will continue watching the in-forum Jerry Springer/Oprah/soap opera/doll bitchery unfold. As wicked as it is, I'm only human. ^_^

Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. LMFAO...I've said it before, Karma is a mean and horrible and very unfrgiving bitch. I have been on the receiving end, I know.

    With Love,
    Tara M.

  2. Maybe we can copyright your internet ethics and get them passed as a law? lol Cause seriously, I know exactly what you mean.

    The internet is an interesting place. It definitely gives people the courage to say and act in ways I'm not sure they would in person. They feel hidden by the screen. By the annonimity. But saying hurtful words hurt, whether someone can see you or not, you know? *shakes head* Oh well. Great post today, Cora.

  3. The internet is a crazy place! Yes people think they can hide behind the screen but you ultimately can't. If they want to, they'll be able to seek you out. This happened on another forum I used to lurk on. Some woman had been pretending to be a 16 yr old girl dying of a disease. Then she even faked her death! People started figuring it out and called her out on it. Humiliating to the woman, to say the least.

    People are so very very weird...

  4. Tara, you know how I believe in Karma. *nods*

    It must be the annonimity that draws them out, as you say Isabelle. And I would suspect a desperate need of attention.

    Karen, I can't imagine why someone would want to try and pretend that - it does sound humilitaing for that woman, but geez, you know? That is so freaky what she did. I remember a few years ago on a diet message board a woman actually took pictures of one of the women who was in the midway of her weightloss goals and began to pretend being her another message board. *_* Why?! It makes no sense! The internet is definitely a crazy place.

  5. Yep. Karma always bites you in the ass. Hehehe!


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