Saturday, January 20, 2007

Girl Scout Cookies!!

It's Girl Scout cookie time!! I keep waiting to see the scouts out and about at our local store. I heard on the news yesterday they are adding several new cookies this year, including a sugar free kind for diabetics.

Now, I walk a fine line with my GS cookies. I am a Thin Mints fan all the way. Hubby likes the peanut butter things and the Trefoils. Oldest will eat anything that's not hidden or bolted down. Look at that new one at the top: the chocolate square things. I think they're called Thanks-A-Lot, I could have it confused with another cookie; the point is they are chocolate with chocolatey chips. I wish they would do an orange cookie. Those are my favorite, and soooo hard to find.

Mmm... After all this talk: Me want coookie!

I wrote a bunch on my demons while Mini was napping today: filled in a few plot holes, deleted a few things, rewrote them, and all that jazz. I'm staying up late tonight to work on some more. Also I'm almost finished with my Romance Diva's review for Glamour (a demon ebook by Stella and Audra Price). I plan to finish that off tomorrow and wing it that'a way. I want to get all my ducks in a row because the season premiere of Battlestar Galactica is coming on tomorrow. Woot! I have been looking forward to that since last week!

Happy Saturday, folks!


  1. Wow. GS cookies. We don't get them. It's all chocolate drives for schools around her. But I love the sound of the peanut butter cookies. I've tried to bake them myself and it tasted like cardboard. LOL.

    Now *Me want cookie* too!

  2. I'd sooo rather eat cookies than write the last scene of my wip!

    Maybe I just need that martini. Always good for inspiration. (And I'm NOT trying to bring forth a new breed of drunken romance writers!)

  3. Thin Mints & favorite!!!!

  4. Aw, Jodie!! If you like, you can contact me privately and once the local troup starts selling them up in town I'll send a box your way.

    Oldest's school does the candy bar drives too - yummy! I remember one year for cheerleading, we sold these enormous cookie/pie things like what they have at the mall. OMG. Talk about cookie feinding!

    My buddies and I would pool in a few dollars each and buy one before school at least twice a week. We'd eat it for breakfast before squad practice. I'm surprised we weren't in a diabetic coma or toothless by the end of that drive.

    I remember they had chocolate chip, peanut butter, old fashioned sugar, and some other kind... macaroon? It was something strange, I don't remember. But I tell you, I could hurt myself on one of the CChip ones! *drool*

    Ah, to have that kind of teenage metabolism again...

  5. ROFL Lucinda! ^_^ I'd rather be eating cookies too!

    Hey, if you do go for that martini, have you tried one of those Frangelico Hazelnut martini? *hazelnut freak* To me, those seem about as dangerous as that Godiva chocolate liquer. Mm...

  6. Mmmmm... I agree! We have similar taste, Nancy!

  7. Don't remind me!

    Actually, it was only today that I finished the stash from the Halloween candy bin. I can probably handle a few Girl Scout cookies.


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