Saturday, January 27, 2007

Happy Birthday, Hubby!

Happy Birthday to you, hubby! *big kiss*

He's actually sitting a few feet away playing Pirates on his laptop, lol. He still hasn't decided what he wants to do for his special day. Poor guy is a bit ho hum about it - about being a year older. I have assured him he is still young and healthy, so hopefully he'll eat cake and be merry.

We're supposed to go eat catfish this evening. I suppose it depends on the weather. It's starting to rain a bit, and oy vey it's freaking COLD out there.

Whatever the case, it's a cozy day around the house. I've been working on reviews, working a bit on my demons, and I've started crocheting a topper for a throw pillow using some of the Bernat Boa yarn. I'm at the half way point, I should finish it sometime this evening. I chose the color Toucan, which is a variagated purple with teal, electric blue and apple green. Sounds pretty garish, but since the living room furniture is an off white suede, it shouldn't look out of place. I'll post pictures when I get the pillow together. Depending how this one comes out, I may make a few of these for my bedroom - in a different color to match, though.


  1. Hope you guys do something fun! Though yeah, as birthdays come and go, they get more and more like just another day. But you gotta have cake! :)

  2. Happy-happy birthday, happy-happy birthday, happy-happy...

    LOL, you get the idea.

  3. Happy birthday dude! Enjoy the presents. *pokes and winks*

  4. I hope your hubby has a GREAT birthday! Enjoy the rest of the day!!! :)

  5. Thanks for the birthday wishes, all! I've relayed them to hubby. ^_^


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