Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lemon Yellow Tuesday

I wrote a little over two chapters yesterday, which equaled to about 2000 words. Woot! I am hoping to carry on with that spree today. I have the scenes in mind I want to work on, and I'm going to stick to that. Maybe that way I'll reach my goal. I'm hoping to have this manscript ready for printing by Friday. I've been working on this story for far too long!

Oldest came to me yesterday after school and asked me about a book I'd mentioned to him before. One that he says I made sound like one of my infamous "Cora Adventures".

The "Cora Adventures" - what Oldest has dubbed them - are actually a collection of my own real life stupid teenage stunts that he asks to hear about again and again and again. Stuff I've told to him over the years as a sort of "don't do that" parable.

You know, like when you're 15 and you ride with a friend to another state only to get separated from them once you get there? You wander the streets aimlessly, penniless and stranded, lost and hungry for the better part of a day, until at last you cave in and go to a seedy looking hotel where you call about a half dozen relatives telling them the major flub you've made. At last you reach your future father-in-law who agrees to wire you the money for busfare back home, and have to depend on charitable - yet frighteningly strange - adults to help you get where you need to go. Oh yeah. That's a Cora Adventure. And I'm ashamed to admit there are many more than just the one incident.

Oldest absolutely loves these stories. He looks at me like I've lived some great rich life that he's been cheated of (since we do live in the sticks instead of Japan - his current dream residence - and which I blame on watching way too many episodes of Digimon.) Anyway, I told him the book he was looking for was on the bookshelf in my and hubby's bedroom - A Catcher in the Rye.

I bet he will love this book - especially since the main character is a boy his own age, and it does contain all the elements of a Cora Adventure. (Although I admittedly never went to prep school. Nor did I flunk out of it or have any other reason to run away from my parents, who were likely to have had "two hemmorhages a piece" if I had gone anywhere without telling them first.)

But now that I think about it I did manage to get my glamorous self in a few rather dangerous situations, and it's probably a miracle I've survived to adulthood. However, if my teen trauma days are enough to get my Oldest interested in something other than shouty, sword toting anime girls in super short skirts for even a brief amount of time, I believe it's a small price to pay. Bring on Holden Caulfield. Hi-yah!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


  1. You should totally write up your book of Cora adventures. I bet it would be a huge YA hit!

  2. I agree there. I thought I had some crazy fun adventures! More more more!

  3. I agree with Annie. People won't even believe the Cora Adventures are real! :) I say go for it. ;)

    And oohhh, Catcher in the Rye. I remember that book. What a read. It changed my entire concept of school reading.

  4. Kids love to hear about their parents and what they did when they were young. I know my oldest does...


  5. Oh boy! Those 15 year old adventures...I remember them well. You should write the Cora adventures!


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