Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ending February

During Mini's naptime yesterday, I set my demon manuscript to printing, put on my lucky T shirt (a raggedy piece I bought at the Salvation Army four years ago) and set about transforming my hair into the multishimmering Feria shade 41 - Crushed Garnet, which translated from flowery marketing, means rich mohogany red.

The color turned out fine - it's a tomato-ey Peg Bundy kind of red, which looks A-ok on me since I'm pale as a sheet and have freckles. But where ever those multi faceted shimmering highlights promised on the box ended up, I'll never know. They certainly didn't end up in my hair. I've used cheaper haircolor than this in the past and came up with shinier results. Eh. The color works, and I still have hair, so I guess I shouldn't complain. Right? I just thought that at $10.00 a box, this stuff would've given me lots of glossy shine. Better break out the glossing serum and be done with it. At any rate, this coming weekend, I'm going to the stylist to have my hair cut into a style that flicks out on the ends. Something fun for spring. ^_^ I'm a bit overdue for a trim anyway.

Last night I sat down with my entire demon manuscript, and began sorting it into sections. There are 3 versions of this manuscript. One version has a super flaky ending -which I hate and will not use unless doing so miraculously halts a coming Apocalypse, or something like that. The second version has an extended mid section, which I hope to use, so it's been tagged throughout for "transplant" material. And the 3rd version is the great mamajama of them all: the intended masterpiece - or rather, the potential full. It needs chopping and reblocking, things added, things taken away, but for the most part it is what I wanted for this story. Finally. Finally. *enter thematic Chariots of Fire music here*

I'll be working on piecing things together and making notes of scenes needing tweaking or fixed. Yay! I'm almost there! It feels like I'm just paces away from closing the door on this one. About damn time, if you ask me. I have an extended history with this book - it's been haunting me for about 14 years now. I do feel it's time to get it out there. Finishing this book will put a lot of old writing ghosts to rest.

Here's to a productive Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lemon Yellow Tuesday

I wrote a little over two chapters yesterday, which equaled to about 2000 words. Woot! I am hoping to carry on with that spree today. I have the scenes in mind I want to work on, and I'm going to stick to that. Maybe that way I'll reach my goal. I'm hoping to have this manscript ready for printing by Friday. I've been working on this story for far too long!

Oldest came to me yesterday after school and asked me about a book I'd mentioned to him before. One that he says I made sound like one of my infamous "Cora Adventures".

The "Cora Adventures" - what Oldest has dubbed them - are actually a collection of my own real life stupid teenage stunts that he asks to hear about again and again and again. Stuff I've told to him over the years as a sort of "don't do that" parable.

You know, like when you're 15 and you ride with a friend to another state only to get separated from them once you get there? You wander the streets aimlessly, penniless and stranded, lost and hungry for the better part of a day, until at last you cave in and go to a seedy looking hotel where you call about a half dozen relatives telling them the major flub you've made. At last you reach your future father-in-law who agrees to wire you the money for busfare back home, and have to depend on charitable - yet frighteningly strange - adults to help you get where you need to go. Oh yeah. That's a Cora Adventure. And I'm ashamed to admit there are many more than just the one incident.

Oldest absolutely loves these stories. He looks at me like I've lived some great rich life that he's been cheated of (since we do live in the sticks instead of Japan - his current dream residence - and which I blame on watching way too many episodes of Digimon.) Anyway, I told him the book he was looking for was on the bookshelf in my and hubby's bedroom - A Catcher in the Rye.

I bet he will love this book - especially since the main character is a boy his own age, and it does contain all the elements of a Cora Adventure. (Although I admittedly never went to prep school. Nor did I flunk out of it or have any other reason to run away from my parents, who were likely to have had "two hemmorhages a piece" if I had gone anywhere without telling them first.)

But now that I think about it I did manage to get my glamorous self in a few rather dangerous situations, and it's probably a miracle I've survived to adulthood. However, if my teen trauma days are enough to get my Oldest interested in something other than shouty, sword toting anime girls in super short skirts for even a brief amount of time, I believe it's a small price to pay. Bring on Holden Caulfield. Hi-yah!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Under the Car Tire

This past Friday I got a wild hair, and in the middle of working on the demons, I went into the bathroom and decided I'd seen enough of the rusty old tile. So you know what I did? I took a scraper, and I ripped it all out. Yep. Every scrap of tile in about 30 minutes. It's down to a bare cement flooring in there. And you know something? I've seen tiles that look like my cement floor at Home Depot. People pay good money to make their tiles look like that bare floor these days. Why in the hell did the people who build the house cover it with crap tiles? Really, it's not that bad!

I grabbed a cpk box and piled all the tile in it, and started marking a path off to Mini's room. What a beautiful sight! Hubby got home and looked at the floor all scraped down to the slab. He kinda had this dull, worried look. "Yeah, honey, I see. And you did this because...?"

Well, because for one thing, I've been bitching about the tile for the ten years we've lived here, and I've come to the conclusion that the only way I'm going to get a pretty floor like what we had in the old place is to do it myself. So there you have it. Bare floors ready to be painted. What better way to avoid writing?

Hubby just nodded in dubious agreement. I'm sure he was fine with the tile being ripped out - as long as I didn't make him do any work on it. At least that was my impression. *lol*

Over the weekend, hubby and Oldest went to see Ghostrider, and I had them stop by Home Depot for my floor paint. Before he left, hubby asked what color I wanted. "A brown," I told him. "Not white. But not dark brown. Sort of a sand, or a wheat color." Okay, yeah, I can see how he'd be confused after rereading that. Shown above is the actual cell phone picture of Oldest holding up the strip of floor paint colors. Hubby emailed this to me, and waited patiently. I looked over the colors, and saw a few on there that were close, but not quite what I'd had in mind. Finally I emailed hubby and told him I wanted the color they show under the car tire. So there you have it. My floor color: car tire brown. Or maybe that should be Spring Mud. Or something like that. You know those flaky color names they put on things.

So today I have to treat the floors with this scrubby stuff. I don't mind. The floor needs mopping anyway. Once that dries, and the temp warms up, I'll be painting my floors. Martha Stewart, I am.

Now for writing... I wrote a whopping four chapters onto those ornery demons, salvaged another few that were already there, and pieced together what amounts to about half a manuscript. It blows my mind that I accomplished that in one busy weekend. I'm going to add more in today, and see where it's going. I woke up in the middle of the night, and had to take notes. The demons were talking again. I've learned when they talk, I better listen.

