Saturday, January 13, 2007

Look At Those FEET!

That picture is no hoax! I saw Mr. Fluffybunz there on CNN this morning. Talk about something amazing to see at 3 am pre- coffee. A 20 pound rabbit!

I tried to look it up on, but of course I had no luck browsing their site. You'd think with a company owned by AOL Time Warner, they'd have a better on site search engine. I did a google search instead, and came up with this:,2144,2307544,00.html,1518,458863,00.html

They are actually going to breed these things for eating! Aw, poor Mr. Fluffybunz!

There is no way I could bear to eat one of them. Can you imagine how popular these guys are going to be come Easter? Could you imagine seeing one of these show up on the White House lawn during the annual Easter Egg hunt? You want to eat these? Kids would go bananas! If I were in the market for an unusual pet, this would be it. A gigantic bunny rabbit! *squish, squish*

Boy, I bet they'd be messy in terms of the "bathroom" department though. I've owned rabbits before, and they... um, well... they eat a lot, and pass a lot of *hraka. HEAPS of it. You'd be surprised, really. All that can come from one tiny mammal. Now imagine a huge one. *_*

Well there you have it, my bizarre post for the day. I couldn't resist writing about something so huggable snuggable as an enormous fluffy bunny. Makes ya warm and fuzzy inside to think about it, doesn't it? ^_^

*Rabbit language term from the novel Watership Down, by Richard Adams. [Rabbit droppings.]


  1. My eyes can't NOT look at those feet! They're HUGE!! He's amazing.

    And they wanna breed them to eat? That's so awful! I could never eat a fluffy bunny! Yuck yuck yuck!

  2. I'm the same. Could never eat a rabbit. Cos it's a bunny, you know?

    Something not quite right for me about eating bunnies and ducks.


  3. That is one huge rabbit!! I can't believe it.

    And no eating bunny rabbits for me either.

  4. Yikes! Check out those feet...

    That is freaky!!! :D

    And eating rabbits is just wrong. :/

  5. I showed hubby the pics of monster bunny and told him we needed one. LOL He knew I was being nutty, but he was impressed with those feet too.

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  7. Thanks Rogers, visit anytime!


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