Friday, February 09, 2007

Gotta Flirty Book Cover!

I am slow to post today. I ran errands with Mini this morning. We did the usual rounds: bank, groceries, and across town for dog food (have to buy the cheap stuff since we are now feeding our neighbor's starving dogs as well as our own). We also dropped by the post office - I had to ship off some eBay stuff. Oh, mama, that was interesting! Carrying a toddler under one arm, a twenty pound purse on your shoulder, along with a stack of boxes! And why is it when people see you coming with said boxes and wiggly toddler determined to get into your heavy purse, they won't hold the door open for you? *_* It's a mystery, I mean it. I open doors for others, and I could swear if I had nothing in my arms today, doors would've opened for me. Am I right? Is that just me? I'm kinda of the mind that maybe the Post Office should have those automatic doors. You know, like the ones at Walmart or Target. The kind kids like to jump in front of to watch them swish open - all the while their parents are in the checkout line shouting at them to knock it off.
Nevermind, I'm digressing...

All the same, the rounds went well today. Mini stayed happy, ate too much sugar, and managed to charm the daylights out of everyone no matter where we went. When I got home, he started in his *Mimi, it's naptime* bawlfest, but I wanted to try and feed him first. I did the whole fish sticks entree. (Snazzy mom that I am.) He had macaroni and cheese, a brownie, fries and the fishsticks. And what did he eat? A fork full of ketchup. NO kidding. That's it. *sigh*

After that, I laid him down for some shut eye and hopped onto the net. And do you know what was waiting for me? Do you? Can you guess what fantastical thing I found waiting in my inbox?
Nope, not a virus... Good friend Silma Pagan sent me the cover art for my upcoming Valentine's Day freebie called Heart on Fire. It is so freaking gorgeous I nearly flipped my chair when I saw it. I'm going to keep the cover under wraps for now because I'm eeee-vil. But the story will be available for free download through my blog, at the Midnight Moon Cafe, via my Cora Zane website, via link through the forum at Romance Divas, and a few other places. Just another way to say I *heart* you all.

That's it for me today. I've got some story tweaking to do. I'll post more about Heart on Fire come Monday, but in the meantime, clap your hands, jump to the left, do the booty dance, and have a great weekend!

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