I have a goal of 2 chapters today, and I'm pretty sure I can slog through this. If you read this far, and can spare a square - uh, I mean, spare a few seconds to answer! - please do. Here's the burning question: Do you have a daily word count goal? How do you motivate yourself to reach it?

That's it for me. The demons are calling. Happy Monday!

Friday, February 23, 2007

King Of Sorrow

Happy Friday! *dance, dance*

Today is errand running day. Before I go anywhere though, I have to wash my hair. I worked on the demon story until very late last night - and it shows. I'd write a few paragraphs, stand up and pace. Write. Then pace. I must've run my hands through my hair a thousand times. Now I mildly resemble Don King.

I have my eye on a potted plant in town, and when I go about my shopping rounds today, I'm going to bring one home if there are any left. For years (was 1985 really that long ago?) I had a potted palm I called Frederick. He had a yellow and blue painted bamboo pot. I loved that plant, but when I married and moved out, I left it with my mom. Mom had none of the affinity for the plant like I did, and he turned to a crumpled husk in her utility room. This plant will be Frederick II. Too bad I didn't save that bamboo pot.

The demons are progressing, I'm happy to report. I sent off the premise to one of my crit partners, who has read the first chapter already. She gave it a shining thumbs up. Now to make all the adjustments. I'm alternately correcting and rewriting, but the main thing is I'm still barrelling full speed ahead. I'm making it a point not to get bogged down. If I have to, I'll just write a simple no frills passage and keep going.

The Sade album I ordered finally arrived yesterday. (Lover's Rock) After a few months of hunting, I gave up trying to find the old one, and used some of my free club points to get another copy. That's one of my fave albums. It seems Mini likes it too. He stops by the comp and does a wiggle dance for me when he hears it playing. ^_^

So if you drop by, and you have time to answer a question: What do you do when you're writing and get bogged down? Aside from pacing and running your fingers through your hair (that's my patented technique - ha!) is there some certain thing you do to break out of a slump?

That's all for today. Have a happy weekend!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Gotta Put The Past Away

My demon story is on the move. I completed a chapter yesterday and am on to yet another. The day won't end for me until I complete the next one in the chain. The picture is one of a few I collected off the net for setting inspiration.

I broke out a few books - old favorites - and thumbed through them late last night. I'm not sure what it is about those stories that I like so much, but I am going to reread two of them to try and discover where the magic happens for me. This is for research, though. Toward the weekend, I hope to start reading something entirely new. I have a long TBR list, and I have books I bought back in December that I still haven't read. I just haven't taken the time out to pick them up. Only review books. I am ready to pick up a story to read just for the fun of it. Something I don't need to take notes on (yes, I actually do that with review books) while reading.

Oh! I received a postcard from Locks of Love, the other day. They received my hair donation, and sent a personalized thank you/receipt card. I don't have a scanner, but the picture shows a woman's long hair flowing over into a child's hair. It's very beautiful and touching. I saved it for my scrapbook. In a week or two, I'm going to make another hair appointment and get a trim. It's amazing how fast your hair grows. I never noticed before, but now that it's chopped into some kind of style, I can see when it starts getting too long to hold its shape. This go around, I think I may have the sides layered a bit more toward the ends so they "flick out".

That's it for me today. I need to have something to show for before hubby gets home for lunch. That's one of the perks of him working so close to the house - I get to see him at noon everyday. ^_^ Happy day, folks!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Duck Hunt

I'm about to take Mini on an in-town expedition. I have his clothes out, a fresh diaper ready, wipes on standby, and his shoes waiting. The minute he sees me doing this, he takes off running. He knows he needs changing, but he's around the cabinet right now and thinks I can't see him over there. *sigh*

So I'm blogging while waiting for him to come out of hiding. The minute he streaks by, I'm going to snatch him up and off to the couch we go. Until then...

I managed to do major work on the demons yesterday and last night. The story now has a very dark theme, but I like it, and it makes more sense. (Boy, that's always good!) I also broke out one of my old ms and dusted it off. It will be the basis for my second book in the Immortal Lover's series. Should I hit a slow patch with the demons, I am going to start working on the vampires. I think Eleni is finally ready to tell her story.

Well, there goes Mr. Man darting past. I better go catch him while he's distracted by Moose and Zee!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Observations Made Along The Path

Oldest is back at school today, so its just Mini and me today. Oldest was soooo happy to have Presidents day off, and after having that extended weekend he looked super bummed this morning about having to go back. I told him to look at it this way: You had a week without a Monday, and Friday is only a hop, skip, and jump away. He grinned about that and went out to wait for the bus.

Last night, hubby unloaded the path stones from the back of the Jeep. We bought them for steps to go between the dog fence and the side of the house. We have HUGE shoots of elephant ears that grow up there in spring and summer, and it's a really neat niche in the backyard.

I'm wanting to put stones there to try and keep the area clear, and to help keep those elephant ears in check. Once that is finished, I hope we can get on to fixing up the pet cemetery in the backyard. I know that sounds a bit creepy - a pet cemetery -but I want to put whiterock out there and a stone bench. We buried our little old ladies Daisy Dotes and Miss Bits side by side in the prettiest part of the yard when they passed away (not at the same time, just to clarify) , and we will continue to develop that area of the yard as the boy dogs get older. We only have two doggies left - and they are both over 13 years old. I figure if we have a bench out there, we can have a place to sit and watch the sunset.

I spent most of yesterday writing, and after posting here, I'll likely be doing the same. I started reworking the demons last night, and there are a few parts of chapter two that must be reworked or at least noted in the margins before I go on. The chapter has to be spot changed to allow for the new direction of the story. In fact I may just post a reminder at the end and rewrite chapter two completely after the fact. I suppose I'll have to decide that today.

BTW, today's picture is from Margy, a good friend I have beaucoup respect for on myspace. She left the pic in my comments and I knew I had to save it and repost it. Anything that wise bears repeating.

Now for a little observation:

This is my final thought for the posting day. It's very unrelated to everything else posted above, but its been on my mind for a few days now, and I wanted to write this to sort out my thoughts about the whole thing. It's nothing that has actually happened to me, but something rather I noticed going on around me in another forum. It's very hard sometimes not to get swept into all the internet drama that goes on in online communities, and there are times after the initial drama bowl-over, you stand back and say, "Whoa! What the heck was that, anyway?"

