Thursday, February 08, 2007

Dreaming of My Jeep

I had the weirdest dream right before I woke up this morning. In it, I had Mini with me, and I crossed this huge shopping center parking lot to get to my Jeep. I found it, put Mini in his car seat, got in and started backing out. Somehow when backing out, I ended up along this curb and Mini is suddenly sitting in the seat beside me, and is trying to crawl into my lap. Whoa!

I realized I gotta get this kid back in his car seat. He's got swirls of white paint or frosting all over his face, and I'm getting messier by the minute as I try to corral him, get the Jeep into neutral and pull up the parking break...

As I'm wrestling with Mini, who is more slippery than a wet eel, this forty-ish black woman (I recognize her now as one of my mom's real life friends, but didn't in the dream) walks up and raps on the edge of the windshield. I look up, manage to zip the window and pull back and edge. She says, "I need to pull up here, you're going to have to move."

Huh? I look around and realize I am in a loading zone, and the woman is driving a 18 wheeler merchandise truck. I apologized instantly, told her I would move, but first I have to get Mini back in his car seat. She waves, says that's fine, and goes back to her truck. So I get out, go around to the passenger door, and put Mini in the carseat (which is in back - and a complete bitch to do because I have to nudge my fat butt around the passenger seat and stand in the back to put Mini in). I buckle him up, and go back round the Jeep. We're ready to roll!

The dream flashes me to this dirt road with lots of trees that have very bright, waxy green leaves on them. This place is absolutely gorgeous. I decide to pull over next to this rustic looking wood fence guarding a cow pasture and take pictures. I used to live next to a cow pasture that looked similar to this, only not so green. The color is so striking, how can I not stare? Mini is asleep in his carseat, so I get out. And when I do, I realize there is all this STUFF, actual clutter, all over the rag top of the Jeep. I look at it in shock. WTF is all this?

I had to take the doors off the Jeep so I could step up to get at the stuff and remove it. It seriously looked like it was glued on there. Even so, I was worried I'd go down the road and the stuff would fly off the roof and hit other cars. That being the case, I got up there and started taking everything down. There is Oldest's Anime drawing books and his lucky pencil (I'm sure at this point one of his books must've blown off the roof already, because I do drive a bit fast.) Pots and pans - one pot has a bunch of rusty bolts and screws in it. *_* There is an old hat, and a rain boot... Weird stuff like that.

I'm taking everything down, but I don't want to litter the scenery, so I start putting everything in the backseat of the Jeep. At which time this blonde guy and his friend drive by and say, "Hey, do you need some help?"

I remember telling them that I'm fine, I just needed to get everything off the roof before it tore the canvas top. But the guys pull over anyway, and get out to help me. Sometime around that point, I woke up.

So there you have it, bizarre alien code from my subconscious mind. I probably wouldn't want to examine this dream too closely, it'll likely tell me I'm stark raving nuts.

On another note, I'm finished with my ValDay freebie. Just giving it a few final tweaks before shipping it off to my writer buddies: Tempest and Cass. Then it's back to one of my other projects: either the demons, or that other werewolf story. Ho hum.

Someone break out the cat o' nine tails. I need a fierce whipping.


  1. Dreams are freaky, man! Freaky!


  2. Did you think about it all day? I guess that means that you have some subconscious issues?

  3. Ohhhhhh....not as freaky as the one I had that resembled effing Saw with me and hubby right when the marriage was ending...yeah talk about subconcious kicking in! LOL Gotta love them freaky dreams!

    With Love,
    Tara M.

  4. That's a dream that you could weave into a weird story!

  5. Wow. I've never had a dream that vivid in my life. That's really kinda cool.

  6. Dreams can be strange animals. Do we see a new novel in this one someplace? I hope so! Have a good one.

  7. LOL, Karen! ^_^

    Scooper: I'm almost 100% sure I have many subconcious issues. I'm just scared to look into it. LOL!

  8. Whew, Tara! A dream like SAW? *_* Yeah, I guess that would definitely be a subconscious message, ROFL!

    That movie totally freaked me out, btw!

  9. Zinnia, now that I thought about it, you're right! That does have the makings of a weird story... *ponders*

  10. Samantha, you should go to my main blog page, type Dreaming of 17 in the blogger bar, and hit the search this blog button.

    The night I do actually get a fair amount of sleep, I usually pull out some pretty bizarre ones.

    Dreaming of 17 is post about a really weird vivid one I had not too long ago.

  11. Definitely strange animals, Mia. Maybe one day I can work the dream into a book. *wink*


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