Thursday, January 25, 2007

Tempting Thursday

Mmm.... I want cake. I dreamed about cake last night - a teddy bear/polar bear cake with thick, whipped, vanilla sugar frosting that had this texture to it - like it was brushed on the cake. It stuck up all over like white fur, only you could tell it was frosting. Oh, soooo yummy... It also had mini oreo cookies for the eyes and nose, and a curvy, chocolate icing mouth. *drool* I have no idea what brought on the dream, but I woke up practically frothing at the mouth around 3 am. Starving for sugar, I went to the fridge - and discovered there's not a sweet in the house!

Ho hum. To make up for the lack of sugary sweetness on hand, I decided to torture myself with pictures of teddy bear cakes. There were so many good ones it was hard to choose a favorite for today, so I picked a bunch of them. Makes for great inspiration, you know? I can almost taste the yummy frosting on these things! Aren't these some amazing looking cakes?

Yesterday I was stuck in bed for most of the day, which really sucked, but on the upside I did a LOT of work on my demon story. I did a read through of half the book, separated the sections into chapters, made margin notes, and did some proof reading. Of course I haven't begun to work with the individual chapters yet, but that is next on the agenda. If I can't finish this by Monday, I'll have to give it a little shelf time to bring back the freshness, and so I can work up my February freebie - which I already have mapped out.

Another fun thing about yesterday, my little CPK boy I ordered arrived. Squee! He is just pErFeCt! His face is perfectly chubby and adorable. Hubby brought him to the bed for me, and we opened the box there. I took him out and I gotta say there is nothing quite like that new cabbie smell. ^_^ Hubby went over all the paperwork inside, looked over the flyers for the upcoming events at Babyland General, and later I managed to get out of bed long enough to take a dozen or so pics of the new kid, along with a few other new arrivals I hadn't photo'ed yet. I was then shooed back off to bed. I worked on my manuscript until I fell asleep with it in my hands.

All in all, it was a productive day. I couldn't have asked for better. Today hubby is back to work, and I am under strict orders to lift nothing heavy, do no Backyardigans or ball room dancing with Mini, and to basically not do anything to make me hurl or faint. Roger that, captain! *salute*

I'll probably spend the day reading the second half of my manuscript, and making more notes. The book needs work, but it's not half as bad as I originally thought. I was seriously beginning to get that "this book sucks" vibe. While it needs extra work, it's truly not that bad, which is a relief. Sometimes you just can't tell about that sort of thing until you finish and reread through it. I guess the important thing is the story actually makes sense. I've written a few of those epic disasters during my lifetime... the story with no plot, meandering characters that do nothing but fill up a page and sound cool. (groan) Come on, Cora, let's have no more of those please!

That's it for me today. Oldest needs lunch money and Mini is getting ready to go back to bed.
BTW, doesn't this brown teddy bear cake seem to be saying, "Ooh, pick me! Eat me first!" or "Ooh, whatcha got in the pic-a-nic basket?" ROFL!


  1. Anonymous6:45 AM

    Now you have me wanting cake! Sounds like a busy day around the house for you. Hope you continue to feel better.

  2. I want cake now too! But on the writing side, if you start to get the 'this book sucks' vibe, it usually means you'll soon get a great character intrusion that will leave you saying, "I didn't know he/she is like that!" Those are the cool moments. Geez, I want ice cream now too!


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