In the doll collecting community, although you could likely apply this to any other kind of forum out there, there are people who just can't seem to stand it if there hasn't been enough drama going on in the groups - particularly if that non-existent drama does not revolve around said "ring leader". (Did you know that? Doll groups are divided into opposing factions lead by rival ring leaders. Bizarre, but true!)

I'm a bit like Switzerland in this case, because I don't really care who likes who, or who is buying from Jolly Doll Mom X. If I like a doll, and I want it... you get the picture. Hoever, in the past few days I have witnessed a RL go out of their way to be rude and create drama that didn't otherwise exist. Or if it did exist, it was so understated to begin with, it was imperceptible to the average Jane browsing the boards; and, at any rate, likely stemmed from the drama queen being a complete and open bitch within a public forum to someone in order to get the whole mess started in the first place.

How can the average lurker not stop and stare? When it blossoms out of no where with there being no history of flame war posts, etc. you find yourself flipping through this thread and that thread wondering: Did it start here? Or here? Hey, where's the fire!

It's kind of like the Jerry Springer show, only it's happening to people you feel you half way know - and it's utterly, completely fascinating. I'm not going to lie about that!

However, petty squabbling and jealousies over bits of stuffed cloth seems just about as ridiculous to me as squabbling over a bargain bin shirt at a One Day Sale. My view: Keep it and I hope some one before you wiped their ass on it. Whatever happened to just being your old bouncy self, and if someone doesn't like you or what you said, you smile, give them the finger and keep on truckin' without a backward glance?

I've sat on the sidelines and watched a few folks be purposely rude with unexpecting group members time and time again. Messages that are unnecessarily cold and snarky and harsh. And when the person they said it to goes on and says to someone else, "Hey, I had a bad experience with that person" the drama queen gets so offended.

Hey, babe. That's Karma! You get what you give!

This goes on to another observation I've made recently in the same venue, and I gotta say: An email/message/board post speaks for itself. If you sound like a harsh, snarky, nose in the air bitch, that's because you were trying to be. Especially if that post is longer than two sentences.

Come on, now, be honest with yourself... *angel wings* Sounding snappish on the phone or in person is one thing. Sometimes our voices give off the wrong vibe. On the computer, however, when leaving forum messages there is an edit button. Your final message is that way because you MADE it and left it that way. So why be so shocked when the person you attacked flies back at you? Drama, drama, drama...

The whole situation is like a sinkhole. Whether you have anything to do with it at all, if you stand on the edge and peer in, sooner or later the ground gives beneath you and you tumble in. And of course once you're down there, you're gonna start sifting through the rubble.

That's kinda what I'm doing now. Sifting the rubble. Looking over the wasteland and exploring the past evidence. Why? Curiosity. I know none of this stuff effects me, and likely never will. But it's the thrill of the find that keeps you digging - and in this case reading. In those kinds of situations, I'm one to go on a rather simple set of ethics, and here they are:

1)If you don't like it: don't buy it.
2)If you don't want your enemy to have it: give it away to a friend
3)If you're worried someone won't like yours: don't show it off
4)Got pictures? Shut up and show us the money shot - that's what we're all there for anyway
5) Don't brag about your spoils of war. There's a reason your momma told you not to, and it's namely because some people will hate you for your good fortune.

*dusts hands* There, I'm done now. The artifacts are discovered and tagged. At any rate, it's almost 10 and I need to start working. But before I go I just want to say... Yes, for the record I probably will continue watching the in-forum Jerry Springer/Oprah/soap opera/doll bitchery unfold. As wicked as it is, I'm only human. ^_^

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Dreams, Demons, and Beautiful Things

I almost went back to bed this morning. Hubby was awake and on his laptop. Mini was in the recliner watching Boohbah. I went to the bedroom, curled up into a blanket burrito, and closed my eyes...

And the demons started talking to me. Loudly. Whole scenes. I opened my eyes and looked at the clock. Could it wait, guys? Really. I'm tired. It turns out the muse was not to be twarted. Either write it down or let it get away. So I got up, and reached for my notebook.

Yesterday while lounging, I peeked through my demon manuscript and well... let's just say I deleted a good chunk of it on the spot. Tossed it right in the recycle bin and hit erase. Anything that bad isn't worth keeping. In the past I have tried to rework bad fiction and it just doesn't work up right. Start over. Start afresh. I cut the manuscript back to Chapter 2. Oh, yes: Big chop! Then I decided I'd sit on the ms a while and not worry about it. I'd planned to start working on a brand new project today. Something different, and unrelated to werewolves or vampires.

But now this. The demons pop up. And they didn't just whisper. They shouted. Pages and pages, and pages... And it's not at all like the last attempt. This stuff gave me chills rereading it. It's a romance with horror elements - very different. But I'm determined now to write it this way. I feel like I've "refound the vision" with this book.

On another note, I had another bizarre dream and I believe it's related in some ways to the first. My subconscious is definitely trying to tell me something.

In the dream I am with my mom, and we're tooling along in her truck. She's driving, and we turn off on this muddy road that looks more like a cow path than anything else. Next, we're going around this curve, when I look out my window and see the red pot (again!) from my kitchen, hubby's orange ball cap, and a string of other random cluttery items from around my house. Mom said something about how Dad and hubby (who at times work together) likely left all this stuff outside. It's scattered across someone's yard like so much litter. We pull over, and I'm absolutely astounded at the mess. I start picking up stuff and tossing it into the back of mom's truck: the pot, the cap, and even one of my floral bed pillows - which is caked with mud. Then as I'm standing there, this off-white cow comes up. The fur looks a bit mangy, and the cow keeps sticking its tongue out. I look at the animal and feel sorry for it. Mom tells me not to touch it, and points to a wound on the cow's neck. I finish putting all the junk in the back of mom's truck, and as we climb into the cab, I can't help thinking I've got a lot of cleaning up to do.
That's when I wake up.

I'm pretty sure those inner voices are telling me to clean up messes, take care of unfinished business, and get on with it. Stop lingering - which is, shamefully, one of the things I tend to do. As for the cow in the dream, I'm thinking that's to do with my neighbor's dog. The one we were feeding. She hasn't come around the house in about a week, and I haven't heard her barking from their backyard pen. I have this sinking feeling something has happened to her, but short of knocking on my neighbor's door and asking, there is no way to find out.

That's it for me today. While Mini is engrossed in Dora, I'm gonna try to do a bit of writing. Happy Monday, all!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Welcome Aquarius Moon

It's the year of the pig! Did you know there are women around the world rushing to try and have a baby this year because of the prosperous implications of being born under this sign? In fact, in some countries, condom sales are down as much as 20%, and fertility treatments have spiked!

