Monday, January 08, 2007

Pass the freaking coffee

Yep, it's definitely Monday. I did fine all through vacation, I've been around hubby for a week and no cold. Then on Sunday I started getting a scratchy throat. Uh-oh. So I kept using Ricolas yesterday, and drinking vitamin C drinks and all that jazz you do to try and beat a cold before it starts.

All I wanted was to stay warm, and get plenty of sleep last night. I'd taken an Alkeseltzer Cold Plus before bed, and was hoping it would do it's fizzy magic overnight. However, Mini woke up at something like 1 am and wanted to run loops through the house. That is not conductive to getting much rest, let me tell you.

I took him to the den, put Teletubbies on the TV and piled up on the couch. I'm a cold natured person for the most part. If it's below 75 degrees it's time to start hunting down blankets, sweatpants and a heater. It was so darn cold in the den this morning, a heater wasn't cutting it. I ended up rummaging through the baby blankets in Mini's closet until I found a baby quilt big enough to curl up with. Of course when I curl up on the couch with it, Mini thinks this is just snazzy business at this hour in the morning, and wants to climb all over "mimi" and play peekaboo with the part of the covers I want wrapped around my feet! I somehow managed to doze on and off even while Mini climbed over me, shuffled my covers around, and even poked me in the eye with one of those stubby baby fingers. I guess he was trying to find out if I was really asleep. *_*

Hubby woke up about two hours later and came into the den to rescue me while he got ready for work. He came and pulled Mini off the couch beside me, and I used the chance to crawl back into our nice, warm, comfy bed. My fuzzy blue cat blanket throw is in there and I pretty much used it to turn myself into a blanket burrito. Ah, the finer things...

Mini came in to find me about thirty minutes later, and when he opened the door to our room I could smell the coffee brewing at the other end of the house. Talk about something to put a smile on your face - the hubby making coffee! I tugged Mini into the bed with me, knowing that despite a cold night on the couch, when I got up again, there was going to be coffee. That's kind of like getting room service in this house: premade coffee.

I went back to sleep thinking hubby would probably leave enough for at least two cups.

Mini and I woke up sometime later. I got up and headed straight for the coffee pot. Guess what I find when I get there? The little red signal light is off on the base. I know hubby wouldn't do that - turn off the pot, so at first I thought the coffee pot had gone out. Typical! Oh, but it hadn't. Oh, no, the thing was in fine working order. I realized a few minutes later Oldest had used the toaster to make breakfast, and instead of using the empty light socket by the microwave - heck, he'd have to actually move a pan off the dish rack to do that! - he unplugged MY WARM STEAMING BLACK POT OF COFFEE!

Someone is going to get a serious talking to when he gets home from school today. You can climb all over me, call me names, wake me up all hours of the night and expect me to sit up on the couch and watch freaking Teletubbies at 1 am, but you do not ever mess with my coffee.

In the meantime, just for the record - I put on another pot of coffee, and waited for it to brew. Yeah, yeah. Ho hum. I'm sure I'll be feeling human again in another twenty minutes or so.

Happy Monday, all!


  1. Hope you feel better soon Cora. I know what you mean about coffee. Everyone that lives around me knows you don't mess with my coffee and you don't try to hold an intelligent coversation with me until I've had my first cup.

  2. I hope you feel better, Cora! Getting sick sucks, especially with kids around. :/

    Here's hoping you get to sleep right through the night this time!

  3. LMFAO!!! Feel better and I am the same way with coffee, especially now...I have been living off nothing but coffee and cigarettes the past month!

    With Love,
    Tara M.

  4. Thanks ladies, I do feel a bit better.

    I also had that talk with Oldest about the coffee pot. He just laughed, and said, "Oops."

    Teenagers. *_* lol


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