Thursday, February 01, 2007

Another Rainy Day

Today I shelved my demons to work on another werewolf story, and my upcoming freebie that I plan to give away Valentine's Day. I haven't given up on the demons, but after finishing the second round, I want to put it down for a week, and go back to it with a fresh perspective. (Now let's hope I can stand to leave the demons alone for that long!)

I got off to a slow start working this morning. Hubby threw me for a loop last night, he came home with a NEW JOB. He got a call while at work, and was offered a position (starting tomorrow) with a company working only four miles from our house.

He's been commuting 2 hours one way to the job he did have - a round trip of about 160 miles per day. Because it's commuting, you can't even take the cost of gas as a tax deduction, and that's about $120 in gas a week. (Jeeps SUCK the gas, I swear.) With this job move, will be pulling about even pay wise, but it's soooo much closer. He'll be able to come home while on lunch break if he wants too.

He went and picked up his tools from the other job this morning, then went in to take the mandatory drug test. They do a mandatory breathalizer test too, which is a first. Hubby and I were joking about this earlier... if they were checking for fried chicken instead of alcohol, he'd have been fired on the spot. :P Basically, he snuck around and bought chicken for breakfast. Mm... *feeling carnivorous*

On his way back, hubby thought of me and picked up a CPK at the Walmart in that area. It's a messy faced baby with bright blond loops. Very cute! I thought that was super sweet of him. He brought home two outfits to go with her. Yep, hubby's won a TON of brownie points with ol' wifey today.

It's been a good day, and already I've managed to write around 2k words. I know this will be trimmed down considerably before I have it made into a .pdf or .lit file. I tend to write in great flowery glops then go back afterward and simplify. To each his own, I guess. ^_^

Happy Thursday!


  1. Do you suppose those cats are taxidermied?

  2. That's a cool thought. Maybe they were stuffed after all. They were just so neat to look at, I had to save the pic. LOL! ^_^

  3. Awesome news on the job! Yeah, commuting sucks. Especially when you do it in a blizzard (like I did last night...)

  4. Hi Cora,
    Congrats to hubby and you on his new job. Um, eww, to the cats! Lol. Oh boy, another person reminding me of the free story thing. Oy vay!

  5. Congrats to your husband on the new job!

    I have to ask, you have Pitch Black on your list of favorite movies. It's right up there for me too.

    So is it Vin Diesel? (swoons)

    How hot is it when he asks, "You're not afraid of the dark, are you?"

  6. Hey Cora!

    Congrats to the hubby on the new job! And congrats to you for the new CPK. How sweet of your hubby to surprise you like that. :)

    Have fun writing...

  7. Nancy, you are a brave soul to drive in a blizzard. Truly brave. If it's raining too hard, I skip getting in the Jeep. *panic*

  8. ROFL @ the cats, AJ! ^_^ Aw, don't they look all summery, though? Hehehehe...

    Yeah, that free story is staring me in the face, so it ends up on the blog. (Sorry for the reminder!)^_^

  9. Annie, I'd like say Pitch Black is a favorite because of the action and adventure - the excitement of crash landing on a desert planet and surviving. Or facing freaky aliens on said unexplored planet. But whenever I think about it, I know I certainly wouldn't want to face any of those things. (Heh. I'm a wuss and make no doubt.)

    Yep, it's definitely Vin.

    When he asks, "You're not afraid of the dark, are you?" I feel strangely compelled to toss my knickers at the screen.

    Or perhaps not so strangely. ROFL! The man is HOT! ^_^

  10. Thanks, Yolanda! Yeah, hubby was in sweet mode yesterday. Very nice and cheery. It's been a while since he's been so happy. It's good to see.

  11. That's so great about the job!! Congrats to hubby!

    With Love,
    Tara M.

  12. Tara!! *waves frantically* How've you been?

  13. Oh congrats to your hubby and the new job! Commuting sucks - my hubby has about a 40 minute commute one way and he hates it sometimes.

    That pic is hilarious, BTW.

  14. What an awesome hubby! Congrats to him on his new job and to you on your pearl nomination! That's incredible! You haven't blogged about it as of yet so I'm posting my congrats here.

  15. Karen, I certainly feel for folks who have to commute so far. There are times hubby would come in dragging. And when they'd ask him to work late... *shakes head*

    At his last job he was up at 3 am to leave, and getting home at 7. He was sooo tired all the time. This is a much better arrangement.

  16. Thanks for dropping by, Jennah! It's pretty exciting about the PEARL. :)


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