This is supposed to be one fandangled prosperous year - so hopefully things will at least one step better than it was last year for all of us. I know a few friends who went through pure hell last year, and I've especially got that prosperity in mind for you. Here's hoping for brighter days.

I spent a lazy Sunday doing nothing with the family. We watched a few movies, grilled chicken, and went out for ice cream. I swear, since feeling better, I could wolf down a gallon of ice cream a minute - of course, I settled for an Oreo McFlurry, instead. Just from being sick, I've lost 10 pounds. I wonder how long it'll take me to put the weight back on.

So to round out my lazy Sunday (Ah, man, but I needed a day off!) Annie tagged me with a "6-10 weird things about you" meme. I'm really pretty boring, or at least I think so. My strange is not...well, so fun as Annie's. But here it goes. Let's see if I can think of 10.

10) Once upon a time, my goal in life was to aimlessly travel the earth. (Broke, no less.)
9) After I finish editing a book for release, I never reread it.
8) I usually only sleep about 4-5 hours a night. I have terrible insomnia.
7) Mayonnaise grosses me out unless it is on a Subway sandwich.
6) Some people (including my mom) think I bear a striking resemblance to Christina Ricci.
5) I collect CPK dolls and 80s toys. Hey, some folks find that pretty strange.
4) I have a mountain of boots - I'm addicted to boots - but I spend 99% of my days barefoot.
3) Wasps freak me out.
2) I have been with my husband for more than half my life.
1) I buy candles in bulk. Seriously. I typically buy several (5+-) boxes at a time. I get paranoid when I don't have a candle for every possible occasion in my candle cabinet.

Woohoo! 10 weird things! *self high-five* That's it for me tonight, folks! Hope your Sunday was a pleasant one. ^_^

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Year of the Fire Pig

I'm still alive, but I sure do feel loopy. Friday morning around 5:30, I woke up with the sudden realization I was about to be sick. I hopped out of bed heaving, drooling like a pit bull, my eyes watering... Lovely visuals, no?

Mini never stirred, Oldest was in his room across the house so he never heard anything, but hubby heard the inevitable and he came running. Then he got sick because I was sick. Nevertheless, he was a complete trooper. He even brought me a bucket. I am soooo glad he stayed home, too, because there's no way I could've managed Mini without him. Not with fever, chills, and occasionally reaching for the yuck bucket.

Mini is doing much better, but he's still not 100%, and that makes him super clingy. He and I spent most of yesterday curled up snoozing together while hubby opened up the house, let light in, and stripped the sheets off all the beds. Today I feel a lot better, so I'll be finishing the job by mopping the house with lysol, and scrubbing the bathroom and kitchen, etc. Gotta get these sick germs out!

Oldest usually fairs the worst during ick-fest around our house, but he was the one that surprised us all. He had one day of downtime, and the next morning he's up, fever free, ready to go to school. (He's got girlfriends up there, after all.) When he came home, he got his favorite controller, a cup of cola, and asked his dad if he could flop across my and hubby's bed so he could play some games he'd borrowed from school friends on the PS2 - which is a restricted access item and in the master bedroom. Basically he was back to his old routine.

This morning hubby went on in to work. I crawled out of bed around the time he was leaving, and skulked off to the dining room where he was drinking his coffee. I sat with him a minute, and that's when I felt my hair sticking up in back - a curious phenomenon I never really had happen before I cut my hair short. Anyway, I run my hands through it, and grumble, "Now, this is a bad hair day." Hubby just looked at it, shook his head and said, "It's just disheveled looking. Kinda sexy, babe." After being sick and feeling like crap, having to tote a yuck bucket, and... well, now I have sexy hair? Oh, yeah, baby. It's official. Hubby's definitely a keeper.

By the way, tomorrow is the Aquarian New Moon, and that means... Happy Chinese New Year! Oy, I wish the International News First channel was still on, I'd love the see the festivities! Anyway, it's the year of the fire pig. This configuration happens only once every 600 years, and it's the kind of year that brings greater opportunities for growth, expansion, and prosperity. Woohoo! So for those that need an extra push of inspiration, or just need a happy bit of news, tomorrow is a time for starting a'fresh!

The hazing incident at Oldest's school made the reginal headlines again. I'm wondering if the incident is really settled as they say. I know if it was my kid this happened to, I'd be securing a really good lawyer and suing the shit out of the school board and the school itself. The two freshmen involved basically held down a third student - a jr. high student - in the locker room and rubbed their privates in the kid's face.

Okay. I'm a simple person, and I'm not sure what this is technically from a law perspective, but isn't this a kind of sexual assaul? Surely people have been arrested for less. These two kids ended up with an in school suspension. That's it. Nothing. No expulsion from the basketball team, no forced apology, nothing. I'm sure this partly has to do with the fact that these two kids have prominent parents in the community, and in the school district.

Oldest has had run ins with both of these kids in the past. One of them, after slamming Oldest in the head with a basketball, told my son that he'd never get in trouble because his dad is one of the coaches. You know what, the kid was right. Now this, and these kids get in school suspension? Oldest has gotten that before for various lesser reasons - too many tardies, play ground squabbles. You don't even miss class credits for in school suspension! I have to say I'm a bit disgusted in the whole mess. Hubby and I bought a house in this area because they said the schools were great. Now we're stuck here, and while I know staff and the school board can't prevent kids from doing stupid things in a lot of cases, I just can't see myself sending Mini to a school that allows this sort of thing go on. Once Oldest graduates (which is closer than I even dare to think about) it may be time to start looking for a new place to live.

Today's picture seems a bit unrelated to everything I've posted, I know. It really isn't. While sick, and between bouts of sleeping, I rifled through the February 2007 issue of Vogue. I don't usually read Vogue, which is a bit too fashion hardcore for me. I'm far too lazy to worry that much about fashion. But a few months ago I bought a hugely discounted subscription, and well, what better thing to look at while sick?

When I was about 15, I lived for fashion magazines, and really wished to be one of those slinky, Amazon blonde types. Well, being half German, the blonde Amazon thing does actually run in my family, however it typically runs that way for the males - like Oldest. I took back after the Irish/Native American mixed mutt end of the family. Which mean I'm short, with freckles, and wavy hair I try to turn anything but the color it actually is. There you have it - Cora, the fashionista. The low-rent Gap devotee. Although I do like a good pair of boots.

