Monday, January 22, 2007

Cold Monday Morning

It's cold this morning, and I have a yucky stomach virus that I've been tangling with ever since last night. Maybe I'll just curl up on the couch with Mini and read a while. I feel crummy enough to just pile up in bed and stay there - if that was something I could actually get away with, lounging around in bed all blanket-burrito style.

Hubby picked up the Xmas photos from developing a few days ago. I still haven't uploaded them all to the comp yet. I have some really good ones of Mini and Oldest. I was going to add a few prints to the memory book I've been making for Mini but mom came over the other day and ransacked the picture envelopes. She took the very 3 pictures I wanted to use. Dang! I knew I should've gotten double prints! Ah well, at least I still have the picture disk.

Oldest won some kind of question and answer contest at school this last week, and as a reward he didn't have to wear a school uniform this morning. Before he could leave out the house, I got up and checked what he had on - to ensure I didn't get a call from school staff to come and get him, and/or bring him a different set of clothes. I was afraid he would try to get out the door in that pair of heavy bondage pants he begged us to buy for him last year at Hot Topic. He only wears them out on weekends, and I was hoping he wouldn't try to wear them on his "free day". They have chains and even a padlock on them. I am quite sure the school would look at that as some kind of weaponry, instead of an angsty teen fashion statement, and I would rather not push any buttons over the subject. To my relief, Oldest was wearing a pair of black cargos and a shirt with flames all over it. Much better. I checked to make sure he had lunch money, his hair brushed, his gym uniform, and let him go about his merry way.

First thing this morning, sick and everything, I got up and called They had the very boy I've been looking for since last year posted on their adoption site. Woot! I was hoping he hadn't been snapped up already, because man he's been a hard one to catch! I saw him on the CPK site this past Friday and almost keeled over when I realized I had missed business hours by about 30 minutes. *croak* Luckily, he was still there when I called this morning. I can't wait til he arrives!

The girl in the picture with the white puppy is the first Kohl's kid in my patch. I ordered her off of ebay last week. It's been hard to get my hands on some of the exclusives, like the TRU Twins, the Kohl's puppy kids, and the Target sister sets, because we don't have those stores locally. If it weren't for ebay, BLGH, and the collector groups, I'd be out of luck!

On to writing...
Later today, if I'm up to it, I'll fill in that last smut scene with my demons and transfer everything over to the desktop for printing. I hung around nit picking over every little detail last night until I had a headache. I know at this point, I need a hardcopy to peck at. That's the only way I'm gonna figure out what needs to be done.

That's it for now. I'm gonna go burrow into a warm niche on the couch with Mini and watch Boobah. Happy day, folks!


  1. Cora where the heck do you stash all of your CPKs? This is why I don't collect anything (well, if you asked my hubby, he'd say I collect books, shoes and purses) cos I wouldn't have anywhere to put it! The dolls would overrun my house! But my daughter would like that...

    Glad you found the one you wanted so much!

  2. I'm also glad that you found the CPK you wanted! That is so cool! My daughter saw your pics and is totally freaking out. She loves CPKs. We got her one for X-Mas and she carries it around the house all day, every day. It's very cute.

    I used to love them when I was a kid too. Actually, I still do. Whenever I see them at the store, I can't help myself. I stop to gawk at them. The babies are very cute.

    I hope you get better soon!

    Take care. :)

  3. Karen, I have a cabbage room in the house devoted to all my dolls and other stuff like Carebears and Poochie, etc. It's a converted bedroom that served as an office for a long time but since hubby and I changed to laptops, it's reverted to a cabbage/bed room. That way, I don't have dolls all over the house. ;)

    In the cabbage room there are boxed kids, kids on shelves, curios full of them, canvas bins full of the outfits, baskets of kids, etc. It's floor to ceiling toys in there..oh, and a desk with an old comp on it. Mini LOVES this room. I'll have to take some pics and put them up here someday.

  4. Yolanda, I'm glad to hear your daughter is cabbie crazy! ^_^ She's the cabbie collector's hope for the next generation. Hehe!

  5. Oh my Cabbage Patch Kids and Bondage pants...all in the same convo...Cora, only you could pull that off! LOL

    Glad you found the CPK's you wanted AND hope you feel better!

    With Love,
    Tara M.


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