Friday, January 19, 2007

Doing the Friday Dance

Hurray, it's Friday!! I am so freaking glad this week is OVER. I've battled ornery demons and B&N customer service. I've faced the cold and sleet and PMS. I nearly broke my toe on Mini's playpen, and to top it all off, I received a shit review yesterday - by people who asked me in the same email to link to said shit review with their nifty little graphic. roflmao!

On the upswing, I am only 3k or so words from having my required length for my demons story. I've been managing around 1-3k words per day -usually on the lower end. Not too shabby.

I've added in an extra twist to the plot, and a new scene since yesterday, and this afternoon, once I'm back from bill paying and shopping and all that fun, wifey/mommy stuff, I'm going to work on it some more. I plan to tack on two more love scenes, detail a fight scenario, and print up the whole mamajama to see what I've got. Keep your fingers crossed, folks. I know this next round of red penning and polishing is going to be an ugly, nasty business, but I'm determined to get it out of the way. Other projects are calling.

If you're reading this, I hope you have a fun, fast-paced Friday. I can't think of anything better than that at the moment. Um, unless you count Reese Peanut butter cups as anything. ^_^


  1. sorry about the bad review.

    congrats on being so close to the end of your demon story. I'm sooo happy its Friday too!!

  2. Sometimes I get nervous when I write a bad review because I don't want to hurt feelings, but damn that takes balls to write a bad review and ask the author to link to said bad review.

    I hope your weekend is much better.

  3. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Damn bad reviews!!! And huge congrats on coming up on completion of the new book. I love writing those last few thousand words!

    Have a great weekend!!!


  4. You mean all authors don't have a page that links readers directly to bad reviews? That's crazy. (read sarcasm here.)

    I always thought it would be funny to take the icon that links the bad review to the review site and change it. Have the icon link to someplace completely ridiculous...surely we could come up with something.

    For example, on my webpage, if anyone is dumb enough to click on the "I'm not 18 or I hate erotic romance" link, it takes them to Anais Nin in Wikipedia.

    I doubt anyone but me has clicked on it, but it cracks me up. And if I don't laugh at my own jokes, who will?


    Lucinda Betts *~*
    PURE SEX, Kensington--out now!
    NIGHT SPELL, Kensington--out now!
    MOON SHADOW, Kensington--March 2007
    THE SUPPLICANT--July 2007

  5. Oh sorry about that bad review. I can't believe they asked you to link it. Yeah right!

    I'm happy it's Friday too - all I want to do is curl up on the couch and snooze!

  6. Cora, is that Poochie? Man, I remember that little doggie from the 80s! :)

    Sorry to hear about the bad review. Don't worry about it.

    Happy Friday to you too and enjoy the weekend! Best of luck with the next stage of your demon story. Sounds like you're on the right path.


  7. TGIF all the way!!!! Have a great weekend!

  8. Kelley: Thanks a bunch! Yep, it feels great to be close to the end of the story. (And I'm sooo glad it's the weekend!)

  9. Scooper: LOL! I thought it was pretty brave, myself. ^_^ Ah, well, I figure they look at it like a business move, and nothing else.

  10. Kim: Thanks a bunch! I am even a little further along, and it does feel great... working through those last few thousand words. *Chariots of Fire music here*

  11. Lucinda: I went and clicked on your "exit" thingy on your site. ROFL!! That's great... and informative for them! ^_^

  12. Karen: Now that sounds like a good idea... falling out on the couch and snoozing.

  13. Yolanda: Yep, that's Poochie! Isn't she beautiful? ^_^

    I'm a big kid (nerd - *cough, cough*) at heart. I loved her in the 80s, and I still collect her stuff now.

    Happy weekend!

  14. Nancy: Thanks a bunch! I hope you have a great weekend! ^_^


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