Anyway, while sick and reading Vogue, I realized that fashion people are smart and witty for the most part; however, it is the things they are smart and witty about that doesn't move me. That doesn't mean I ignore fashion, or thumb my nose at the beautiful and the fashion conscious. Hell, it's not like I read Time or Newsweek - bring on the fluff. It does mean that after everything I've read in the one issue, I couldn't quite justify the subscription. The only article I found interesting was the interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali - she absolutely fascinates me. Is this a sign I'm getting old? Or too wrapped up in daily living I can't enjoy a pictorial, or perfume ads by the dozen? I think maybe it's that Vogue is so far off from my world of everyday living it escapes me. And I'm not talking about body image, either. The jet setting model/fashion editor lifestyle just doesn't stand up to middle class Louisiana living.

So goes my long winded thoughts for the day. See what happens when I miss a blog day? If you read this far, you get a gold star! As time permits, I'll try to catch up with you all. Happy weekend, folks! ^_^

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Heart On Fire Available Now!

Heart on Fire is now available as a free read at the Midnight Moon Cafe website! It is available in lit and pdf formats. To get your copy, select the version you prefer, right click on it and "save target as". Simple as pie!

About the book:
Hallie Richmond never would have guessed she'd be spending Valentine's Day working overtime with her sexy boss. However, Mitchell Draven is interested in more than company spreadsheets. He's in love with Hallie, and he's finally ready to confess face-to-face that she sets his heart on fire!

This book contains explicit sexual content and language. You MUST be 18+ to download!


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Heart is Thine

Happy Valentine's Day!

I thought I'd take a minute to blog before I sat down with my Heart On Fire manuscript to do the final prep before shipping it off to that magickal place where it gets formatted into pdf and lit files - *cough* Tempest!

Anyway, since it is Valentine's Day, and I am a bit of a luuuurve Jezebel, I found this really cool site that shows a few gorgeous pictures of Victorian Valentines. I really like this site because it's all divided up nicely. You don't have to search for hours to find the info you want to know about. A true mom-with-a-toddler approved website. *thumbs up*

Oh, remember the Eternal Embrace skeletons I posted about a few days ago? According to AOL news, scientists are not going to separate the bodies, but plan to remove the entire plot of ground they are in, to take them in for study. After the bodies are examined, they will go to an Italian museum where they will be put on display "for posterity's sake". The scientists are relieved the plot is to be moved soon, because news of the Stone Age couple has made world headlines. It is their hope to discover if the couple is really male/female, and why they were buried as they were. New evidence suggests the couple were buried near some sort of prehistoric burial ground, and placed in the "wrong direction".The bodies lie North-South, rather than East-West as is typical of singular burials. Since I find this all terribly fascinating, I promise to post more on this story as I hear about it.

I'm happy to report that Mini is feeling better, and tjhat I'm no worse for wear. A little tired, but I think I missed out on this case of ick. Wa-hoo!! On to other more bizarre happenings in my back yard...

A family friend called me last night to find out if Oldest was doing ok. I said the he was, and asked what prompted the question. Well, apparently there was an incident up at son's school, and that it was on the evening news. My jaw dropped. What kind of incident, you ask? Apparently, some mysterious thing that happened in the boys locker room, and which now has the school staff under a gag order and a lawsuit pending.

Since an older kid threatened to stab Oldest at the beginning of the 8th grade school year (this also happened in the boys locker room), I can only imagine what this new abuse should be, since everything to do with the "near stabbing" incident landed the other kid in suspension, and no more was ever said of it. The town is in a buzz, and there's talk of a coverup from school staff - which wouldn't surprise me at all, depending on who is involved, however the local news hasn't reported much on that aspect of it.

Son was at PE when the news van arrived on the scene yesterday. He said he saw them out there with the camera, but didn't realize anything had gone on. When he was watching the news last night, and it dawned on him what they'd been doing out there - in short, recording him and the other kids loafing around at gym, he said, "Aw, man! If I'd known they'd be putting us on the tv, I'd have washed my hair." Pfft. That's a teen boy for you!

Anyway, you just don't think this sort of thing will happen in your town. I mean, Oldest's school isn't large at all - just a few hundred students in grades that range from kindergarten on up to 12th grade. It's a speck compared to the high school I attended. Sign of the times, I guess. Completely bewildering!

One last thing before I close, be sure to drop by the Cassadra Curtis' latest free read, Mummy Dearest, is available as a free download in pdf and lit formats. I LOVED this story, and I highly recommend it! Don't miss out!

Well, that's it for me, folks! I gotta get to work. I hope your Valentine's Day is a special one!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Posting a Quickie

I'm late posting again today. Mini is still sick, but is doing a good deal better. Thanks everyone for your concerns and comments. I appreciate it! I spent today mostly rocking Mini, but did manage a bit of book tweaking. It won't be long now, and I'll have it ready to go.

Heart on Fire is coming very soon! This is a Werekind short story that will be available as a free read/download in pdf and lit file formats sometime within the next few days. Keep checking back for release info!

About Heart on Fire: Hallie Richmond never would have guessed she'd be spending Valentine's Day working overtime with her sexy boss. However, Mitchell Draven is interested in more than company spreadsheets. He's in love with Hallie, and he's finally ready to confess face-to-face that she sets his heart on fire!

Monday, February 12, 2007

It's Definitely Monday

Mini woke up around one in the morning. I'd just shut down the tv and gone to bed, when he stirred. I went over and checked on him, and he felt a little warm when I pulled him into my arms. I thought it might just be that "sleepy flush" feeling, so I went on to the den with him.

I turned the tv back on, gave him a bottle of strawberry milk, and grabbed some blankets and pillows for the couch. He sat in the recliner a while, watching Boohbah and drinking his ninny. After a while, he piled up on the couch with me. Once he was settled, I admit I was down for the count.

I woke up around 6 when Mini suddenly started crying. I'd barely sat up, when suddenly he turned over and yakked all over me. Oy vey. I leapt up, grabbed him off the couch right as a second wave hit him. He puked from one end of the den to the other. Hubby heard him crying and yucking, and came to see what was up. Mini was inconsolable, understandably. This is the first real puking fest he's ever had.

Fine start for a Monday, yes? This has pretty much been my day - vomit cleaning, rocking young'uns, drying off dogs that keep wanting to dart out into the rain, and changing clothes - mine and Mini's. But at least Mini's fever is down and he hasn't yucked in about four hours. Last time he did that, it was on my bed. Which reminds me, I need to put the sheets in the dryer.

