Sunday, January 14, 2007

Where Gnomes Go

Thunder woke me up sometime around 3 am. I knew storms were supposed to roll into the area, but I didn't think much about it until this morning. I got up and shut everything off and unplugged the stuff: TV, the laptops, the dishwasher, dvd, amps, etc. etc. We lost a lot of electronics from a lightning strike before, so we're usually pretty careful about "doing the rounds" before a storm.

It's nasty and wet outside today, and every now and then you hear a little growl of thunder. I'm hoping the lights stay put. Something about our area, if a bird so much as tinkles on the highlines here, the power goes out. This is the first real storm we've had since probably October or November. That's unusual since that's our rainy season. January we typically get an ice storm or two. If we do, I'll be floored. We're running the air conditioner right now.

Mini slept through the night, sweet little bear. He didn't so much as stir. Maybe the rain did its magic and kept him zonked. I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth because I got some much needed sleep. I rocked him in the den and watched some anime show with oldest until about 10:30, then it was time to hit the sack. A great night's sleep is a gift when you have a toddler.

Yesterday I did some much needed catch up with my author newsletter. I worked it up and sent out a new one - the first since August. WOW. When I said a "periodic newsletter" I meant business. Anyway, if you're subscribed through my Bravenet, you should have the new one in your inbox this weekend.

It's been a bit of a challenge to work with Bravenet, so for anyone interested in going through Yahoo instead of Bravenet, I added a newsletter there. Yahoo is far more accessible, so I imagine I'll eventually phaze out the Bravenet one. I thought I'd do a test drive of Yahoo first though. The phazing out will likely be months away, and I promise I won't do it without announcing it first.

That's it for me today. I need to get dressed, hunt down my shoes (why do the gnomes keep taking my shoes?!), and run a brush through my hair: It's grocery shopping day. Mm... chocolate...uh, I mean broccoli! *responsible adult voice*


  1. Its grocery shopping day here too. I just got home. Now I'm thinking about getting back out and going to spend my Barnes and Noble gift card.

  2. Sounds like a busy weekend, Cora!

    Good to hear Mini slept through the night.

    Where'd those gnomes put your shoes? ;)

  3. I *heart* B&N, Kelley! That's the perfect thing to do on the weekend: buy books! I just cashed in a gift card for them too - online, as there isn't a B&N here.

    I was holding off, making a booklist, but there's no way I could resist buying that new Angela Knight! ^_^

  4. It was a fun weekend, Yolanda. Busy, but different in a good way. *thumbs up*

    Yep, darn gnomes... they're always taking my shoes and putting them in places I'd never guess... like under the playpen in the dining room, or under the vanity table in the bathroom. Silly gnomes. ^_^


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