Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Pickles, a pop quiz, and more demons

I'm late about posting again. Blogger has been giving me fits all day, saying I'm not registered whenever I try to post somewhere. Heh. I did manage to get a post up over at the Midnight Moon Cafe after a bit of wrangling. Whew!

Mini is sick and teething. I know he caught his cold from me. He has the sore throat and runny nose for sure, and I'm thinking his teething has his tummy bugging him. I managed to get him chipper for a little while today, but it's touch and go with his mood. However there was a moment earlier today where he was feeling a bit adventurous. He spotted me eating pickles and decided that would be neat to try. So I gave him a dill slice that I patted dry with a papertowel.

He looked at it a minute, as if trying to figure this weird thing out. Then I ate another pickle, he watched me do it, then decided to do it himself.

I almost shot pickles out of my nose when this kid stuck that one little slice to the tip of his tongue. He instantly made that squinty, squirmy, lemon eating face and shivered all over. Hahahaha! Sorry, Mini! I couldn't help but laugh.

He promptly handed the pickle back with a squinty "thank you". His way of letting me know that just wasn't for him. I hope I can actually get him to eat anything green after this experience. ^_^

Oldest came home from school today bummed out because he'd completely bombed on a science pop quiz. Poor guy. He's been struggling with grades all year. I've told him you gotta study, study, study... It doesn't get any easier after highschool. Next is college. All the same, I'm thinking I'll bake him some peanut butter cookies tonight so he'll have a treat to nibble on while hitting the books.

As for me, I managed to get a little writing done today. I am stripping out yet another demon chapter. After I did that, I laid all the pages out and organized them, read through them, made notes on what worked and what didn't and kept on going. I fear I may be one step away from needing a structural engineer for this book. *shudders*

Tomorrow - more writing. Hubby may have to work 16 hours for a shutdown, too. We'll see. If he's not here, I may end up staying up late with Mini that night to do a bit of redrafting on Chapter 2.


  1. My oldest gave my youngest a Sour Patch Kid candy and you should've seen his face! It was hilarious.

    Hope mini feels better soon and good luck with the writing...

  2. Oh, I hope Mini feels better soon.

    Very cute kids, BTW! Love the pic. :)

  3. I've had sick kids under my roof too. Hope the little one feels better soon.

  4. It's hard enough when they are sick, but when you're both under the weather it's almost unbearable. Feel better!!

  5. I love peanut butter cookies. I hope you made enough to share. ;)

  6. Karen: Haha @ sour patch candy! ^_^ I bet Youngest was camera worthy with that face. Hehe.

    Y: Thanks, Yolanda!

    Zinnia: I hope the little sprites are feeling better soon.

    Maureen: Thank you. That's very true when sick. Sometimes I feel like running back to bed nd hiding under the covers.

    Samantha: You know what goofy thing I did? I made the cookies, but when I went and took the pack out of the cabinet, I realized I'd bought something called a "snack pack" cookie mix. It made 18 tiny tiny cookies - or about 7 or 8 larger/normal sized ones. I couldn't believe I did that. *sigh* That's what happens when shopping sick. Maybe one day I'll start reading the labels. lol ^_^


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