I didn't get a chance to sort through my manuscripts today. Maybe once Mini is able to rest.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Out of the Blue

Hubby worked yesterday, and I had both boys home with me. They clamoured around the house like free range chickens, pecking at one another now and again while I worked on my freebie. I'm still tweaking it here and there, and at one point, I even scrapped the whole first chapter and rewrote it from scratch. It reads a lot better now that I've chopped that whole block of blah, blah, blah backstory from the beginning.

Around six this morning - I don't even think I was dreaming - I woke suddenly out of a hard sleep, and realized there was a problem with part of the luuuurve scene, and out of the blue I suddenly knew how to fix it. I got up and came to sit at the freezer (my fave place in the house to write - in a dining room chair with my laptop sitting on the deep freezer, ha!) and made a heap of notes, and so today I'll be taking my story back to the chopping block. I've already cut it down from around five thousand to three. Not that I'm worried about the length of the story - I simply want the writing to be tight.

On a completely different note: WARNING, if animal stuff gets to you, please don't read. Skip down to the next RED section.

I noticed yesterday our neighbor's dog is looking a bit better. Hubby and I have been buying an extra 15 pound sack of feed a week just for her, and giving her all our table scraps to try and fatten her up. As it stands, she's a sack of bones - with mange, of all things. I'd take her to the vet and get her dipped if I thought it wouldn't get me sued.

Don't get me wrong, our neighbors seem like nice enough people; however, they are very young and keep bringing animals into the neighborhood that they don't take care of. We're actually feeding two of their dogs - a small black and tan mongrel that has already birthed a litter, and the other I mentioned just above (which happens to be a gigantic Great Dane/Catahoula Cur mix).

The Cur dog can easily knock my husband to the ground she's so large, but she's very gentle, sweet natured, and a bit skittish. The poor girl is in really sad shape too, but the neighbors just pass her by daily - bones poking out all over her, and mange and all. I don't want to start any shit with my neighbors, this is a very small neighborhood and 99.9 percent of the people here are related in some way. (NO, I'm not kidding.) Want to drop a shit bomb in your general vicinity? Call the cops on a neighbor. You'll find out they have relates you've never even dreamed of.

Anyway I've called the Humane Society and Animal Control - picking up the Cur for the pound would be a much kinder fate than what she's going through now. At least there she'd have her skin treated. However, because of where we live, and restrictions, they won't come out and pick her up. They say they can't just come out and pick up someone's animal, even if she is collarless and wandering the neighborhood. HUH?

They asked if I can bring her to them. In a Jeep Wranger? A 150+ pound dog? If she stood on her hind legs, she'd be at least 5 ft 8. How would I even get her in there? The dog weighs more than I do! I'm seriously considering what all this means, since I've been donating to the ASPCA for the last 10 years or so. At this point, I can only keep feeding the poor girl - maybe try to sneak her around back when the neighbors are away and 7s Dust her; see if it helps any. I really don't know what else to do about her beyond that.
Safety Zone - Animal story end.***

Despite the fruitless phone calls, it's been a pretty snazzy weekend. I found out my cousin and his wife are having another dumplin' (my instincts tell me its gonna be a girl), and my best friend's baby sister is getting married. (Wedding cake!) I received the wedding invite in the mail yesterday. The invite is absolutely gorgeous! Lavender satin-lined envelopes... *sigh* Makes me remember my own wedding... I chose burgundy and emerald as my colors. We married at Halloween. Go figure. ^_^

With baby items for cousin, I'm all set. Now to just find the happy couple the perfect wedding gift. I'm think gift cards from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Maybe Walmart or Target too. Cards for practical places, in case they need extra groceries, or laundry detergent, cat food, etc. Yeah, yeah... I know I'm boring, but they've been living together for a few years now, so I doubt they need a toaster or a glass punch bowl set. And as for those that swear by giving lingerie to the bride... *shakes head* Sorry, lil sis, you'll have to buy your own. I have enough trouble picking out my own bras!

That's it for me today. Sunday is the sleepiest day of the week, so I better start working early!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Gotta Flirty Book Cover!

I am slow to post today. I ran errands with Mini this morning. We did the usual rounds: bank, groceries, and across town for dog food (have to buy the cheap stuff since we are now feeding our neighbor's starving dogs as well as our own). We also dropped by the post office - I had to ship off some eBay stuff. Oh, mama, that was interesting! Carrying a toddler under one arm, a twenty pound purse on your shoulder, along with a stack of boxes! And why is it when people see you coming with said boxes and wiggly toddler determined to get into your heavy purse, they won't hold the door open for you? *_* It's a mystery, I mean it. I open doors for others, and I could swear if I had nothing in my arms today, doors would've opened for me. Am I right? Is that just me? I'm kinda of the mind that maybe the Post Office should have those automatic doors. You know, like the ones at Walmart or Target. The kind kids like to jump in front of to watch them swish open - all the while their parents are in the checkout line shouting at them to knock it off.
Nevermind, I'm digressing...

All the same, the rounds went well today. Mini stayed happy, ate too much sugar, and managed to charm the daylights out of everyone no matter where we went. When I got home, he started in his *Mimi, it's naptime* bawlfest, but I wanted to try and feed him first. I did the whole fish sticks entree. (Snazzy mom that I am.) He had macaroni and cheese, a brownie, fries and the fishsticks. And what did he eat? A fork full of ketchup. NO kidding. That's it. *sigh*

After that, I laid him down for some shut eye and hopped onto the net. And do you know what was waiting for me? Do you? Can you guess what fantastical thing I found waiting in my inbox?
Nope, not a virus... Good friend Silma Pagan sent me the cover art for my upcoming Valentine's Day freebie called Heart on Fire. It is so freaking gorgeous I nearly flipped my chair when I saw it. I'm going to keep the cover under wraps for now because I'm eeee-vil. But the story will be available for free download through my blog, at the Midnight Moon Cafe, via my Cora Zane website, via link through the forum at Romance Divas, and a few other places. Just another way to say I *heart* you all.

That's it for me today. I've got some story tweaking to do. I'll post more about Heart on Fire come Monday, but in the meantime, clap your hands, jump to the left, do the booty dance, and have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Dreaming of My Jeep

I had the weirdest dream right before I woke up this morning. In it, I had Mini with me, and I crossed this huge shopping center parking lot to get to my Jeep. I found it, put Mini in his car seat, got in and started backing out. Somehow when backing out, I ended up along this curb and Mini is suddenly sitting in the seat beside me, and is trying to crawl into my lap. Whoa!

