Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Heart is Thine

Happy Valentine's Day!

I thought I'd take a minute to blog before I sat down with my Heart On Fire manuscript to do the final prep before shipping it off to that magickal place where it gets formatted into pdf and lit files - *cough* Tempest!

Anyway, since it is Valentine's Day, and I am a bit of a luuuurve Jezebel, I found this really cool site that shows a few gorgeous pictures of Victorian Valentines. I really like this site because it's all divided up nicely. You don't have to search for hours to find the info you want to know about. A true mom-with-a-toddler approved website. *thumbs up*

Oh, remember the Eternal Embrace skeletons I posted about a few days ago? According to AOL news, scientists are not going to separate the bodies, but plan to remove the entire plot of ground they are in, to take them in for study. After the bodies are examined, they will go to an Italian museum where they will be put on display "for posterity's sake". The scientists are relieved the plot is to be moved soon, because news of the Stone Age couple has made world headlines. It is their hope to discover if the couple is really male/female, and why they were buried as they were. New evidence suggests the couple were buried near some sort of prehistoric burial ground, and placed in the "wrong direction".The bodies lie North-South, rather than East-West as is typical of singular burials. Since I find this all terribly fascinating, I promise to post more on this story as I hear about it.

I'm happy to report that Mini is feeling better, and tjhat I'm no worse for wear. A little tired, but I think I missed out on this case of ick. Wa-hoo!! On to other more bizarre happenings in my back yard...

A family friend called me last night to find out if Oldest was doing ok. I said the he was, and asked what prompted the question. Well, apparently there was an incident up at son's school, and that it was on the evening news. My jaw dropped. What kind of incident, you ask? Apparently, some mysterious thing that happened in the boys locker room, and which now has the school staff under a gag order and a lawsuit pending.

Since an older kid threatened to stab Oldest at the beginning of the 8th grade school year (this also happened in the boys locker room), I can only imagine what this new abuse should be, since everything to do with the "near stabbing" incident landed the other kid in suspension, and no more was ever said of it. The town is in a buzz, and there's talk of a coverup from school staff - which wouldn't surprise me at all, depending on who is involved, however the local news hasn't reported much on that aspect of it.

Son was at PE when the news van arrived on the scene yesterday. He said he saw them out there with the camera, but didn't realize anything had gone on. When he was watching the news last night, and it dawned on him what they'd been doing out there - in short, recording him and the other kids loafing around at gym, he said, "Aw, man! If I'd known they'd be putting us on the tv, I'd have washed my hair." Pfft. That's a teen boy for you!

Anyway, you just don't think this sort of thing will happen in your town. I mean, Oldest's school isn't large at all - just a few hundred students in grades that range from kindergarten on up to 12th grade. It's a speck compared to the high school I attended. Sign of the times, I guess. Completely bewildering!

One last thing before I close, be sure to drop by the Cassadra Curtis' latest free read, Mummy Dearest, is available as a free download in pdf and lit formats. I LOVED this story, and I highly recommend it! Don't miss out!

Well, that's it for me, folks! I gotta get to work. I hope your Valentine's Day is a special one!


  1. Valentine :) I love the day. My and my boyfriend are celebrating it next week, when we are on holiday! I'm looking forward to it!
    Have fun this Valentine!

    Love, Linda

  2. Thanks for dropping by Linda! It's nice to meet you. :-) I hope you and your boyfriend have fun on your holiday. Happy Valentine's!

  3. Happy Valentine's Day!

    Your story is already up and running, chica. ;) And it's sooooo HOT!!! Wow!

    I'm happy to hear the little angel is back to his usual mischief. *wg* And that the Oldest is doing well too.

  4. I swear, some kids are more frightening that some adults are. What is wrong with the world nowadays?

    Love the Victorian card. That is so pretty!

  5. Happy Valentine's Day! :)


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