Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Calgon, take me away!

RANT ALERT: if you don't want to read about my sucky day, please read no futher. Skip it and go to someone's happy cheery carebear encrusted blog because there are no hearts and flowers in the following post. You've been warned!

Today went like a great big karma ass-bite. (Yes, ass-bite is a word! And if it isn't, I hereby declare it as such.) I got up this morning, and straight away four telemarketers called me - uh, hello? I don't watch C-Span much, but when did the old farts in congress repeal the DO NOT CALL list?

That was only a mild irritation at first, but then another one calls me around noon as I'm trying to rock Mini and get him down for a nap? Does a bitch want to die? I am not normally rude on the phone, but I asked this woman if she realized I'm on the federal list and she hung up on me! (Woman, you better hope I don't break out my voodoo on you!)

After this, I re-settled into the recliner with Mini, and turned it on Night Stalker. (Cartoons would keep him awake.) Just as he is dozing off in my arms I hear this sudden RUSH of water that keeps going and going and... Cripes! I jump up with Mini in my arms and run to the kitchen. Water is gushing out from the cabinets under the sink. I fling open the door with my foot and discover a line has burst.

I ran and put Mini on my bed - he was sacked - then sprinted outside to cut the water off. Guess what? The cutoff valve has been changed out and I don't have what I need to turn the water off. I run back inside and call hubby. The conversation went something like, "Uh, honey, water is gushing everywhere, get your ass home! Love you! Bye!" I toss down the phone, grab every towel in the laundry and the linen cabinets and toss them onto the growing pond in my kitchen. Yay. That did a lot of good. The second I tossed down the towels they turned dark and sucked up what amounted to probably a teaspoon compared to what's still pouring out from under the sink.

At this point, I hurriedly go around and unplug everything electrical, and then slosh back toward Mini's room and push back his rug. (Our floors are cement slab with tile, thankfully.) The water has gone all the way from the kitchen, down the hallway, and into the nursery. *sigh* Hubby gets there about this time, and finally gets the water cut off.

Apparently the dishwasher shook the water line free under the sink, and he reclamped the line and all is well. I had to call in reinforcements (MOMMY!) to come help me mop up the mess. Luckily, Mini slept through the whole thing. (Probably won't sleep a wink tonight, lol!) It took us about two hours to get the ankle deep water swept out the side door and/or mopped into buckets, and dried via fan. I still have a fan going in Mini's room to get the hard to reach corners dry. I've rolled up his rug and it's going to the dump.

And that has been my day. Thankfully everything is mostly settled now. If you managed to make it this far, you are a true and dear soul. Either that, or you like to read about my ranty suffering - ROFL! ^_^ Just kidding?

Now how about the rest of you? Good day, bad? Productive?


  1. I feel so bad for you. I hope tomorrow is better.

  2. Thanks, Scooper. I think maybe I should be glad it was only a line that popped free, not an actual break. it could have been so much worse, ya know?


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