Friday, January 12, 2007

Busy, Rainy Friday

The picture is from yesterday. My mom dropped by to visit, and Mini really hammed it up for her. He has discovered sunglasses and likes to flirt while wearing them. *lol*

Today was busy and rainy. Hubby didn't have to work today, so he left first thing and came home with a darn car. A used Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. I can't say it's not overdue - he's been driving my Wrangler to work for months, and I've been minus a vehicle. We went and took care of the insurance, and all that, then we dropped back by the dealership and picked up my Wrangler. So now we're a 2 car family again.

I haven't managed to do any writing today. I'm about to hit the ms after blogging for today. I've been so tired the past few days with Mini being sick, it's been hard to get motivated. Now that hubby's home, maybe he'll watch the lil' bit for a while so I can write.


  1. I hope you catch up on some sleep this weekend and don't forget to snag as many mini naps as you can!

  2. Thanks, Scooper! It's been a good weekend. And I think Mini's on the mend, he slept entirely through the night last night. Woot!


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