I realized I gotta get this kid back in his car seat. He's got swirls of white paint or frosting all over his face, and I'm getting messier by the minute as I try to corral him, get the Jeep into neutral and pull up the parking break...

As I'm wrestling with Mini, who is more slippery than a wet eel, this forty-ish black woman (I recognize her now as one of my mom's real life friends, but didn't in the dream) walks up and raps on the edge of the windshield. I look up, manage to zip the window and pull back and edge. She says, "I need to pull up here, you're going to have to move."

Huh? I look around and realize I am in a loading zone, and the woman is driving a 18 wheeler merchandise truck. I apologized instantly, told her I would move, but first I have to get Mini back in his car seat. She waves, says that's fine, and goes back to her truck. So I get out, go around to the passenger door, and put Mini in the carseat (which is in back - and a complete bitch to do because I have to nudge my fat butt around the passenger seat and stand in the back to put Mini in). I buckle him up, and go back round the Jeep. We're ready to roll!

The dream flashes me to this dirt road with lots of trees that have very bright, waxy green leaves on them. This place is absolutely gorgeous. I decide to pull over next to this rustic looking wood fence guarding a cow pasture and take pictures. I used to live next to a cow pasture that looked similar to this, only not so green. The color is so striking, how can I not stare? Mini is asleep in his carseat, so I get out. And when I do, I realize there is all this STUFF, actual clutter, all over the rag top of the Jeep. I look at it in shock. WTF is all this?

I had to take the doors off the Jeep so I could step up to get at the stuff and remove it. It seriously looked like it was glued on there. Even so, I was worried I'd go down the road and the stuff would fly off the roof and hit other cars. That being the case, I got up there and started taking everything down. There is Oldest's Anime drawing books and his lucky pencil (I'm sure at this point one of his books must've blown off the roof already, because I do drive a bit fast.) Pots and pans - one pot has a bunch of rusty bolts and screws in it. *_* There is an old hat, and a rain boot... Weird stuff like that.

I'm taking everything down, but I don't want to litter the scenery, so I start putting everything in the backseat of the Jeep. At which time this blonde guy and his friend drive by and say, "Hey, do you need some help?"

I remember telling them that I'm fine, I just needed to get everything off the roof before it tore the canvas top. But the guys pull over anyway, and get out to help me. Sometime around that point, I woke up.

So there you have it, bizarre alien code from my subconscious mind. I probably wouldn't want to examine this dream too closely, it'll likely tell me I'm stark raving nuts.

On another note, I'm finished with my ValDay freebie. Just giving it a few final tweaks before shipping it off to my writer buddies: Tempest and Cass. Then it's back to one of my other projects: either the demons, or that other werewolf story. Ho hum.

Someone break out the cat o' nine tails. I need a fierce whipping.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Eternal Love

I saw this pic on AOL top news this morning, and thought I'd share because the story that goes with it is so compelling, maybe someone can get some writing inspiration from it.

Archaeologists in Italy have discovered a couple buried 5,000 to 6,000 years ago, hugging each other. This is significant because until now there hasn't been a double burial found in the Neolithic period, let alone hugging.

They believe this is a young couple, because their teeth aren't worn down, however they are doing studies on the bodies to find out the specifics, including how long they've actually been buried, and how they died.

Maybe I'm just weird, but I find this news piece very romantic. A hug for 5000 years. *wipes misty eyes* Most couples don't last two years. Yep. There's a romance story in this somewhere, I can feel it.

On to other things, I am remopping the house today. No more water leaks, but the floor has a weird feeling to it, grainy. Not gritty exactly, but like it's covered in a really fine layer of residue from - heck I don't know, whatever. The water that leaked out yesterday was clean from the tap. Still I can feel it (something) under my bare feet. I gots to do something about it.

I'll be finishing my Freebie today too. I almost had it last night, but my eyes were about to slam shut so I closed it mid-lurve scene. I thought it best to shut it down before I wrote a bunch of stuff that would likely have to be rewritten. *thumbs up* So my goal for today is hot werewolf lovin'. ^_^

Happy hump day!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Calgon, take me away!

RANT ALERT: if you don't want to read about my sucky day, please read no futher. Skip it and go to someone's happy cheery carebear encrusted blog because there are no hearts and flowers in the following post. You've been warned!

Today went like a great big karma ass-bite. (Yes, ass-bite is a word! And if it isn't, I hereby declare it as such.) I got up this morning, and straight away four telemarketers called me - uh, hello? I don't watch C-Span much, but when did the old farts in congress repeal the DO NOT CALL list?

That was only a mild irritation at first, but then another one calls me around noon as I'm trying to rock Mini and get him down for a nap? Does a bitch want to die? I am not normally rude on the phone, but I asked this woman if she realized I'm on the federal list and she hung up on me! (Woman, you better hope I don't break out my voodoo on you!)

After this, I re-settled into the recliner with Mini, and turned it on Night Stalker. (Cartoons would keep him awake.) Just as he is dozing off in my arms I hear this sudden RUSH of water that keeps going and going and... Cripes! I jump up with Mini in my arms and run to the kitchen. Water is gushing out from the cabinets under the sink. I fling open the door with my foot and discover a line has burst.

I ran and put Mini on my bed - he was sacked - then sprinted outside to cut the water off. Guess what? The cutoff valve has been changed out and I don't have what I need to turn the water off. I run back inside and call hubby. The conversation went something like, "Uh, honey, water is gushing everywhere, get your ass home! Love you! Bye!" I toss down the phone, grab every towel in the laundry and the linen cabinets and toss them onto the growing pond in my kitchen. Yay. That did a lot of good. The second I tossed down the towels they turned dark and sucked up what amounted to probably a teaspoon compared to what's still pouring out from under the sink.

At this point, I hurriedly go around and unplug everything electrical, and then slosh back toward Mini's room and push back his rug. (Our floors are cement slab with tile, thankfully.) The water has gone all the way from the kitchen, down the hallway, and into the nursery. *sigh* Hubby gets there about this time, and finally gets the water cut off.

