Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ending February

During Mini's naptime yesterday, I set my demon manuscript to printing, put on my lucky T shirt (a raggedy piece I bought at the Salvation Army four years ago) and set about transforming my hair into the multishimmering Feria shade 41 - Crushed Garnet, which translated from flowery marketing, means rich mohogany red.

The color turned out fine - it's a tomato-ey Peg Bundy kind of red, which looks A-ok on me since I'm pale as a sheet and have freckles. But where ever those multi faceted shimmering highlights promised on the box ended up, I'll never know. They certainly didn't end up in my hair. I've used cheaper haircolor than this in the past and came up with shinier results. Eh. The color works, and I still have hair, so I guess I shouldn't complain. Right? I just thought that at $10.00 a box, this stuff would've given me lots of glossy shine. Better break out the glossing serum and be done with it. At any rate, this coming weekend, I'm going to the stylist to have my hair cut into a style that flicks out on the ends. Something fun for spring. ^_^ I'm a bit overdue for a trim anyway.

Last night I sat down with my entire demon manuscript, and began sorting it into sections. There are 3 versions of this manuscript. One version has a super flaky ending -which I hate and will not use unless doing so miraculously halts a coming Apocalypse, or something like that. The second version has an extended mid section, which I hope to use, so it's been tagged throughout for "transplant" material. And the 3rd version is the great mamajama of them all: the intended masterpiece - or rather, the potential full. It needs chopping and reblocking, things added, things taken away, but for the most part it is what I wanted for this story. Finally. Finally. *enter thematic Chariots of Fire music here*

I'll be working on piecing things together and making notes of scenes needing tweaking or fixed. Yay! I'm almost there! It feels like I'm just paces away from closing the door on this one. About damn time, if you ask me. I have an extended history with this book - it's been haunting me for about 14 years now. I do feel it's time to get it out there. Finishing this book will put a lot of old writing ghosts to rest.

Here's to a productive Wednesday!


  1. Ack! I never use Feria. I've done a lot of messing with my hair color and that's probably my least favorite brand. It doesn't leave my hair looking nice at all.

    I'm not sure if they have this in the states (I -think- so) but my favorite brand when I'm doing it myself is Garnier Nutrisse. My hair actually looks better after I color when I use this, bouncy and shiny. They have some great colors too. Typically I do a chestnut brown with Garnier and then my stylist adds some tawny apricot highlights. Very hot.

  2. Yay on all your progress with the demon story! Heh!

  3. First off, yay on the manuscript progress. You really are kicking butt with that. I think I'm going to take your idea and print what I have of mine so I can work it out on paper.

    Secondly, I've used Feria, and usually, the highlights do come out (quite nicely, I might add). It could be the previous color you had in, or the color itself. Reds, don't lend themselves to good natural highlights for some reason. They kind of blend a little. But I love reds, and I'm sure it looks awesome! :) I was thinking of doing a spring style as well. Not sure what I want yet.

    And, what's with all the lemons? lol They're so pretty and yellow.

  4. Annie and Isabelle: Maybe it is something about the bright reds that makes highlights blend too much. I don't see them. I left it on for the full amount of time, but it doesn't seem like the color grabbed that much. Ho hum. Really it looks fine as is, just not as bright as I'd like. I'll probably add a glaze, or recolor it over the weekend to perk it up.


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