Sunday, January 21, 2007

Legwarmers Anonymous

Yesterday, I was going through the checkout aisle at our local grocery store when I saw a 20ish woman wearing legwarmers. Yes, really, legwarmers.

I am probably one of the few people living today who would admit to rocking the legwarmer look back in the 80s, but oh yeah, I did the Flashdance glam with the best of them - including the sloppy cut sweatshirts and jeans so tight you had to lay on the bed and zip them up using your dad's needlenose pliers.

I remember when legwarmers went out of style, and the slew of jokes that came after the fact. Hey, man, you NEED that extra material around your shins in those too tight jeans. Cold, winter air slices right through you! Yeah, okay, so like the rest of the fashion victims of the era, I was wearing them in summer too. But that's beside the point...

Anyway, this woman I saw at the market had on pretty, baby pink, sparkly legwarmers, and I thought - eh, not too bad - if you have calves like toothpicks you can pull this off with minimal damage. You can beef up with these things, make yourself look all curvy and whatnot. The look isn't exactly for me, being the frumpy 30 something mommy that I am. But whatever floats your boat, you know? There are far worse things that can happen to you than bad fashion.

While trying to look up pictures of legwarmers for this post, I came across these mammoth fluffy boots. No pictures of legwarmers to be found, even though I swear I saw a pair of knit legwarmers with big cherries printed on them at Hot Topic only a month or so ago. Well, since we are talking about *cough* fashion, I guess the fuzzy boots pictures can work in a pinch.

Speaking of fuzzy boots, these things are meant for raves/club wear, and I am almost ashamed to admit there was a time in my life I would have worn these with pride. Yes, even in daylight hours. Oy, me.

To see these boots up close, they look a bit like someone has been out hunting muppets, and mercilessly skinned them for their colorful fuzzy pelts. What do you think? Makes a bold statement, no? *lol* For those that actually plan these things to match something, they even make furry muppet wristlets to go with them.

On a completely different note, I finished my review for Glamour, and have only one more chapter to go with my demons before print up and restart. *dance, dance* I'd hoped to have that finished today, but I guess I'm not too far off track. I'll get there...

*No muppets were harmed in the creation of this blog post. :P


  1. I like the white, pink, black version. I'm not sure that they fit my other wardrobe choices.

  2. LOL Cora!


    I was a kid of the 80s too, and have to admit to wearing legwarmers. But in 2007?! I didn't think anyone owned any. That's too funny!

    Have a great day!

  3. I bought dance legwarmers at Target a few months ago for my daughters to wear over her tights (it's winter).
    Muppets?! That's too funny!

  4. Annalee, on the fluffyboots site they had some snazzy melon colored ones with florescent yellow reflectors on them. They looked like...I don't know, they should be attached to a teletubbie or something. *rolf* In my younger days, I'd probably have gone with those. ^_^

  5. Yolanda, I didn't know they made them anymore until I saw the ones at Hot Topic. I thought, well, Hot Topic, you know... lots of dress uppy club clothes in there. Not shocking. But I didn't expect to see any on the street over jeans. However, as bizarre as it seemed at the time, the woman was super skinny and really didn't look bad in them. I'll be waiting to see if this sort of thing catches on now. ^_^

  6. Scooper, your daughter's dance class/winter is a practical reason to wear legwarmers. Silly me, I used to wear the big knit bulky one over jeans in August! *fashion victim* LOL!

    Don't you think those bottom fuzzyboots look like muppet feet? Like maybe they poached the Snuffalupagus off Sesame Street for his pelt? ^_^

  7. I went to look at more colors... I think the "fire camo" ones, now they match my personality! LOL.

  8. They do look like muppet feet.

  9. LOL, Annalee! They do have some wild styles there. What do you think of the wristlets to go with them?

  10. Scooper, that's the first thing that popped into mind when I saw them. lol ^_^


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