Apparently the dishwasher shook the water line free under the sink, and he reclamped the line and all is well. I had to call in reinforcements (MOMMY!) to come help me mop up the mess. Luckily, Mini slept through the whole thing. (Probably won't sleep a wink tonight, lol!) It took us about two hours to get the ankle deep water swept out the side door and/or mopped into buckets, and dried via fan. I still have a fan going in Mini's room to get the hard to reach corners dry. I've rolled up his rug and it's going to the dump.

And that has been my day. Thankfully everything is mostly settled now. If you managed to make it this far, you are a true and dear soul. Either that, or you like to read about my ranty suffering - ROFL! ^_^ Just kidding?

Now how about the rest of you? Good day, bad? Productive?

Monday, February 05, 2007

Where Babies Come From

Monday's here! *runs amok* I have so much to do it's not even funny. I have two stories I'm juggling right now, and today I have to break out and finish one of them.

What have I been doing so far this morning? Slackassing, of course! Gah!

I finished another review last night, and sent it off. I have a few more to go to clear out my review stack, but I have to tackle a few projects first.

Here's a pic of Mini from this past weekend. The bad lighting is curtesy of hubby's cellphone cam. Ah, well, at least you can't see any doggie hair tumbleweeds rolling in the background or anything - HA!

Mini found one of my CPK shipping boxes and thought it would make a snazzy car. Hubby gave it the go-cart treatment, pushing Mini around the dining room in it until he said, "Oy, my hip!" (Just kidding, hubby!) Actually he pushed Mini around til he got tired, and somehow managed to get the nipper interested in something else. Notice the red thing in the background. That's a little tykes cozy coupe. Of course the kid prefers a box. It's the way of the universe.

That's it for me, I'm off to work! ^_^

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Saturday Sessions

I woke up this morning, took a few vitamins, fed the kids, and hit the laptop. After one long sitting, I am a quarter of the way through a brand new, very sexy Werekind story. Woot!

I am also in the process of working up a new FREE READ to give away. This read fits in with my Werekind series, so if you're a fan of those books, you won't want to miss this installment. It will be available February 14th through the Midnight Moon Cafe website, and via link through my blog, the MMC blog, and Romance Divas.

Late yesterday, I refound the link to the Cobblestone Press Main Street, and answered a question about the Immortal Lovers series I started with Wicked Temptation. When will there be another book? What will it be about?

If that's something you've wondered about, drop by the Cora Zane's House section on the Main Street message board. I posted a teaser you might find interesting.

As for today's picture, it's Leo in the full moon. Coming Feb. 17th, the full moon will be in Leo, and that's supposedly a good time to make things happen for you in the realm of projects, etc. So if you're working on something, (writing project, a sonnet, a fancy recipe for a local bake-off, etc.) that's a good day to shoot for the completion of a goal. I can't guarantee results, of course. However, it seems as a good a shot as any, right?

Friday, February 02, 2007

Wrapped Up in Yarn

Yeah, yeah... it seems I have a cat theme going on this week. LOL But that's how I feel right now. Tangled in yarn. ^_^

It's been a truly great day. Instead of lugging Mini around in the Jeep, I made it a shopping day with my mom. We don't see eye to eye on what I write, but we are close. Same with my dad. Our family here is very tightly knit.

Mom asked me last week to make a new scarf for her, and a few throw pillows for her den, which meant that I was due to go yarn shopping for the colors she wanted. I called her this morning, and told her to come and pick me up. She has more leg room in her truck, so we all piled up and went the Friday rounds.

We stopped by all our bill paying outlets, then headed out to eat Chinese (Mini in tow, of course). Finally, toward the end, we went on to buy yarn. She chose black and white worsted weight, and wants a white and black stripe jobber like the green and white one I made for her a few years ago. I was looking at it, and think I could make her a fancy, large checkerboard style just as easily, and it would be just as pretty. Once I finish a string of projects: 2 more reviews, my latest werewolf novella, and the Feb Freebie, I will begin on her scarf.

After that, I will work on the pillows. I also picked up a bit of yarn for myself. A new Bernat boa called Emu. It has a faded brown, med. purple, and rose in it. That's what it looks like to me, like antique roses. I hope to make yet another pillow for my couch with it. (I'll have twins! ^_^)

Anyway, we just got back, and I pulled Mini out of the truck carseat and all. Oof, that's some heavy cargo! While bringing him in, hubby called to tell me the new job is going smooth as silk - no stress from bad ties out there. I'm glad for that. I hope it stays that way.

As for my own work/writing things, I've had friends poking me with a stick, saying I'm too shy and slow about mentioning it, so here it goes... Bonding Experience, my super sexy Werekind story, made it as a 2006 PEARL finalist. Yay! How exciting is that? Finding out my name is up there is one of the coolest things ever. ^_^

That's it for now. I need to get off my rump and put the non-perishables away. After that, hopefully I can caught up on written things a bit. Happy Friday everyone! *dance, dance* Oh, and Happy Groundhog Day!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Another Rainy Day

Today I shelved my demons to work on another werewolf story, and my upcoming freebie that I plan to give away Valentine's Day. I haven't given up on the demons, but after finishing the second round, I want to put it down for a week, and go back to it with a fresh perspective. (Now let's hope I can stand to leave the demons alone for that long!)

I got off to a slow start working this morning. Hubby threw me for a loop last night, he came home with a NEW JOB. He got a call while at work, and was offered a position (starting tomorrow) with a company working only four miles from our house.

He's been commuting 2 hours one way to the job he did have - a round trip of about 160 miles per day. Because it's commuting, you can't even take the cost of gas as a tax deduction, and that's about $120 in gas a week. (Jeeps SUCK the gas, I swear.) With this job move, will be pulling about even pay wise, but it's soooo much closer. He'll be able to come home while on lunch break if he wants too.

He went and picked up his tools from the other job this morning, then went in to take the mandatory drug test. They do a mandatory breathalizer test too, which is a first. Hubby and I were joking about this earlier... if they were checking for fried chicken instead of alcohol, he'd have been fired on the spot. :P Basically, he snuck around and bought chicken for breakfast. Mm... *feeling carnivorous*

On his way back, hubby thought of me and picked up a CPK at the Walmart in that area. It's a messy faced baby with bright blond loops. Very cute! I thought that was super sweet of him. He brought home two outfits to go with her. Yep, hubby's won a TON of brownie points with ol' wifey today.

It's been a good day, and already I've managed to write around 2k words. I know this will be trimmed down considerably before I have it made into a .pdf or .lit file. I tend to write in great flowery glops then go back afterward and simplify. To each his own, I guess. ^_^

Happy Thursday!