Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Duck Hunt

I'm about to take Mini on an in-town expedition. I have his clothes out, a fresh diaper ready, wipes on standby, and his shoes waiting. The minute he sees me doing this, he takes off running. He knows he needs changing, but he's around the cabinet right now and thinks I can't see him over there. *sigh*

So I'm blogging while waiting for him to come out of hiding. The minute he streaks by, I'm going to snatch him up and off to the couch we go. Until then...

I managed to do major work on the demons yesterday and last night. The story now has a very dark theme, but I like it, and it makes more sense. (Boy, that's always good!) I also broke out one of my old ms and dusted it off. It will be the basis for my second book in the Immortal Lover's series. Should I hit a slow patch with the demons, I am going to start working on the vampires. I think Eleni is finally ready to tell her story.

Well, there goes Mr. Man darting past. I better go catch him while he's distracted by Moose and Zee!


  1. Pretty soon you'll be chasing him into the bathroom.

  2. Kids are so funny. :) It's beyond me why they wouldn't want to have on a clean diaper. I know I'd be miserable in a dirty one.

  3. LOL...Kids....gotta love em'

  4. Hey Cora! How you doing?

    I haven't had a chance to check out your blog all week! I'm working on edits at the moment and they're very time-consuming.

    Just wanted to pop in and say HI. Oh, and I read HEART ON FIRE last week. Wow, what a hot little read! I love your writing style too, very cool!

    Good to hear the writing's going well. :)

    Catch'a later.

  5. lol, I totally remember those times. They're adorable even when they are exasperating unlike now (mine are 13 and 16) when they're mostly just exasperating.

    Good luck with the writing sounds like its flowing st the moment. Yay!

  6. I will be so glad when Mini is potty trained! I'm as tired of the diapers as he is, I think. ^_^

    I'm sure he'll be pretty easy about it once he gets his mind to it, though. He really hates diapers, and if we let him run in just a diaper and a shirt we have to watch him so he doesn't strip down and pull a naked jaybird streak through the house. LOL!


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