Friday, February 23, 2007

King Of Sorrow

Happy Friday! *dance, dance*

Today is errand running day. Before I go anywhere though, I have to wash my hair. I worked on the demon story until very late last night - and it shows. I'd write a few paragraphs, stand up and pace. Write. Then pace. I must've run my hands through my hair a thousand times. Now I mildly resemble Don King.

I have my eye on a potted plant in town, and when I go about my shopping rounds today, I'm going to bring one home if there are any left. For years (was 1985 really that long ago?) I had a potted palm I called Frederick. He had a yellow and blue painted bamboo pot. I loved that plant, but when I married and moved out, I left it with my mom. Mom had none of the affinity for the plant like I did, and he turned to a crumpled husk in her utility room. This plant will be Frederick II. Too bad I didn't save that bamboo pot.

The demons are progressing, I'm happy to report. I sent off the premise to one of my crit partners, who has read the first chapter already. She gave it a shining thumbs up. Now to make all the adjustments. I'm alternately correcting and rewriting, but the main thing is I'm still barrelling full speed ahead. I'm making it a point not to get bogged down. If I have to, I'll just write a simple no frills passage and keep going.

The Sade album I ordered finally arrived yesterday. (Lover's Rock) After a few months of hunting, I gave up trying to find the old one, and used some of my free club points to get another copy. That's one of my fave albums. It seems Mini likes it too. He stops by the comp and does a wiggle dance for me when he hears it playing. ^_^

So if you drop by, and you have time to answer a question: What do you do when you're writing and get bogged down? Aside from pacing and running your fingers through your hair (that's my patented technique - ha!) is there some certain thing you do to break out of a slump?

That's all for today. Have a happy weekend!


  1. Break the slump... Hm... You mean besides watching male strippers and getting drunk? *lol* Just kidding! I don't know how to get out of a funk. I see those times as my muses going on vacations without my consent.

    Good to hear the demon story is progressing! Heh! Happy weekend!

  2. Male strippers! Hehehe! Happy weekend to you as well, Tempest! ^_^

  3. I'm bad. I take a vacation like the muse. Must be why I haven't written a full length novel.

  4. Hmmm...I'm liking the male stripper idea. LOL Caffeine sometimes works in the form of chocolate and/or coffee.

  5. Male strippers? Where? *looks around* Tempest, are you hogging them? :D

    When I'm bogged down, I do one of two things. Watch movies or listen to music. I always find some dash of inspiration in both those things. But I get like a moody teenager. lol I'll be sitting in the dark, in a hoody, eating popcorn, pissed at my muse, telling myself I'll never write again. And then some random scene gives me a spark and I run back to the computer and curse myself for not ignoring it and write down whatever wicked ideas are rolling in my brain.

    Wow. I have issues. ha ha ;)

  6. You know, when I hit a wall, I take a really hot shower. Have no idea why it works, but it does every time. lol

  7. Hey Cora!

    Well, what do I do? Uh, I like to go for a walk and that helps me clear my mind and also work through things without even realising it. Also reading helps, or wandering aimlessly around the internet.

    Hope you're working through those demons...


  8. Reading usually helps me break out of the slump...or sometimes I just don't write for a while. But that usually ends up making me anxious.

    Cora I've had a plant since 1990. I bought it when I moved into my 1st apartment w/ my then boyfriend/turned into first husband. The plant has lived longer than my first marriage. I've abused that thing, and it still lives! It's a 17 year old plant! I need to transplant it again - I bet it'd grow even bigger.

    And I love Sade! :)

  9. I take a nap. Sometimes the answer comes in dreams.

  10. Male strippers! Great idea. LOL.


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