Monday, January 15, 2007

Monday, Monday

I have a lot of irons in the fire right now. I have a few upcoming projects I need to clear the way for, and yet still I'm stuck on the demon story. I stayed up very late working on it last night, and I am mananging to whittle my way through it, but it's taking far longer than I expected and my word count hasn't risen much in some time. Hm. I'm wondering what I'm gonna do about that.

I need to add another 5k to the story to make the story submission ready. I know for sure I'm still missing 2 scenes, so that will take up some of the slack, but I don't know if it will be enough. Only time will tell, I guess. I'm hoping this second run through will be finished by the end of the week. Then I can start working on tweaking the final effects through the last of the month. We'll see how that works. I have a lot of things going on here at home, and hubby's birthday is next weekend. Yikes!

I was digging through my TBR stack, and took out one of the books that Lynn Viehl sent to me over the holidays. It's a pocket reference guide called Easy Writer (third edition), by Andrea A. Lunsford. I've since put my CliffNotes Grammar guide back on the shelf thanks to this handy little number. If you write, I highly recommend this little book. It has helpful sections for grammar, punctuation and mechanics, and even a section for research tips and things for multilingual writers. If you're in the market for a writing tip hot sheet, I recommend this book. It's put together in a way that makes everything easy to find. And the indexes are on the front and back flaps, so everything is pretty much right at your fingertips. No flipping for index pages.

Sometime over the coming weekend, I plan to finish reading and work up my review for Glamour, by Stella and Audra price. I love demon stories, and I picked this one up at the first hint this book had demons in it.

This is just an aside, nothing to do with the Glamour book, but you know something I've noticed in my quest for demon reading material? Not all demon books are the same. Some are what you'd think them to be - books with evil or romantic characters. Others are a bit quirky, a little twitchy even - almost like an odd fantasy/sci-fi blend. Then there are the non-romantic stories, ones where they were written with a strict idea about what demons would be like. You know what I'm talking about, very exorcist-ish. (Is that a word? Probably not.)

The romance ones, I've only come across a handful of them, and though the characters are demons, most I've read about seem remarkably human. Like they have no trouble blending in with the rest of us, and for the most part, hiding what they are. You see flashes of them being a demon, they have a flash of temper or an evil moment that exposes them, but any other day, they're a lot like you and me. Makes me worry for my own story a bit, because it's pretty far out there in comparison. These guys are evil, and manipulative, and make no doubt. Still, some pretty hot action going on, and they do have a strong romantic streak. But I wouldn't want to cross them, that's for sure. Ah, well, what's that saying? Tall, dark, and sexy? We'll soon know.

The picture is for a bit of Monday inspiration. Hm...


  1. I've never read a demon book yet.

  2. I haven't read a demon book either...

    Nice pic btw. :)

  3. Then maybe I'm worrying about nothing. Really it's more or less about how alpha is your alpha male, rolf.

    I guess I should just focus and write. *wink*

  4. There's a Piers Anthony story where the hero meets a fire demon who's in love with an ice demon. As you can imagine, it won't work. The hero concocts a spell so they can hook up, and the demons help the hero. This is such a background part of the story (which is was, I couldn't tell you), but I always thought it would be a fun erotic scene to write!

    The nice thing about demons is that you can give them any rules you want. They're not like vamps or werewolves, where readers have expectations about them...

    What a great topic!


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